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Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand

Air date

June 28, 2018

Finale date

October 4, 2018
(Truce Day: October 11-18, 2018)


Thailand Piyanut Sueajongpru (The Sun)


Thailand Pongsak Rattanapong (Carp)

Third place

Azerbaijan Jirakorn Sompithak (Iron Crow)

Succeeded by

The Mask Line Thai

The Mask Project A is a special fifth season of The Mask Singer, airing on June 28, 2018. It was the same day as the last group stage matches for Groups G and H in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It was announced on June 12, 2018, by Workpoint Entertainment's Facebook page.

The first episode also serves for IndyCar in Steph Curry vs. Chris Paul and Laurie Hernandez vs. Shawn Johnson East semifinals, because Inside the NBA vs. MLB All-Stars and Rashad Jennings vs. Team Eve champion Jirayu La-ongmanee and The Kardashians vs. The West Family champion Pee Saderd, both from season 3, both made that far. The semifinals are scheduled to start after the show. IndyCar announced that all episodes of the season will be used by IndyCar.

หน้ากาก The Sun won the title, defeating the Carp and the Iron Crow. With the Sun winning the Mask Singer, it is also Pokémon Sun and Moon/Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's first win as well.

It aired two special episodes considered Truce Day on October 11 and 18, 2018.



Returning Contestants

From Season 1
From Season 2
From Season 3
From Season 4

None of them qualified

Pee Saderd, from season 3, counts since he was part of IndyCar's หน้ากากจานบิน team. (They were eliminated in episode 4)

New Contestants


Round 1

Group Episode Stage Name Song Identity Profession Result
Jungle War EP.1 Pot Crow คนสุดท้าย Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Rainbow Crow กดดัน Mongkul Singcha Singer, Actor Eliminated
Wild Rabbit Mercy Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Special Song: คิดถึงฉันไหมเวลาที่เธอ covered by Durian, Black Crow and Kangaroo (from season 1)
EP.2 Albino Buffalo Where Is the Love? Sweden Maria Poonlertlarp Miss Universe Thailand, Model, Singer Eliminated
Iron Crow นักโทษประหาร Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Rottweiler The Phantom of the Opera Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Special Song: ไหวอะเปล่า เบเบ้ (Covered by Southside (Twopee)) and The Rapper (Covered by Southside (Twopee), Khan (Thaitanium), Pot Crow and Rottweiler)
Sky War EP.3 Thunderbolt คนที่ฆ่าฉัน Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Stars เธอมีฉัน ฉันมีใคร South Korea Yang Soobin YouTuber, Entertainer, Gastronome Eliminated
Cloud Moves like Jagger Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
EP.4 UFO Dark Horse South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (Old Mask in Season 3: Wolf Mask) + Abomasnow[a] Actor, Singer Eliminated
The Sun Fallin' Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
The Moon ฉันจะฝันถึงเธอ + 04:00 Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Special Song: I Will Survive (Covered by Maneenuch Smerasut)
Marine War EP.7 Jellyfish ฝุ่น Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Carp Never Enough Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Giantess of the Andaman Sea คาใจ Lukkana Wattanawongsiri Actress, Model Eliminated
EP.8 Great White Shark Eyes, Nose, Lips Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Sea Horse ผิดที่เธอ Undisclosed Advanced to Semi-Final
Sea Urchin (Pink) ปล่อยน้ำใส่นาน้อง Sakuntala Thianphairot (Old Mask in Season 2: Mushroom Mask) DJ, Actress, Host Eliminated
Sea Urchin (Yellow) Pisanu Nimsakul Actor, Host, Singer Eliminated


a Jirayu La-ongmanee was part of the #30 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Honda in the 2018 IndyCar Series. Abomasnow used a "non-elimination case" for the seeded IndyCar guys for the next episode. After the game, in which Aly & AJ lost, Abomasnow cured the seeded players to advance. As a result, the IndyCar Series and Abomasnow were mathematically out of the show, but will be able to watch episodes 5-14 from their tournaments.


