This is a list of episodes of third season of Wipeout USA.

Episode 1: Wipeout Blind DateEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Overdrive Bruiseball One Ring Circus Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Power Couple'

Jayson Lansburg & Katelyn Reina

3rd (05:10.5) 1st 1st ($5000)** 05:01.56
02:48:18- Jayson
(02:13.38) - Katelyn
Winner (19:52.93)
(10:21.11) - Jayson
(09:31.82) - Katelyn ($105,000)
2 'Little Mermaid & Flounder'

Scott Jones & Arielle Valdez

4th (6:29:7) 3rd Did Not Finish 10:00.06
(03:39.63) - Scott
(6:20:43) - Arielle
Out of Time
(11:25.12) - Scott
(Out of Time) - Arielle****
3 'International Love Connection'

Steven Brandon & Katie Calpino

5th (07:03.4) 2nd Did Not Finish Out of Time
(Out of Time) - Steven
(05:50.79) - Katie
4 'Athlete and her Partner'

Paul Brewster & Jen Hansen

1st (04:40.0) Eliminated
'Model Citizens'

Jackie Evans & Garret Camilleri

2nd (05:09.9)*** Eliminated
'The Cougar & The Cub'

Josh Calderon & Sheila Den Ouden

6th (07:38.2) Eliminated

* Jayson Lansburg & Katelyn Reina both crossed the Big Balls as the first and second contestants of Season 3.
** Jayson & Katelyn were also the first guy and girl to complete the Bruiseball course, each winning $2,500 for a total of $5,000.
*** Jackie Evans became the first person to cross the Trampoline Sweepers. **** first two to pass the spin cycle

Episode 2: Welcome Back AmericaEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Bruiseball All-Male Wipeout Zone (with paint)
Place Contestant Result
1 Andrew 'The Cowboy' Sherman
(Age: 19)
1st (02:48.7) 1st*** 4th Winner (03:46.21)
2 'Smack Efron' Peet Montzingo
(Age: 19)
2nd (03.14.2)* 5th 1st 2nd Place (07:36.98)
3 'Union Man' Burton Hendrickson 4th (03:29.2)** 2nd 3rd Out of Time
'Fierce Dragon' Eddie Moton Jr. 9th (04:09.5) 4th 2nd Very Late Finish****
5 'Barely Legal Lawyer' Patrick Earnest
(Age: 30)
12th (05:06.9) 6th Eliminated
'Fruit Farmer' LeighAnne Thomsen 3rd (03:17.0) 3rd Eliminated
7 'Ballerina' Karrie Carlton
(Age: 22)
6th (03:49.6) Eliminated
Beth Kolarik 5th (03:32.5) Eliminated
Debbie Lucas 7th (03:50.5) Eliminated
'Animal Cruelty Lover' Jonelle Tierney
(Age: 22)
10th (04:48.8) Eliminated
Sylvia Tsai 8th (03:55.5) Eliminated
Janie Wilner 11th (04:56.2) Eliminated

* Peet became the third person to clear the Big Balls.
** Burt became the 1st person to successfully crossed the Shape Shifter.
*** First person to pass the Double Cross the quickest.
**** Right before John was going to sign off, Eddie finished the Wipeout Zone.

  • This is the first episode of Season 3 to have the final four males.
  • Peet Montzingo later auditioned for the first season of The X Factor but did not advance to bootcamp.

Episode 3: Anderson Can’t DanceEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Unclaimed
Wipeout Zone
In Space
Place Contestant Result
1 Debbie 'Sugar Mama' Markham 3rd (03:34.09) 2nd 3rd Winner (06:16.58)*
2 Jeff 'Dr.' Bueno 2nd (03:19.9) 3rd 1st 2nd Place (07:27.24)
3 Tucker 'Mommy Dearest' Carney 4th (04:00.01) 6th 4th Out of Time
Jason 'The Rich Factor' Richard 1st (03:14.8) 5th 2nd Out of Time
5 Wayne 'Papa Dawg' Collins 10th (04:46.6) 4th Eliminated
Isaia 'Samoan Warrior' Ofoia 7th (04:25.8)* 1st Eliminated
7 Vicky Chan 11th (04:51.0) Eliminated
Monica 'Ball Buster' Mora 8th (04:27.9) Eliminated
Amanda 'Opera Singer' Raddatz 5th (04:00.5)** Eliminated
Rene 'Construction Worker' Thorn 6th (04:03.6) Eliminated
Meaghan Wadell 12th (05:00.7) Eliminated
Megan Walsh 9th (04:37.7) Eliminated

