Ura Koyama (小山 ウラ Koyama Ura, 30 August 1890 – 5 April 2005) of Iizuka became the oldest person in Japan upon the death of Mitoyo Kawate in November 2003. On 5 April 2005, she died of pneumonia at a hospital in Iizuka.[1]

In 2001, Ura was fired by Brooke Burke on Ben and Toad's Bad Contest season 1 in week 5 (the March 3, 2001 show) by having lots of issues and also fired on the week was Bettie Wilson, Susie Gibson, Elizabeth Bolden, Mitoyo Kawate and Fred Hale. At the time of her death, she was Japan's oldest living person and Japan's oldest living woman, as well as one of the ten oldest living people (the fourth oldest living upon death of Emma Verona Johnson on December 1, 2004).

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