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Gender Female
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Location Tasha's House, in Backyardigans
Birth after 2000
Died  ???
Hometown Farther Pembroke, North Carolina, United States (Wipeout USA)

Tasha is a main-major-minor character from the Nick Jr. hit show The Backyardigans. She is the only character who has red mary-jane shoes on. Her relationships from the other Backyardigans characters are Pablo, Uniqua, Austin and Tyrone. She lives in Pembroke, North Carolina for the Wipeout US first aired show and Pembroke, Nova Scotia for the Wipeout Canada in the Buenos Aires, Argentina (known for Kelsi Nielsen saying mostly for PETAWAWA, Ontario, Canada). She lives in a yellow house, but in the end of the Backyardigans, her house is not able to be used.Template:CharactersTasha is a character best known for wearing an dress with flowers in it and wearing a red underwear.

Relationship: A. Ford on Episode 7 during the Wipeout Zone round


  • "Oh, for goodness sakes!"
  • "All three Pembroke contestants, darn it! How can you guys live in Petawawa? You're supposted to live in Pembroke and go backwards, not flip Deep River." (Wipeout Canada Episode 7 after Allen Ford is eliminated)
  • "Where is my pie?"
  • "Ha ha ha ha! Arm wrestling for Allen Ford is over!" (Episode 7 during the Wipeout Zone)
  • "Where's my Damian Dermite?"
  • "Wa ha ha ha!" (Scared of You)
  • "Mean Tasha."
  • "Can Le Master of Disguise Do This?"
  • "Voldemont is back now!"
  • "A back space?"
  • "True White Witch in Aslan's son's command."
  • "They call that show a shot away."
  • "What the heck is David, ON?"
  • "Pembroke, Ontario is on The Celebrity Apprentice."
  • "Bowl of Phillips?"
  • "Oh my, oh my!"
  • "I do declare!" (Blazing Paddles)
  • "Where's my pie???"
  • "I was ranked 270 in 2006."


Appearances (The Backyardigans)


She missed the first two episodes of the show of season 1, Pirate Treasure and The Heart of the Jungle.

A little yellow hippopotamus, in red shoes and an orange flowered dress. Of the five characters, she is the only one who wears shoes at all times (except as a mermaid). She looks like a sweet little girl, but she's rational, likes to get her own way and isn't easy to fool. Whenever frustrated, she will always say "Oh for goodness sakes!". Of the five, she tends to be the most serious, though Tasha can be silly from time to time. From the second season onwards she has a more muscular appearance than the other characters. If she's not the boss she tends to be grumpy.

Speaking Voice: Naelee Rae (Seasons 1-2), Gianna Bruzesse (Seasons 3-4)

Singing Voice: Kristin Klabunde (Seasons 1-2), Gabriella Malek (Seasons 3-4)

Dancer: Darlene Dirstine (Seasons 1-3), Amanda Ulibarri (Season 4)

All-Star Brawl (Beauties)

Main Article: Tasha (ASBB)

Tasha appeared in All-Star Brawl (Beauties) as an unlockable selectable character. She can be unlocked after clearing arm wrestling (just like in Wipeout Canada, Allen Ford of Pembroke ON) with Kelsi Nielsen from Pembroke, Ontario.

Roles (The Backyardigans) for Tasha

Season 4

Season 3

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