Sherri Shepherd vs. Ian Ziering and Tommy Chong vs. Derek Fisher-Govan is the fifth episode overall (sixth tournament) of the 2018 Celebrity Family Feud season, airing on July 15, 2018, the same day as the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final match between France and Croatia. The episode originally aired on July 8, 2018.

Jirayu La-ongmanee is the two-time defending champion. Because of Lopez's withdrawal, this episode marked Amaura's return to the Celebrity Family Feud tournaments.

With 23 out of 32 out before the third round, this marked the worst performance of seeded players since Faith Evans vs. Ross Mathews and USA Gymnastics vs. USA Swimming. This episode is guaranteed a shock finalist from the top half of the draw, as 14 of the 16 that advanced were unseeded. It also resembles the women's singles of the 2018 Wimbledon Championships. Only Apolo Anton Ohno, Jirayu La-ongmanee, Joey Fatone, Larvesta and Pee Saderd advanced to the third round from Abomasnow's squad, while four of them weren't IndyCar full-time. The seeds' poor results were due to the series' voting for Josef Newgarden in the ESPYs best driver award and for reigning champion Jirayu La-ongmanee in the Dara Inside Vote, ending a week later into Grey's Anatomy vs. Station 19 and Aly and AJ vs. Adrienne Houghton.


Sherri Shepherd vs. Ian Ziering


Tommy Chong vs. Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan

Derek Fisher & Gloria Govan - playing for LA84 Foundation



The seeds were announced at the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans by Abomasnow during the halfway point of the race. Scott Dixon was announced first as a result of him racing the 24 hours. It was the day after Pee Saderd beat rookie and debutant Jirayu La-ongmanee by over 13.5 seconds. The big final loss by over ten seconds down to Saderd was the reason the Korean lost more than 500 Instagram followers during the tournament. Despite the Instagram drop, La-ongmanee still qualified inside the top eight at no.5. Simon Pagenaud made a top eight seeding return for the first time since Inside the NBA vs. MLB All-Stars and Rashad Jennings vs. Team Eve (July 1).

Of those 32 countries qualified, 23 of them qualified for Jeff Dunham vs. Ming-Na Wen and Taye Diggs vs. Caroline Rhea. Almost all former countries of the Yugoslav republic qualified, expect for Montenegro. Georgia qualified for the first time ever. Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia returned after missing the seedings last episode. Armenia, Hungary and India all qualified for the first time since Steph Curry vs. Chris Paul and Laurie Hernandez vs. Shawn Johnson East. With Paraguay qualifying, this was the longest qualifying streak for the country since the Paraguay national football team qualified for the World Cup from 1998 to 2010, and failing to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals. The Netherlands returned to the seedings for the first time since Inside the NBA vs. MLB All-Stars and Rashad Jennings vs. Team Eve (July 1).

With Mario Lopez's withdrawal due to achilles surgery, Tanont Chumroen, singer of the Little Duck mask that won The Mask Singer season 4, replaced him, and everyone seeded lower than Lopez moved one position higher. Abomasnow and IndyCar used a "non-elimination case" for Pee Saderd, Jirayu La-ongmanee, Apolo Anton Ohno and Joey Fatone: the Ziering family loses the game as well as the Fisher family, they advance.

Only nine seeds (Adam Rippon, Apolo Anton Ohno, Heracross, Jirayu La-ongmanee, Joey Fatone, Larry Birkhead, Larvesta, Pee Saderd and Skorupi) advanced to the third round. This was the lowest since Faith Evans vs. Ross Mathews and USA Gymnastics vs. USA Swimming, where eight advanced. Only Heracross, Pee Saderd and Skorupi advanced in both this and the last 2017 episode,

01.   Ukraine Scott Dixon (Second round)
02.   Russia Pee Saderd
03.   Australia Will Power (Second round)
04.   Belgium Metagross (Second round)
05.   South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee
06.   Croatia Josef Newgarden (Second round)
07.   Serbia Volcarona (Second round)
08.   France Simon Pagenaud (Second round)
09.   Canada James Hinchcliffe (First round)
10.   Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay (Second round)
11.   Japan Apolo Anton Ohno
12.   Turkey Pidgeot (Second round)
13.   Uruguay Graham Rahal (Second round)
14.   Czech Republic Ueli Kestenholz (Second round)
15.   Poland Joey Fatone
16.   Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic (Second round)
17.   Switzerland Chespin (Second round)
18.   Sweden Heracross (Third round)
19.   England Jonathan Bald (First round)
20.   Romania Vaporeon (First round)
21.   Hungary Cameron Marshall (First round)
22.   Honduras Nidoking (First round)
23.   India Maneesh Gupta (First round)
24.   Iran Allen Ford (First round)
25.   Armenia Chris Nicholson (First round)
26.   Brazil Larvesta
27.   Slovenia Cameron Prosic (First round)
28.   Republic of Macedonia Skorupi
29.   Paraguay Haxorus (First round)
30.   Georgia (country) Adam Rippon (Third round)
31.   Greece Larry Birkhead (Third round)
32.   Netherlands Tanont Chumroen (Second round)

Six countries would then fail to qualify for Grey's Anatomy vs. Station 19 and Aly and AJ vs. Adrienne Houghton: Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden.