Group Episode Stage Name Song Identity Profession Result
Jungle War EP.6 Pot Crow ซากคน Siwadol Janthasaewee Comedian, Actor, Singer Eliminated
Rottweiler O.K.นะคะ Tanatat Chaiyaat Singer, Actor, Songwriter Eliminated
Wild Rabbit แสงสุดท้าย Undisclosed Advanced to Final
Iron Crow Somebody That I Used to Know Undisclosed Advanced to Final
Sky War EP.5 Thunderbolt พายุในใจ Rangsan Panyarueng (Old Mask in Season 1: Pork Chili Dip Mask) Actor, Singer Eliminated
Cloud When We Were Young Armenia Runnaphan Yangyeunphunchai Singer, Songwriter, Architect Eliminated
The Moon ผู้ชายในฝัน Undisclosed Advanced to Final
The Sun คืนรัง Undisclosed Advanced to Final
Marine War EP.9 Jellyfish จีนี่ จ๋า Thachaya Prathumwan Singer Eliminated
Great White Shark หมากัด Switzerland Chinawut Indracusin (Old Mask in Season 3: Candle Mask)[b] Singer, Actor, Dancer, Soldier Eliminated
Sea Horse ไหง่ง่อง Undisclosed Advanced to Final
Carp เพลงสุดท้าย Undisclosed Advanced to Final
Special Song: Part of Your World (Covered by Wichayanee Pearklin)


b Chinawut Indracusin was drawn to face Jirayu La-ongmanee in Sherri Shepherd vs. Ian Ziering and Tommy Chong vs. Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan (August 19), and was defeated. It led to the eliminations of Froakie and Apiwat Pongwat. Due to the fact that Chinawut drew La-ongmanee, it led to Allen Ford, Glenn McQuestion, Machamp, Ryan Duchak, Emmitt Smith and Sceptile being eliminated.


Group Episode Stage Name Song Identity Profession Result
Jungle War EP.10 Wild Rabbit Impossible Sunita Leetikul Singer Eliminated
Iron Crow เพียงรัก Undisclosed Advanced to Champ vs. Champ
Special Song: ความคิด (Covered by Apiwat Eurthavornsuk, Wild Rabbit and Iron Crow)
Sky War EP.11 The Moon เจ็บแต่จบ Bongkot Charoentham Singer Eliminated
The Sun If I Were A Boy Undisclosed Advanced to Champ vs. Champ
Special Song: มอเตอร์ไซค์นุ่งสั้น (Covered by Sunaree Ratchasima, The Sun and The Moon)
Marine War EP.12 Sea Horse All By Myself Nattapat Wipatdetchtragoon (Old Mask in Season 2: Flower Mask) Singer, Actress Eliminated
Carp ช้ำคือเรา Undisclosed Advanced to Champ vs. Champ
Special Song: ภาพลวงตา (Covered by Thanida Thamwimon)


Champ vs. Champ

Group Episode Stage Name Song Identity Profession Result
Jungle War EP.13 Iron Crow ดาวประดับฟ้า Azerbaijan Jirakorn Sompithak (Old Mask in Season 1: Black Crow Mask) Singer Eliminated
Sky War The Sun ยาพิษ Undisclosed Advanced to Champ of the Champ
Marine War Carp ขอแค่ได้รู้ Undisclosed Advanced to Champ of the Champ
Group Song: หมากเกมนี้

Champ of the Champ

Group Episode Stage Name Song Identity Profession Result
Duet Song: Roar
Sky War EP.14/15 The Sun And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going Piyanut Sueajongpru Singer Winner
Marine War Carp ไม่มีใคร Pongsak Rattanapong Singer, Actor Runner-Up

Celebration of The Mask Champion

The Mask Truce Day (Ep.16/Ep.17)

The Mask Truce Day Logo

The Mask Truce Day were a special series of episodes of The Mask Singer, part of The Mask Project A episodes 16 and 17.

The special episodes were announced on their Facebook page after the conclusion of The Mask Project A, when Piyanut Sueajongpru and หน้ากาก The Sun won for the celebrations of the Mask Singer's winner.

