The Pussy Perishes Last is a theme team on the Derby Dead Pool on oldest living women in the world. All of their 20 picks have been all supercentenarians. There were six non-scoring deaths during 2013 (Terue Ashida, Maria Gravigi-De Candia, Yoshino Tanaka, Hatsue Ono, Shun Moshino and Mitsue Nagasaki).

20 PicksEdit


  1. Terue Ashida
  2. Maria Gravigi-De Candia
  3. Anna Henderson
  4. Grace Jones
  5. Susannah Mushatt Jones
  6. Evelyn Kozak
  7. Ethel Lang
  8. Bernice Madigan
  9. Emma Morano-Martinuzzi
  10. Shun Moshino*
  11. Mitsue Nagasaki
  12. Misao Okawa
  13. Koto Okubo Joker
  14. Hatsue Ono*
  15. Antonia Gerena Rivera
  16. Jeralean Talley
  17. Yoshino Tanaka
  18. Elsie Thompson
  • Hatsue Ono died in 2012, so that means it's not a scoring death. No points awarded.
  • Shun Moshino got sent into limbo, so that means it's not a scoring death.
  • Jiroemon Kimura didn't count as he was a man instead.

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