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final

Top half

Section 1

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
1  Ukraine S Dixon Shepherd  
 Azerbaijan Decidueye Ziering     1  Ukraine S Dixon Fisher  
 Paraguay MR Alvaro Ziering    Romania T Janus Chong  
 Romania T Janus Shepherd        Romania T Janus 5 5  
 Canada Z Claman DeMelo Ziering        Honduras M Leist 7 7  
 Honduras M Leist Shepherd      Honduras M Leist Chong
 Japan T Sato Shepherd    Japan T Sato Fisher  
21  Hungary C Marshall Ziering        Honduras M Leist
32  Netherlands T Chumroen Shepherd        Brazil T Kanaan
 Austria Thundurus Ziering     32  Netherlands T Chumroen Fisher  
 Croatia H Ward Ziering    Brazil T Kanaan Chong  
 Brazil T Kanaan Shepherd        Brazil T Kanaan 6 3 7
 Portugal Diggersby Shepherd        Portugal Diggersby 1 6 5  
 Hong Kong C Daly Ziering      Portugal Diggersby Chong
 Thailand B Phromphong Ziering   16  Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic Fisher  
16  Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic Shepherd  

Section 2

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
10  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Shepherd  
 Kazakhstan Litten Ziering     10  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Fisher  
 France G Marini Shepherd    France G Marini Chong  
 Slovenia Landorus Ziering        France G Marini 7 5 1  
 Thailand M Kankoon Ziering       26  Brazil Larvesta 5 7 6  
 Iceland Scolipede Shepherd      Iceland Scolipede Fisher
 Denmark Avalugg Ziering   26  Brazil Larvesta Chong  
26  Brazil Larvesta Shepherd       26  Brazil Larvesta
24  Iran A Ford Ziering        Poland Z Veach
 Poland Z Veach Shepherd      Poland Z Veach Chong  
 Thailand I Issarapong Ziering    Australia Wario Fisher  
 Australia Wario Shepherd        Poland Z Veach 6 3
 Germany Yoshi Shepherd        Germany Yoshi 4 4r  
 Latvia Machamp Ziering      Germany Yoshi Chong
 Italy M Manieri Ziering   6  Croatia J Newgarden Fisher  
6  Croatia J Newgarden Shepherd  

Section 3

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
3  Australia W Power Shepherd  
 Japan Lapras Ziering     3  Australia W Power Fisher  
 Ukraine Aurorus Shepherd    Ukraine Aurorus Chong  
 Argentina Sceptile Ziering        Ukraine Aurorus 6 2 6  
 Estonia P Demers Ziering        Canada C Mathison 3 6 4  
 Canada C Mathison Shepherd      Canada C Mathison Chong
 Kazakhstan T Wadleigh Ziering   17  Switzerland Chespin Fisher  
17  Switzerland Chespin Shepherd        Ukraine Aurorus
29  Paraguay Haxorus Ziering        Algeria Altaria
 Thailand K Kantathavorn Shepherd      Thailand K Kantathavorn Chong  
 Belarus Tyranitar Shepherd    Belarus Tyranitar Fisher  
 Canada D Bennie Ziering        Thailand K Kantathavorn 7 5 2
 Lithuania Leavanny Ziering        Algeria Altaria 5 7 6  
 Algeria Altaria Shepherd      Algeria Altaria Chong
 Finland Noivern Ziering   12  Turkey Pidgeot Fisher  
12  Turkey Pidgeot Shepherd  

Section 4

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
13  Uruguay G Rahal Shepherd  
 Greece Snorunt Ziering     13  Uruguay G Rahal Fisher  
 Bulgaria Luigi Ziering    United States Magearna Chong  
 United States Magearna Shepherd        United States Magearna 4 1  
 Thailand L Wongsakorn Shepherd       28  Republic of Macedonia Skorupi 6 6  
 Thailand N Naurepol Ziering      Thailand L Wongsakorn Fisher
 Thailand M Piromporn Ziering   28  Republic of Macedonia Skorupi Chong  
28  Republic of Macedonia Skorupi Shepherd       28  Republic of Macedonia Skorupi
19  England J Bald Ziering        Czech Republic C Kimball
 Czech Republic C Kimball Shepherd      Czech Republic C Kimball Chong  
 Bulgaria Mario Shepherd    Bulgaria Mario Fisher  
 Lithuania R Duchak Ziering        Czech Republic C Kimball 2 7 7
 Belgium L Bass Ziering        Colombia G Chaves 6 5 5  
 Colombia G Chaves Shepherd      Colombia G Chaves Chong
 Russia D Guiffreda Ziering   7  Serbia Volcarona Fisher  
7  Serbia Volcarona Shepherd  