As the format changed, no championship results from the first season through Project A is featured. Also, there will be no winner.

Panel of Judges

No. Name Profession
1 Maneenuch Smerasut Singing Teacher
2 Jakkawal Saothongyuttitum Music Producer, Composer
3 Kiattisak Udomnark Host
4 Saranyu Winaipanit Singer
5 Nattapat Wipatdetchtragoon Singer, Actress
6 Tanont Chumroen Singer


Returning Contestants

New Contestants

Failed to Qualify

These contestants have unfortunately failed to qualify for the special episodes due to the format with no winner. They are listed in alphabetical order.


Episode Stage Name Song Identity Profession
EP.16 Rajasiha ไม่ยอมตัดใจ Manaswin Nuntasane Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Little Tee ระยะทำใจ+รักกันมั้ย Ekkachai Euasangkomsert Actor, Singer, DJ, Host
Special Song: คู่กัด (Covered by Bear, Rajasiha, Little Tee and Phaya Falcon)
EP.17 Phaya Falcon ขอบใจจริงๆ Pongsak Pongsuwan Comedian, Singer, Host
Bear ละครรักแท้ Pornpun Chunchai Singer, Host, Writer
Special Song: ต้องโทษดาว (Covered by Nont Tanont (Little Duck) and Ployfai Nattapat (Flower and Seahorse))

Final Rankings

Rank Mask Singer Group Pld W L
1 หน้ากาก The Sun Piyanut Sueajongpru Thailand Sky War 5 5 0
2 หน้ากากปลาคาร์ฟ Pongsak Rattanapong Thailand Marine War 5 4 1
3 หน้ากากอีกาเหล็ก Jirakorn Sompithak Azerbaijan Jungle War 4 3 1
Eliminated in Group Finals
4 หน้ากากม้าน้ำ Nattapat Wipatdetchtragoon Thailand Marine War 3 2 1
5 หน้ากาก The Moon Bongkot Charoentham Thailand Sky War 3 2 1
6 หน้ากากกระต่ายป่า Sunita Leetikul Thailand Jungle War 3 2 1
Eliminated in Group Semifinals
7 หน้ากากร็อตไวเลอร์ Tanatat Chaiyaat Thailand Jungle War 2 1 1
8 หน้ากากเมฆ Runnaphan Yangyeunphunchai Armenia Sky War 2 1 1
9 หน้ากากฉลามขาว Chinawut Indracusin Switzerland Marine War 2 1 1
10 หน้ากากสายฟ้า Rangsan Panyarueng Thailand Sky War 2 1 1
11 หน้ากากอีกาน้ำ Siwadol Janthasaewee Thailand Jungle War 2 1 1
12 หน้ากากแมงกะพรุน Thachaya Prathumwan Thailand Marine War 2 1 1
Eliminated in Group Round 1
13 หน้ากากควายเผือก Maria Poonlertlarp Sweden Jungle War 1 0 1
14 หน้ากากอีการุ้ง Mongkul Singcha Thailand Jungle War 1 0 1
15 หน้ากากหอยเม่น Pisanu Nimsakul Thailand Marine War 1 0 1
Sakuntala Thianphairot Thailand
16 หน้ากากดวงดาว Yang Soobin South Korea Sky War 1 0 1
17 หน้ากากผีเสื้อสมุทรทะเลอันดามัน Lukkana Wattanawongsiri Thailand Marine War 1 0 1
18 หน้ากากจานบิน Jirayu La-ongmanee South Korea Sky War 1 0 1
Abomasnow Paraguay


