Mparty6 wario

Wario is a villain veteran playable character in Super Smash Bros. Cheerleaders v Coach Potatoes and Super Smash Bros. Bowl 1. In the main game, Wario currently represents Australia since he won the 2014 IndyCar Series title over Yoshi.

It was Wario's third Smash Bros. appearance (after Brawl and Smash Four). Wario can use the Wario Bike in the whole game Super Smash Bros. Cheerleaders v Coach Potatoes. Wario and Waluigi steals the bob-omb from 'Bridezilla' Jacalyn Fenske, 'Ninjetta' Krystal Howard, Krystal and latest thing coming up is Tanya. Wario placed 3rd in the Tier List of the Super Smash Bros. Bowl (series): Super Smash Bros. Bowl: Cheerleaders vs Coach Potatoes.