You Are the Music in Me (Chocolate Thunder Version)
Song information
Singer (s)

Episode cast expect Pembroke, Ontario contestants Kelsi Nielsen (Olesya Rulin) and Allen Ford (Rodger Bumpass)



Place sang

Lava Springs Stage

Objects used



Wipeout Canada: The Game


You are the Music in Me (Chocolate Thunder's Version) is the song that is sang by the entire cast (including Lori Alan as Pearl Krabs, Rodger Bumpass as Squidward Tentacles, Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans) expect for two contestants (Kelsi Nielsen and Allen Ford).


In this song, Kelsi Nielsen is in hip hop/arm wrestling/wrestling/piano playing/singing Fabulous/watching Wipeout Canada and seeing Trina Vega, Allen Ford is shown with Sandy's helmet, Sharpay is shown with Pearl's dress from SpongeBob.

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier (Topple Towers, Sucker Punch Wall, Big Balls, Cookie Cutter Swing) Curtain Sweeper Dizzy Dummy (Teeter Totters, Crazy Beams) Wipeout Zone (Foamy Killer Surf, Barrel Run, Water Wall, Sponge Towel Spinner, Roller, Launch Pads)*
Place Contestant Results
1 'Chocolate Thunder' Creg Taylor (01:56,13) 1st 1st Winner (02:11,17)
2 'Roadie' Cody Good (?) 4th 3rd 2nd Place (02:26,03)
3 'Trash Talker' Warren Lindsay (?) 5th 2nd 3rd Place (03:04,40)
4 'Action Star' Thi Vo 1st (?) 2nd 4th 4th Place (03:06,13)
5 'The Hit Man' Allen Ford (?) 3rd Eliminated
6th 'Piano Player' Kelsi Nielsen You're late! (?) Eliminated (Fabulous)
6 'Glitter Bomb' Jeff Lynch (?) 6th Eliminated
7 'Bus Lady' Mari Strauss (04:15,23) 7th Quit
8 'Mrs. Kitty' Kathy McCardle (?) Eliminated
9 'Cat Of Balls' Sherry Reinhart (?) Eliminated
10 'Boobzilla' Stephanie Le Tourneau (?) Eliminated
11 'A Bee(Abi)' Abigail Santos (?) Eliminated
12 'Head-Banging' Brandolynn Bentley (?) Eliminated
13 'Totally Red' Stacey Thomas Eliminated
14 'Band Geek' Matthew Merrett Eliminated
15 'Aerobic Rhythm' Jennifer Norris Eliminated
16 'American Man In Canada' Jason Vanderburgh Eliminated
17 Tony MacDonald Eliminated
18 Ryan Buller Eliminated
19 'Fire Starter' Julie Menchini Eliminated
20 Gary Brown Eliminated

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