* Debbie Markham became the first single woman ever in the Wipeout Zone to win the game.
** Isaia Ofoia is the 1st Person to survive the Door Knock, later Amanda Raddatz is the 2nd. (Not seen, but Rene Thorn passed as well)

  • Megan Smith was the 4th contestant known to take more than 10 minutes to finish the Qualifier. (Margie Stubbs and Nancy Novak in S1E1 and "Pretty Hot and Thick (PHAT)" Sandy Bowles in S1E6 and Heather Dorando in S3E08 were the other 4.) ("Nursing Student" Kameisha Thomas' time was never said, but she fell off the Big Balls with almost 10 minutes on the clock.)

Title reference: During the Qualifier, Jill and John Henson can be seen doing "The Bus Driver" dance, but Anderson wasn't.

Episode 4: World CupEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier** Overdrive Jungle Gym The Foamy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'New Mom' Jill Facer 2nd (02:52.6) 6th 2nd (03:45.66) Winner (11:04.48)
2 'The Wiggler' James Runcorn 3rd (03:05.3) 3rd 3rd (04:07.22) 2nd Place (14:21.76)
3 'Pizza Man' Rick Collinwood 8th (03:56.0) 1st 4th (05:04.70) 3rd Place (15:47.04)
4 'Renaissance Man' Patrick Bailey 4th (03:12.2) 2nd 1st (02:16.39) Out Of Time
5 'Manimal' Alan Mahoney 6th (03:38.1) 5th Eliminated (05:50.69)
'Secret Agent' Kim Utterson 5th (03:25.2) 4th Eliminated (08:39.48)
7 'Police Woman' Nina Abalos 7th (03:43.1) Eliminated
'The Flying Squirrel' Jennika Farley 1st (02:41.1) Eliminated
Kelly Gonzales 12th (04:43.08) Eliminated
Lauri O'Connor 9th (04:09.7) Eliminated
Paulina Rubio 10th (04:15.8) Eliminated
'The Mortician' Gary Travis 11th (04:39.8) Eliminated

* This is the first time that women have won consecutive episodes of Wipeout.
Title reference: World Cup-themed course.

Jennika Farley became the 4th female to have the best time in the Qualifier (Amy Kline, April Robles, and Monica Kaufmann were the first, second, and 3rd).

The Big Balls were modified to look like soccer balls

Episode 5: Excuse WiiEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Kingdom Wipe-a-lot (aka Medieval Wipeout) All-Male Wipeout Zone Celebration
Place Contestant Result
1 'Funky Fresh' Aben Vincent 2nd (3:51.2) 2nd 1st (02:16.99) Winner (05:49.06)
2 Shawn 'Safety First' Hughes 1st (03:30.6) 1st 3rd (05:13.35) 2nd Place (07:24.76)
3 'I'll Date Any-' Quan Pham 6th (04:00.4)* 4th 4th (06:07.88) 3rd place (10:41.87)
4 'Flower Power Gramps' John Rogers 10th (05:52.3) 5th 2nd (04:56.41) Out of Time
5 'Mall Rat' Ashley Coleman 4th (03:55.7) 3rd Eliminated (09.14.17)
'Tina Turner' Gary Shields 8th (04:50.9) 6th Eliminated (11.11.25)
7 Pam Douglas 11th (05:00.9) Eliminated
'Biker Babe' Michelle Marshall 7th (04:20.4) Eliminated
'Bird Nerd' Chelsea Robbins 3rd (03:54.3) Eliminated
Rita Strubbe 9th (04:53.5) Eliminated
Jill Sutherlin 5th (03:58.0) Eliminated
Anthony Williams 12th (05:10.9) Eliminated

* Quan Pham became the 1000th contestant on Wipeout. It can also be noticed that the 500th contestant, Valerie Barrera from Season 2 Episode 7 made the Wipeout Zone, just like Quan did. He also became the first of Season 3 to cross the Sucker Punch and the fourth person to clear the Big Balls. He was also the second to survive getting hit by the Motivator (Terry Smith was the first).

  • This is the 2nd all-male Wipeout Zone in season 3 since episode 2.

