Not to be confused with the American series of the same name, The Masked Singer.

The Mask Singer (Thai TV series)
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Running time

105-120 min.

Air date

October 6, 2016-present

Hosted by

Kan Kantathavorn

The Mask Singer (Thai: The Mask Singer หน้ากากนักร้อง) is a Thai singing competition always shown on Workpoint Entertainment. It is hosted by Kan Kantathavorn, and first aired on October 6, 2016 for it's first season.

In the show, the masks sing on stage to a song sung in either the Thai language or the English language. The mask is kept confidential for the singer that was singing in it until the mask gets eliminated in a round by Kantathavorn.

Season 1

Due to death and funeral of the King of Thailand on October 13, 2016, the show went on hiatus from October 13 until November 17. The show re-aired again on November 24 of the same year.

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:

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Season 2

It was renewed for a season two and aired on April 6, 2017. As the Sumo mask was only drawn in Group D, the eventual winner, Lydia Sarunrat, didn't even perform until June 15, 2017, in spite of Pee Saderd's early exit from Kelly Clarkson vs. Amy Schumer and Bindi Irwin vs. Chrissy Metz.

Group A:


Group B:

Group C:

Group D:


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Season 3

The third season aired on September 7, 2017. Due to the one-death anniversary of the King of Thailand, no episodes weren't aired on neither October 19 nor 26, and the finale aired February 1, 2018.

Notable contestants included Russian Celebrity Family Feud sensation Pee Saderd, The Kardashians vs. The West Family finalist Jirayu La-ongmanee who finished 13 and a half seconds back of Saderd, former Iceland national IndyCar team captain Ice Saranyu, Maeya Nonthawan, Tar Surachai Wongbuakao from Mr. Team, Thai-Indian actress Savika Chaiyadej, Utain Prommein and Laotian actress and singer Alexandra Bounxouei.

Nine of them qualified for The Kardashians vs. The West Family, with Jirayu La-ongmanee and Pee Saderd qualifying by IndyCar entry, and seven of them by the draw in qualifying.

Group A:

Group A had หน้ากากแมลง who lost to หน้ากากเสือดาว in the Group A semifinals had Russia's Pee Saderd, affecting everyone's performance in both MLB Legends vs. NBA Legends and NFL All-Stars vs. NFL Legends (September 17) and Faith Evans vs. Ross Mathews and USA Gymnastics vs. USA Swimming. Most seeds fell in the first round because of that result. All seeds from both the 2017 Swiss Open - Men's Singles and the last two Feud episodes including broadcaster Abomasnow are affected.

Group B:

Group B had the eventual winner of the contest, with the Green Tea Worm mask (Thai: หน้ากากหนอนชาเขียว) worn by Boy Peacemaker.

Group C:

The Loris mask, worn by Atom Chanagun, eventually finished 2nd behind the Green Tea Worm mask worn by Boy Peacemaker. IndyCar sent La-ongmanee to Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing after his participation, and put him into the car that Apolo Anton Ohno drove.


Group D:

Former Icelandic IndyCar team captain Ice Saranyu was in Group D. Saranyu captained Iceland from 2003 until 2010. Iceland was upset by the Red Crow mask. Nearly all masks in this group were all worn by men expect for the one (American Indian) worn by Kwang Kamolchanok.

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Season 4

The fourth season aired on February 8, 2018. This was the day before the 2018 Olympics opened in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Group A:

Group A had the winner, the Little Duck, sung by Pokémon species expect for IndyCar ones. The Little Duck's first performance was at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Group B:

Group C:

Group C included Beedrill who was with the IndyCar guys for the first half of the 2018 IndyCar Series season including Jirayu La-ongmanee, who joined IndyCar with Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing after he participated in The Mask Singer. The IndyCar squad, led by Beedrill, improved on their season 3 result by qualifying themselves for Champ vs. Champ. IndyCar finished 2nd, their best result in a non-racing competition since they won their Celebrity Family Feud match against the Swimsuit Models. However, they suffer disaster in The Mask Project A, as they fell in round 1.