Bottom half

Section 5

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
8  France S Pagenaud Shepherd  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Ziering     8  France S Pagenaud Fisher  
 United States E Carpenter Ziering    Croatia Dragonite Chong  
 Croatia Dragonite Shepherd        Croatia Dragonite 6 7  
 Russia E Guiffreda Ziering        Ukraine Amaura 0 5  
 Ukraine Amaura Shepherd      Ukraine Amaura Chong
 Slovakia Beedrill Shepherd    Slovakia Beedrill Fisher  
23  India M Gupta Ziering        Croatia Dragonite
25  Armenia C Nicholson Ziering        Honduras H Castroneves
 Belgium A Rossi Shepherd      Belgium A Rossi Fisher  
 Honduras H Castroneves Shepherd    Honduras H Castroneves Chong  
 Uruguay Venusaur Ziering        Honduras H Castroneves 6 1 7
 Cyprus B Guy Ziering        Chile Rowlet 3 6 5  
 Colombia JP Montoya Shepherd      Colombia JP Montoya Fisher
 Chile Rowlet Shepherd    Chile Rowlet Chong  
9  Canada J Hinchcliffe Ziering  

Section 6

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
15  Poland J Fatone Ziering  
 China H Zhang Shepherd     15  Poland J Fatone Fisher  
 Nigeria C Ceballos Ziering    Thailand J Jaturong Chong  
 Thailand J Jaturong Shepherd       15  Poland J Fatone 4 7 6  
 Serbia R Wickens Shepherd       31  Greece L Birkhead 6 5 2  
 Bulgaria C Nickson Ziering      Serbia R Wickens Fisher
 Tunisia S Marion Ziering   31  Greece L Birkhead Chong  
31  Greece L Birkhead Shepherd       15  Poland J Fatone
20  Romania Vaporeon Ziering        Italy Popplio
PR  England B Monger Shepherd     PR  England B Monger Fisher  
 France C Marchant Ziering    Italy Popplio Chong  
 Italy Popplio Shepherd        Italy Popplio 6 6
 Austria R Binder Shepherd        Austria R Binder 3 1  
 England J Harvey Ziering      Austria R Binder Chong
 Thailand P Pongsatorn Ziering   4  Belgium Metagross Fisher  
4  Belgium Metagross Shepherd  

Section 7

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
5  South Korea J La-ongmanee Ziering  
PR  Japan Y Totsuka Shepherd     5  South Korea J La-ongmanee Fisher  
 Sweden Hippowdon Shepherd    Sweden Hippowdon Chong  
 Russia M Andretti Ziering       5  South Korea J La-ongmanee 6 6  
 Russia Hydreigon Shepherd       18  Sweden Heracross 1 2  
 Spain J Ruiz Ziering      Russia Hydreigon Fisher
 Italy R Michelli Ziering   18  Sweden Heracross Chong  
18  Sweden Heracross Shepherd       5  South Korea J La-ongmanee
27  Slovenia C Prosic Ziering       11  Japan AA Ohno
 England J King Shepherd      England J King Chong  
 Japan K Sugimori Ziering    Canada Fennekin Fisher  
 Canada Fennekin Shepherd        England J King 4 0
 Moldova J Fisher Shepherd       11  Japan AA Ohno 6 6  
 Thailand T Pooslip Ziering      Moldova J Fisher Chong
 Montenegro R Jennings Shepherd   11  Japan AA Ohno Fisher  
11  Japan AA Ohno Ziering  

Section 8

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
14  Czech Republic U Kestenholz Shepherd  
PR  Brazil P Fittipaldi Ziering     14  Czech Republic U Kestenholz Fisher  
 Switzerland M Chilton Shepherd    Switzerland M Chilton Chong  
 Ecuador D Lachey Ziering        Switzerland M Chilton 6 2 6  
 England E Jones Ziering       30  Georgia (country) A Rippon 3 6 1  
 Netherlands Gallade Shepherd      Netherlands Gallade Fisher
 Serbia Salamence Ziering   30  Georgia (country) A Rippon Chong  
30  Georgia (country) A Rippon Shepherd        Switzerland M Chilton
22  Honduras Nidoking Ziering       2  Russia P Saderd
 Turkey S Pigot Shepherd      Turkey S Pigot Fisher  
 Australia Arcanine Ziering    Netherlands E Smith Chong  
 Netherlands E Smith Shepherd        Netherlands E Smith 5 2
 Thailand T Chainarong Shepherd       2  Russia P Saderd 7 6  
 Spain L Bocanegra Ziering      Thailand T Chainarong Chong
 Paraguay J Chestnut Shepherd   2  Russia P Saderd Fisher  
2  Russia P Saderd Ziering