Title reference: "Wipeout: The Game for Wii" has been promoted on the show.

Episode 6: CouplesEdit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Bruiseball Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Mr. & Mrs. Wishy-Washy' Robert House & Traci Martin 5th (07:29.2) 2nd 2nd Winner (15:19.56**)
Disqualified* - Traci
(15:19.56) - Robert
2 'The I Don'ts' Stephen Netter & Robin Burton 1st (05:23.8)* 1st 1st Out of Time
Disqualified* - Robin
(Out of Time) - Stephen
3 'The Bickersons' Robert de Otero & Ashley Grijalva 3rd (06:54.4) 3rd Eliminated
4 "Tae Can Do Couple' Michael Fell & Holly Chamberlain 2nd (05:41.6) Eliminated
'The Wrestlers' Daniel Tcruz & Sarah Fernandez 4th (06:54.7) Eliminated
'The Musicals' Andrew Avery & Amy White 6th (10:26.8) Eliminated

* Robin Burton became the first to conquer the Shake-a-lator and fifth person to clear the Big Balls. Later on, she, along with Mrs. Wishy-Washy, became the final two competitors to be disqualified in the Wipeout Zone, not able to beat the time limit of 20:00.00.

** Mrs. Wishy-Washy appeared to have quit after her back breaking fall into the water screaming "Give me a minute!", but actually just ran out of time. Mr. Wishy-Washy's run began after the commercial break with the time set back to 00:00.00.

Episode 7: The Henson ExperimentEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Sleepytime Wipeout Zone (with foam)
Place Contestant Result
1 'The Unimpressionist' Scott Torgan 1st (02:53.4) 5th 1st* Winner (10:25.36) ($51,000)
2 'Aspiring Accountant' David Harris 2nd (02:55.9) 2nd 4th 2nd (13:26.65)
3 'Delivery Man' Vincent Rappleyea 3rd (03:00.0)**** 1st 2nd Out of Time
'Tennis Pro' Paige Roddy 6th (03:49.4)*** 6th 3rd Out of Time
'Auto Mechanic' Daryl McCloud 9th (04:19.8)** 4th Eliminated
Rick 'The Millionare' Raddatz 8th (04:09.6)*** 3rd Eliminated
7 Betsy Clarke 12th (05:06.3) Eliminated
Venessa Cortez 11th (05:00.0) Eliminated
Nicolas Dio IV 7th (04:08.2) Eliminated
'Flying Monkey' Mark Halliday 10th (04:28.2) Eliminated
Kara Kraszewski 4th (03:23.0) Eliminated
Julie Warr 5th (03:37.1) Eliminated

* Scott Torgan grabbed the brass ring in Sleepytime, giving him a $1,000 bonus.
** Daryl McCloud became first to cross the Shake-A-Later in a regular episode.
*** Rick Raddatz and Paige Roddy became the second and third contestants to cross the Tramp-o-mean(Chandra Pugh was the first).
**** Vincent Rappleyea became the second person to cross the Sucker Punch.
Title reference: John Henson's obstacle submission in the qualifier round known as the "Tramp-o-mean".

Not shown, but Scott Torgan crossed the big balls.

Episode 8: Feed JillEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Battle of the Sexes:
Battle of the Sexes Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Jail Breaker' Caroline Lee 7th (04:11.0) 2nd 3rd Winner (09:24.81)
2 'The Dude' Andreas Neumann 9th (04:28.4) 3rd 4th 2nd Place (13:10.92)
3 Karalyn 'Inchworm' Sharamitaro 6th (04:02.6)* 5th 1st Out of Time
'World's Greatest Dad' Sean Foster 11th (05:22.8) 6th 2nd Out of Time
5 'Bigfoot Hunter' Josh Parker 8th (04:20.7) 1st Eliminated
Andrea 'Ballet' Brache 2nd (02:57.2) Failed** Eliminated
7 'Can Man' Randy Wiggs 1st (02:49.9) 4th Withdrew**
8 Lauren Halyburton 4th (03:05.2) Eliminated
Scott Jones*** 10th (05:14.7) Eliminated
Holly Milstead 5th (03:30.8) Eliminated
'Fitness Freak' Tasha Rice 3rd (02:59.0) Eliminated
'Toothless Teacher' Krista Weismair 12th (05:55.2) Eliminated

* Karalyn Sharamitaro is the first person to cross the Organ Grinder.