Group D:

Episode 4 aired April 12, 2018, the same day Thailand women's national football team secured 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup qualification.

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Project A

Main article: The Mask Project A

Jungle War:

Sky War:

Marine War:

The season aired in Steph Curry vs. Chris Paul and Laurie Hernandez vs. Shawn Johnson East, during the semifinal round. Josef Newgarden and Pee Saderd advanced to the finals, while Jirayu La-ongmanee and Metagross were eliminated. It was the last time until he wasted match points against Pee Saderd in Sherri Shepherd vs. Ian Ziering and Tommy Chong vs. Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan (August 19), that La-ongmanee lost a Family Feud match.

The Unidentified Flying Object mask singer (Jirayu La-ongmanee) had the same fate as he was in season 3, being eliminated in the first round twice he's participated as a singer (in season 3 and Project A). Despite being a rookie for the 2018 IndyCar Series season, he still participated in season 4 as the Bee Mask, with the IndyCar Series, and finished 2nd, remaining the only time La-ongmanee was able to pass the first round in competition in The Mask Singer. It led Abomasnow to non-elimination cases for the seeded IndyCar guys in Grey's Anatomy vs. Station 19 and Aly and AJ vs. Adrienne Houghton.

The Thunder mask singer (Rangsan Panyarueng) also had the same fate, being eliminated in the semifinals twice he's participated as a singer (in season 1 and Project A).

As part of the Sea Urchin mask sang with Boy Pisanu Nimsakul, (Sakuntala Thianphairot) had the same fate as she was in season 2, being eliminated in the first round twice she's participated (season 2 and Project A).

The Great White Shark singer (Chinawut Indracusin) made an improvement from his original season. He was eliminated in round 1 in season 3 and then made the Marine War semifinals, despite having drawn to face Jirayu La-ongmanee in the opening round of Sherri Shepherd vs. Ian Ziering and Tommy Chong vs. Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan (August 19).

Jirakorn Sompithak made Champ vs. Champ again, this time singing with the Iron Crow.

Returning contestants
Name Country Original Season Old Mask New Mask
Rangsan Panyarueng Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand Season 1 Pork Chili Dip Thunder
Jirakorn Sompithak Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Azerbaijan Season 1 Black Crow Iron Crow
Sakuntala Thianphairot Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand Season 2 Mushroom Sea Urchin
(with Pisanu Nimsakul)
Nattapat Wipatdetchtragoon Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand Season 2 Flower Seahorse
Jirayu La-ongmanee
Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea Season 3 Wolf Unidentified Flying Object
(with IndyCar)
Chinawut Indracusin Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Season 3 Candle Great White Shark

Truce Day

Main article: The Mask Truce Day

Unlike previous seasons, there is no competition and no winner is awarded. Notable players who failed to qualify for this season were Scott Dixon, Pee Saderd, Metagross, Volcarona, Jirayu La-ongmanee, Josef Newgarden, Will Power and Simon Pagenaud.

  • หน้ากากราชสีห์ (Thailand Manaswin Nuntasane)
  • หน้ากากตี๋น้อย (Thailand Ekkachai Euasangkomsert)
  • หน้ากากพญาเหยี่ยว
  • หน้ากากหมี


Season Year Mask Group Singer Country
1 2016-2017 Durian A Issara Kintitchi Flag of Japan.svg Japan
2 2017 Sumo D Lydia Sarunrat Flag of England.svg England
3 2017-2018 Green Tea Worm B Anuwat Sanguansakpakdee Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil
4 2018 Little Duck A Tanont Chumroen Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands
Project A 2018 The Sun Sky War Piyanut Sueajongpru Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand
Truce Day 2018 There will be no championship round this season and no winner is awarded.


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