No. Name Air date Rating
1 Jungle War June 28, 2018 2.0
2 Jungle War July 5, 2018 2.1
3 Sky War July 12, 2018 2.8
4 Sky War July 19, 2018 2.4
5 Sky War (Semifinals) July 26, 2018 2.2
6 Jungle War (Semifinals) August 2, 2018 2.1
7 Marine War August 9, 2018 2.5
8 Marine War August 16, 2018 2.8
9 Marine War (Semifinals) August 23, 2018 2.5
10 Jungle War (Final) August 30, 2018 2.2
11 Sky War (Final) September 6, 2018 2.8
12 Marine War (Final) September 13, 2018 2.9
13 Champ vs. Champ September 20, 2018 2.1
14 Champ vs. Champ September 27, 2018 2.4
15 Champ vs. Champ (Finale) October 4, 2018 2.3
The Mask Truce Day/Extension of The Mask Project A
16 The Mask Truce Day (Part 1) October 11, 2018 2.4
17 The Mask Truce Day (Part 2) October 18, 2018 2.4

IndyCar also uses the episodes from Celebrity Family Feud in 2018 (with only the semifinalists from these Feud episodes shown here): (EP.15 not shown)

Bold means eventual winner.

Episode Air Date Semifinalists
EP.1 June 28, 2018 [6] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee
[8] Croatia Josef Newgarden
[4] Belgium Metagross
[2] Russia Pee Saderd
EP.2 July 5, 2018 [1] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee
Belgium Alexander Rossi
[8] France Simon Pagenaud
[6] Serbia Volcarona
EP.3 July 12, 2018 [1] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee
[13] Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay
[3] Japan Apolo Anton Ohno
[2] Russia Pee Saderd
EP.4 July 19, 2018 Brazil Tony Kanaan
Czech Republic Charlie Kimball
[5] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee
[15] Poland Joey Fatone
(IndyCar eliminated after หน้ากากจานบิน's singer revealed to be Jirayu La-ongmanee)
EP.5 July 26, 2018 [1] Ukraine Scott Dixon (E)
[7] Belgium Metagross (E)
[5] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (E)
[10] Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic (E)
EP.6 August 2, 2018 [1] Russia Pee Saderd (E)
[3] Belgium Metagross (E)
[5] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (E)
[2] Ukraine Scott Dixon (E)
EP.7 August 9, 2018 [1] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (E)
[4] Croatia Josef Newgarden (E)
[3] Ukraine Scott Dixon (E)
[2] Russia Pee Saderd (E)
EP.8 August 16, 2018 [1] Ukraine Scott Dixon (E)
France Gilles Marini (E)
[5] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (E)
[2] Croatia Josef Newgarden (E)
EP.9 August 23, 2018 [7] Australia Will Power (E)
[4] Croatia Josef Newgarden (E)
[3] Russia Pee Saderd (E)
[5] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (ICSYV, E)
(IndyCar forced to use #GetWellWickens due to Robert Wickens' Pocono crash injuries)
EP.10 August 30, 2018 [1] Serbia Volcarona (หน้ากากกระต่ายป่า, E)
[5] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (หน้ากากอีกาเหล็ก, E)
[4] Belgium Metagross (หน้ากากกระต่ายป่า, E)
[11] Poland Joey Fatone (หน้ากากกระต่ายป่า, E)
EP.11 September 6, 2018 Only Lithuania Magmortar and Netherlands Tanont Chumroen
EP.12 September 13, 2018 [1] Serbia Volcarona (E)
[5] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (E)
[4] Belgium Metagross (E)
[2] Russia Pee Saderd (E)
EP.13 September 20, 2018 [7] Australia Will Power (E)
[4] Belgium Metagross (E)
[3] Ukraine Scott Dixon (E)
[5] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (E)
EP.14 (Feud Finale) September 27, 2018 [1] Belgium Metagross (E)
[24] Romania Vaporeon
[6] South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (E)
[22] Azerbaijan Decidueye
Ep.15 (Finale) October 4, 2018 All
The Mask Truce Day
Ep.16 October 11, 2018 IndyCar failed to qualify, due to no competition
Ep.17 October 18, 2018

(E) means that the semifinalist was part of the "หน้ากากจานบิน" incident and ended up being eliminated on July 19, 2018. (Episodes 5-10, 12-14)

(ICSYV) means I Can See Your Voice, for Jirayu La-ongmanee only (Sherri Shepherd vs. Ian Ziering and Tommy Chong vs. Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan (August 19))