What Ive Been Looking For
Song information
Singer (s)

Sharpay Evans and Abigail Santos



Place sang

Mrs. Puff's Boating School

Objects used



Super Smash Bros. Cheerleaders vs. Coach Potatoes

260px-Peach Modern Sports

What I've Been Looking For is a High School Musical 1 song that can not be unlockable in Super Smash Bros. Bowl: Cheerleaders vs Coach Potatoes. This song is sang by Sharpay Evans and Abigail Santos. This is the second High School Musical song to be sang by High School Musical's Sharpay Evans and Wipeout Canada's Abigail Santos, the first High School Musical song was You are the Music in Me (Sharpay Evans Version). The other singer is the veteran fighter (Princess Peach) from Brawl and the newcomer Princess Daisy.


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