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3,576 articles since October 2011

This wiki is called "The Pikalin38 Wikia of Super Smash Bros. Bowl". Fighting and Singing. We have pages on the Wipeout USA and Wipeout Canada contestants, the playable characters, the stages, The Next Star singers and the songs. We also have pages on the bosses, the games for Teen (12-13 and up), the non playable characters like Boi and the other characters that is not a playable in the series. She can sing I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You. We have pages on the episodes, the problems and the playable contestants.

From now on, Pikalin38 will be doing this wiki on Derby Dead Pool (Misao Okawa can't be on the "Picked Celebrities" until her death), User:Seacactus will be doing the supercentenarians (the ones are not on the DDP)

There has been a lot of photos since October 2011.

This wiki is open to all users and also I will be doing lots of stuff. Any celebrity can edit this wiki.

For Derby Dead Pool related pages, only admins can edit it.

BAD NEWS!!!! A Birdo requested that Mitsue Nagasaki died of pneumonia. It was Birdo who was going on this revision, and saying a X.

The current admin on this wiki is still Pikalin38.

Meet the Top 1800's Oldest Living PeopleEdit

Supercentenarian NewsEdit

June 2013-September 2013Edit

  • June 11 - Bad news for Toad. Evelyn Kozak, the oldest Jewish person to have ever lived has passed away from a [[heart attack] at the age of 113 years, 301 days, passing Luce Maced by only two days. Oldest ladies theme team (not including Jiroemon Kimura get their fourth hit.
  • June 12 - Yoshi cries about the passing, and his new partner is his original Birdo. Misao Okawa, who is also on Yoshi's team takes the title of the world's oldest living person, after the passing of one of his team mates, Jiroemon Kimura. REST IN PEACE. 47 TEAMS GET THREE POINTS, WHILE THE THREE JOKERS PICKING HIM GET SIX POINTS. Nestled in the Drop Forty this year, he is at 35th in the drop forty, two down from his selected female, Vera Lynn.
  • June 12 - Vera Lynn and Zsa Zsa Gabor did not appear in the death challenge due to death of Jiroemon Kimura.

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  • January 15 (7:30 pm-8:00 pm) - Allen Ford's article is starting to create.
  • January 17 - The Pembroke article can edit.
  • January 18 - The Allen Ford section on the Taylor can edit.
  • January 23 - Please welcome our new Canadian arm wrestling champ on Wipeout Canada, 'The Piano Player' Kelsi Nielsen from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada (K Postal Code)!
  • Feburary 14 - Pembroke day, creation of Valentine's Day.
  • March 17 - Olesya Rulin's birthday, Allen Ford's article comes back.
  • April 12 - New user: DamianAlexDeromas
  • April 19 - Peter Dyakowski's birthday.
  • August 24 - Birthdate of Allen Ford from Pembroke.

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The wiki will be about supercentenarians, countries of the world, characters, singers, rappers, episodes, shortest people, Diary of a Solving Damian Dermite, and more of this wiki! If you want to be blocked, please ask me for the following things.