The Steel type represents the steel in Ben and Toad's Contest. Many contestants in season 1 didn't choose steel as their type due to the stats of the contestants.

The most moves a steel type Pokemon can learn is Water type, because it knows two of its three weaknesses (fire and ground). Additionally, Slowpoke's relatives are all strong against all three of Steel's weaknesses.


The only types that are normal effective against steel are electric, water, dark and ghost types; starting in Generation VI it lost it's dark and ghost resistances and now adds the fairy type. Fire, fighting and ground types are super effective against steel types.

Steel type moves are strong against three types; Ice type, Rock type and Fairy type. Additionally Diancie (which is a dual fairy/rock type) is weak to steel type moves.

Notable BATC contestants


  • In Pokemon Shuffle, Mawile's mega ability is erasing Pokemon with three lines from upper right to lower left, but Garchomp's ability is nearly the same, expect upper left to lower right. Mawile takes seven mega speedups, while Garchomp takes ten.
  • Steelix is a dual Ground/Steel Pokemon and has a mega ability.
  • Steel types have one of the most resistances of all Pokemon types.
  • In the 2015 Race of the Stars, they used either a Rock type Pokemon or a Steel type Pokemon in the second race to understand what happened to Helio Castroneves that week.