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Template:Nihongo[1] was a Japanese supercentenarian, the world's oldest person and the world's oldest man until his death at age 114 years 189 days.[1] Chuganji held the title of Japan's and Asia's oldest living man for over 3 and a half years - the longest that this title has ever been held until February 28, 2013, when Jiroemon Kimura took the longest title. Chuganji was the last surviving Asian man born before 1894, as his successor as Asia's oldest living man, Kameni Nakamura, was born in late 1894 and was over five and a half years younger than Chuganji. Chuganji was one of the few men to hold the world's oldest person title, along with Emiliano Mercado del Toro in 2006-2007 and Jiroemon Kimura in 2012-2013.

A retired silkworm breeder,Template:Fact he lived in the city of Ogori, Fukuoka Prefecture, with his 74-year-old daughter Kyoko.[1]

Chuganji was the second fully verified man in history to reach age 114, after Christian Mortensen. He died as the oldest verified Asian man ever, breaking the record of 112 years, 191 days by nearly 2 years set by Denzo Ishizaki and continued to hold the record for a little more than eight years, until being surpassed by Jiroemon Kimura on 26 October 2011. He remains the fifth oldest undisputed man in history.

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Preceded by
Antonio Todde
Oldest recognized living man
January 3, 2002 — September 28, 2003
Succeeded by
Joan Riudavets
Preceded by
Mae Harrington
Oldest recognized living person
December 29, 2002 — September 28, 2003
Succeeded by
Mitoyo Kawate
Preceded by
Sadayoshi Tanabe
Oldest living Japanese man
18 January 2000 – 28 September 2003
Succeeded by
Kameni Nakamura
Preceded by
Matsuno Oikawa
Oldest living Japanese person
3 January 2002 – 28 September 2003
Succeeded by
Mitoyo Kawate
Preceded by
Denzo Ishizaki
Oldest Japanese man ever
1 October 2001 – 25 October 2011
Succeeded by
Jiroemon Kimura

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