Sven Kramer
Sven Kramer 2008-11-08


April 23, 1986

Known for

Olympic speed skater


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Sven Kramer (born 23 April 1986) is a Dutch speed skater who specializes in long distances.

He has won many Olympic medals to date, with a silver in the men's 5000m and a bronze in the men's team pursuit in Turin; a gold in the men's 5000m after he set the Olympic record and a bronze medal again in the men's team pursuit in Vancouver; and two gold medals in men's 5000m and team pursuit, and a silver in one event, the men's 10000m.


Kramer first competed in the Winter Olympics in 2006 for the Netherlands. He was part of the Dutch team that won bronze in the men's team pursuit.

In 2010, Kramer made a mistake in the men's 10000m. He was disqualified by Olympic officials for going into the wrong lane. Had the incident not happen, Kramer would have won a medal at the event. Kramer was also part of the 2010 Dutch team that won bronze in team pursuit.

In 2014, Kramer earned Olympic success for Dutch sport by taking home two gold medals and one silver.


Sven Kramer was a contestant on Ben and Toad's Contest season 1. He was eliminated on December 16, 2012, along with Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Akito Watabe and Justyna Kowalczyk.