Work This Out
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Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Chad Danforth, Taylor McKessie, Kelsi Nielsen, Zeke Baylor, Martha Cox, Allen Ford, Birdo, Abigail Santos, Squidward Tentacles, Squilliam Fancyson & Jason Cross



Place sang

Lava Springs Country Club

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High School Musical 2, All Star Brawl


"Work This Out" is the 3rd song featured in the movie High School Musical 2 and the 3rd song on the soundtrack of the same name. This song, sung by the cast expect Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale, is how the Wildcats can work out the tough job Mr. Fulton gave them. In this song the cast but Ryan and Sharpay Evans gets to make music by using pots, pans, and anything else in the kitchen and a Pembroke (the heart of the Ottawa Valley) face was heard. This song is not sang by The Sharpettes, Ryan Evans and Sharpay Evans as characters.

Work This Out - HSM2 (Movie Version)

Work This Out - HSM2 (Movie Version)


Chad: How did we get from the top of the world

          To the bottom of the heap?

Taylor: I don't recall you mentioning

           The boss is such a creep

Zeke: We still have the ingredients

            To make this summer sweet

Martha:(Well) I got rags instead of riches

Jason: And all these dirty dishes

Everyone: Just wish I had 3 wishes


(Okay guys, break it up)

CHORUS Troy: We've got to to work this out

                       We'll make things right

                       The sun will shine

                        If we there'll be no doubt

                        We can still save the summer... if we work this out

Chad:       (Dude, what have you gotten us into?)

Troy: (Come on, we can totally turn this thing around)

Chad: I'd rather face a seven-footer straight up in the post

Taylor: That sure beats hangin' here

           and burnin' someones toast

Jason: I needed Benjamins

          but this ain't worth the stress

Kelsi: Maybe theirs a better way

         to fix this greasy mess

Troy: We're a champion team

        A well-oiled machine

        And we've faced tougher

        Problems than this

        I know it's a grind

        But I'm sure we can find

        A way to have fun while we get

        this job done

Troy and Gabriella:We've got to to work this out

                            We'll make things right

                            The sun will shine

                            If we there'll be no doubt

Zeke, Kelsi, Troy and Gabriella: If we all come together

                                               We can work this out!

Troy: (let's work it)


Troy: Tell me what you want

Gabriella: Tell me what you need

Zeke: A little bit of sugar

Martha: A little of butter

Kelsi: It's the perfect recipe

Everyone: PAYDAY!

Jason: It'll taste so sweet

Everyone: PAYDAY!

Zeke: Good enough to eat!

Jason: Gonna make some motion pictures

Martha: Hit the mall with all my sisters

Zeke: Get tickets to the Knicks and Sixers

Kelsi: Kick it with the music mixers

Chad: Buy a ride that suits my style

Taylor: Lounge around the pool awhile

Troy: Make a date with my favorite girl

Troy and Gabriella: We've got it made



  • In a part, Troy put the spoons in a glass, but seconds after, Troy places with the spoons in the hand again and Allen Ford says "Aslan".
  • In a part, Pearl put the Wipeout Canadians in the cage after prom date.
  • In one of the 2015 IndyCar races, at Detroit, they put this song during the red flag in the second race, involving Germany and Australia, who were both favorites to win the race.
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