Turkey is a country in Asia and Europe. On the song Fabulous, this is where towels are imported from Fabulous in High School Musical 2.

The country borders Bulgaria, which is home to Maria Filippov to the north west, Greece to the west, Iraq and Syria to the south east, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan to the east. As of today's date, 12 September 2018, there were no verified living supercentenarians and supercentenarians validated from the country.


Just a year after finishing 3rd at the 2002 World Cup, Turkey won Euro 2003 with the song "Every Way That I Can" with Sertab Erener representing the country.


Turkey is a UEFA member. Turkey's team qualified for the 1954 FIFA World Cup, but failed to qualify for every World Cup from 1958 to 1998; and didn't even qualify until 2002, where they finished third; ahead of co-hosts Korea Republic and Japan. Turkey also made the semifinals of Euro 2008, but they failed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Euro 2016 saw Turkey return to form by qualifying as the best third placed team; and finishing third in qualification behind Iceland and the Czech Republic and ahead of the Netherlands, who are declining.