Boys Who Cry

The Boys Who Cry is a boy band that was seen in the episode, "Whale of a Birthday". Both Squidward and Pearl are fans of this group until the show sees Brandolynn Bentley and Cody Good. Squidward knows the words to every song created by this band. Their band title is a reference to Boys Don't Cry. They are known to charge $1,000,000 just to show up at any place for singing. Mr. Krabs was charged for having them sing at the lawn of the Krusty Krab for Pearl's birthday. SpongeBob hired them because he had bought everything Pearl wanted. They have two known singles: 4-Ply and It's All About You, Girl. Rather than Koopa Troopa and Kelsi Nielsen, they were the girl band.

In Wipeout Canada, they are not fans of Crystal Grierson from Ottawa and they go to the Wipeout School in the show Wipeout Canada. They go to Ms. Darbus's class and they sit closer and they are now characters from the Old Leaf. They all live far than "Hot Cop" Kara Darnley's house in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. In Wipeout Canada: The Game, they appear as an unlockable after using Wasaga Beach's Kara Darnley and Pembroke's Kelsi Nielsen.


  • They all have the same uniforms.
  • At Pearl's twenty-second birthday, Abigail Santos will be asking some contestants if you want to go to Sharpay or Olivia, and she votes in Allen Ford's house.
  • Pearl Krabs and Evan Cundal are characters who get camouflage during the song's band.
  • The Boys Who Cry are Yoshi and Jiroemon Kimura's second favourite band, after 'NSync, where one of their members are in their original team.
  • Boys Who Cry could be a parody of Backstreet Boys, The Jonas Brothers, N*SYNC, or Fall Out Boy or more likely, B2K and Alvin And The Chipmunks.
  • Boys Who Cry are possibly the only musicians/bands seen, heard, mentioned, and performing all in one episode.
  • In HSM, a contestant on Wipeout Canada, Episode 7 was saying they suck.
  • It's also revealed they do lip-sync as well as singing live when they perform.
  • Boys Who Cry could parody the fact that some famous singers lip-sync, as revealed by Squidward in Whale of a Birthday.
  • It's revealed in Whale of a Birthday they sell various merchandise such as posters, CDs, and possibly many other things seen in Pearl's Room as she owns several posters and a CD.
  • They charge extra for lip-syncing at a live event.
  • In HSM2, Allen Ford/Kelsi Nielsen sees the Boys Who Cry by 2 points.
  • The Boys Who Cry wrote a 40th Birthday song on the 10th of May in 2015. This was possibly due to Germany's hosting rights for the 2015 Angie's List Grand Prix of Indianapolis.


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