** Randy Wiggs withdrew before the start of Bruiseball. The 6 eliminated players from the Overdrive were then put into a random draw to take his place in which Andrea Brache won. This is the second time a situation like this happened. (The first time was in Season 2, Episode 5)

*** Second Contestant Named Scott Jones.

  • This episode matches the most motivations in one qualifier (5, in S2E16), This marks the most Motivations with the Deck Motivator.
  • Randy Wiggs and Lauren Halyburten both crossed the first set of the smack wall sweeper.
  • Heather Dorando is the fourth contestant to take more than 10 minutes to finish the Qualifier. Nancy Novak, Megan Smith and Margie Stubbs were the first, second and third.

Title reference: Jill Wagner was hungry during the qualifier round.

Episode 9: The Wrecking FamilyEdit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Bruiseball All-Male Wipeout Zone Punishment
Place Contestant Result
1 'Tongan Truck' Olotele Moa 9th (04:57.9) 2nd 4th Winner (08:09.13)
2 'Number 22' David Ramos 1st (03:57.7) 3rd 1st 2nd (10:11.28)
3 Charles 'Repo Man' Dorsey 12th (06:18.8) 5th 2nd Out of time
'Crazy Cuban' Gaspar Porcell 8th (04:46.6) 1st 3rd Out of time
5 'Soul Sister' Kelin Covington 7th (04:11.2) 6th Eliminated
'Action Mom' Nadine Hoss 10th (05:08.3) 4th Eliminated
7 Ayesha 'Engaged' Dixon 3rd (03:58.8) Eliminated
Autumn Hickok 5th (04:00.3) Eliminated
Brian Lindsey 11th (06:08.8) Eliminated
Valerie Masterani 4th (03:59.2) Eliminated
Jody Merrill 6th (04:02:3) Eliminated
'Silly Sounds' Stacy Paige Takats 2nd (03:57.9) Eliminated
  • A new blue-colored Wrecking Ball was introduced in this episode, The Slow Wrecking Ball, plus the old Wrecking Ball has a softer voice in this episode. (hence the episode title reference)
  • Crazy Cuban looks exactly like "The Stash" from S02E16.
  • This is the third all-male Wipeout Zone in Season 3.
  • As proved when "Repo Man" was first seen in the qualifier, John Henson's sidecar was reposessed by Charles Dorsey.

Episode 10: Screw You, Banana!Edit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Battle of the Sexes Construction Zone Paint-errific Battle of the Sexes Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Complaints' Carrie Kiker T7th (04:29.7) 2nd 3rd (04:33.13) Winner (09:15.59)
2 'Girly Tats' David Hutchison (Age:19) 1st (02:50.9)** 1st 4th (05:20.60)*** 2nd Place (12:59.18)
3 'All American Girl' Bree Bailey (Age:36) 6th (03:58.4) 3rd 1st (03:11.79) 3rd Place (14:18.25)
4 Michael 'Moobs' White T7th (04:29.7)**** 5th 2nd (03:20.74) Quit
5 'Boston Babe' Danielle Jones 5th (03:50.2) 4th Eliminated (05:28.57)***
'Strong Man' Jesse Phillips 10th (05:11.4) 6th Eliminated (07:08.37)
7 Ashley Bello 3rd (03:34.0) Eliminated
Samantha Curtin 9th (05:10.3) Eliminated
John Di Saia 12th (05:58.6) Eliminated
'Girl Power' Jacquelynn Escalante 2nd(03:22.9) Eliminated
'The Russian Aristocrat' William Steglau 11th (05:50.8) Eliminated
Jodi Tanaka 4th (03:49.0) Eliminated

* This has a record for most motivations with 8 people.
** David Hutchison became the 2nd person to cross the Trampoline Sweeper (Jackie Evans was the 1st).
*** Danielle Jones is the first to cross the Rug Pull Later David Hutchison is the 2nd.

Title quotation from: Michael "Moobs" White, to the banana hammock on the Overdrive.

