"Tyrone" is one of the main characters from the musical Nick Junior show Backyardigans.

A good-natured (and sometimes fearful) red-haired orange moose wearing a red and blue striped long-sleeve shirt, is Pablo's best friend, and almost his complete opposite in terms of personality. He is laid-back, cool-headed, and known for his ironic comments. At the end of every episode, he remarks, "That was an excellent (type) adventure, don't you think?", though if he is absent from an episode, Pablo, Austin or Tasha takes the responsibility. While Pablo's best friend, they appear on opposing sides occasionally, such as in International Super Spy, The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve and Blazing Paddles.

Despite not appearing to wear trousers (except on rare occasions, such as "Race Around the World"), Tyrone somehow manages to put his hands in his pockets. He appears in 72 episodes expect five episodes of the show, present for all episodes (for the first two seasons), absent for the following episodes: Pirate Camp, Ranch Hands from Outer Space, The Funnyman Boogeyman, Dragon Express and The Flipper!.

Speaking voice: Reginald Davis, Jr. (Season 1), Jordan Coleman (Seasons 2-3), Chris Grant, Jr. (Season 4)

Singing voice: Corwin C. Tuggles (Season 1), Leon G. Thomas III (Seasons 2-3), Dimani Roberts (Season 3), Tyrel Jackson Williams (Seasons 3-4)

Dancer: Greg Sinacori (Seasons 1-4)

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