Seksan Sukpimai
Sek Loso performing


August 7, 1974

Known for

Loso lead singer

Seksan Sukpimai (Thai: เสกสรรค์ ศุขพิมาย) (born August 7, 1974) is a Thai rock singer. He is currently the lead singer of Sek Loso, which was transferred from Loso since the breakup in 2003.

One of his notable hits with Loso include "Som Sarn" (Thai: ซมซาน).

2011 drug addiction

In December 2011, Sek Loso was moved into the hospital for drugs. He was ruled out of music and made his comeback in October 2013.

Ben and Toad's Contest

For Ben and Toad's Contest, Seksan Sukpimai was announced as a season seven contestant. He and Tai Orathai are the first contestants to represent Thailand in international Ben and Toad's Contest competition.

He is an underdog for the title despite his 2011 drugs that would have ended his career in music miserably.