Were All in this Together
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All cheerleaders



Place sang

ASBB Springs

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We're All in This Together is a song sang by the whole cast of High School Musical 1 and the Super Smash Bros. (series)' Super Smash Bros. Bowl: Cheerleaders vs Coach Potaotes. Dawn (Poke'Mon) and Yoshi are the only characters who can play the drums in this song. It is by all the character cheerleaders in the game of Super Smash Bros. Cheerleaders v Coach Potatoes. It is the final song in the movie that was sang in High School Musical 1 by the whole cast. I think in the song Toad steals of We're All in This Together is Jason Cross and Kelsi Nielsen's basketball in the finale of the movie High School Musical 1's song.

Boo breakdances during the instrumental part of the song and Daisy, Peach, Toadette, Abigail Santos and Palutena are the cheerleaders during the song. In the end of the song, they all have to sign in their names for cheerleaders to win the Bowl. Dry Bones and King Boo started this banner for every cheerleader to sign in.