Squidley Tentacles lived in Bikini Bottomshire during the medieval era. Squidley looks almost exactly like Squidward, although he wore two-color, jester-like clothes. Squidley was the same color as Squidward, not Kelsi Nielsen on Wipeout Canada. He looked almost exactly like Squidward. He is nice to SpongeBob and Patrick, unlike his descendant, Squidward.

He was the court jester to King Krabs, but was later imprisoned because of his inability to play the clarinet with ease. He even cursed his descendant, Squidward. Squidley appeared in the episode "Dunces and Dragons," in which he met time travelers SpongeBob and Patrick and set out to rescue Princess Pearl. They succeeded, and, at the end, Squidley accidentally went to the future, to SpongeBob and Patrick's time. He is voiced by Rodger Bumpass, who also voiced Squidward and hit man Allen Ford.


  • "Oh, blast this confounded instrument. If I never play with ease, may my own great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson be cursed tenfold. "
  • "Does thou talketh to me?"
  • "Scoth not, young squire. Thou has mistaken me for another. I am Squidley, the king's royal fool. Or at least I was until I royally messed up."
  • "No, Mrs. Puff, Allen Ford is broken by his sport right now, Pearl"
  • "Arm wrestling"?
  • "In the Name of the Empress"

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