Episode 11: Knock, Knock, Who's There? Wipeout?Edit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Battle of the Sexes Double Cross Beach Party The Wipeout Zone Punishment
Place Contestant Result
1 'Freak of Nature' Frank Beasley 1st (2:12.1)** 5th 2nd* Winner (05:41.95) ($51,000)
2 'Never Give Up, Never Surrender' Deborah Blackwell 3rd (04:09.0) 6th 1st 2nd (10:05.73)
3 'Captain Chemistry' Jason De Muro 2nd (03:40.9) 3rd 3rd 3rd Place (10:14.11)
4 'Oompa Loompa' Joel Grande 10th (05:04.6) 2nd 4th Out of time
5 'Mr. Fix-it' Scott Griggers
(Age: 33)
11th (05:12:8) 4th Eliminated
Kurt 'The Bird Man' Fuller
(Age: 42)
6th (04:17.2) 1st Eliminated
7 'Swiss Miss' Holly Hanson 7th (04:20.1) Eliminated
Sara 'Chewy' Hastings 5th (04:09.7) Eliminated
Jeremy Luna 12th (06:33.5) Eliminated
'Nose Job' Andrea Mansoor 8th (04:31.8) Eliminated
'Marathon Runner' Ashley Morgan (Age: 18) 4th (04:09.4) Eliminated
'Commie Mommie' Yana Zhernova 9th (04:56.0) Eliminated

* Frank Beasley grabbed the brass ring in Beach Party, giving him a $1000 bonus
** Frank Beasley was the fourth person to cross the Door Knock, third person to cross the Sucker Punch and Shakalater, and second person to cross the Shape Shifter. (Burton Hendrickson is the first.)

  • Also, for Season 3, Frank has the fastest (known) time on the Qualifier and the least amount of Qualifier wipeouts so far, only wiping out on the Big Balls. (However, his foot did go into the mud after completing the Sucker Punch, but it didn't count as a wipeout.) Technically, he has conquered the most obstacles in the Qualifier. He and "Run" Forrest "Run" Vanderbilt have the record, but Frank has conquered more because there was only 4 obstacles in the episode with Forrest (S2E5)

Title reference: The "Door Knock" obstacle where a contestant gets hit with a hammer no matter which door they choose. It was practically a Knock-knock joke within itself.

Episode 12: FamilyEdit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Bruiseball After Dark Wipeout Zone**
Place Contestant Result
1 'The Boardgamers' Tom (Age: 20) & Jamie Cardiff (Age: 48) 4th (08:24.4) 2nd 2nd* Winner**** (13:58.80)
(04:45.94) - Tom
(09:12.86) - Jamie
2 'Cop and Attitude' Tony Juarez (Age: 38) & Marie Ramirez (Age: 22) 2nd (06:50.8) 1st 1st* Expired Time***
(20:34.31) - Marie
(Did Not Compete) - Tony
3 'The Survivors' Dannie & Monica Colon 5th (09:44.4) 3rd Eliminated
4 'Flying Hawaiians' Kainoa (Age: 19) & Juliann Kahai (Age: 38) 1st (06:22.2) Eliminated
Randall & Denise 'The Better' Betters 3rd (07:24.1) Eliminated
Brian & Diane 'Gung' Hoh 6th (10:05.9) Eliminated

* Marie Ramirez and Jamie Cardiff are the first and second to miss the plate at third base. Later, while the two were reaching for it simultaneously, the umpire incorrectly indicates Jamie as the winner.

** Only one person did not compete because the time has expired for 'Cop and Attitude'.

*** Marie Ramirez posted a time for 20:34.31, but because Jamie Cardiff finished with a combined time of 13:58.50, Tony Juarez did not get a chance to compete in the Wipeout Zone.

**** See the note above.

***** 12 families competed in this episode (hence the title)

Episode 13: Totally, "Totally Inappropriate!"Edit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Battle of the Sexes Double Cross
(with a Wrecking Ball)
Wipeout Car Wash All-Male Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Charlie 'Dr. Disco' Gray 9th (04:11.9) 3rd 1st Winner (06:54.98)
2 'Wild' Will West 10th (04:17.2) 6th 4th 2nd Place (12:50.91)
3 'Coach' Michael Ewing T11th (4:19.7) 5th 3rd ($1,000)* Out of time
Russell 'the Bald Eagle Scout' Smith 6th (03:51:4) 2nd 2nd Out of time
5 Ken 'The Mimic' Wade T11th (04:19.7) 1st Eliminated
'Barista' Whitney McKee 4th (03:44.4) 4th Eliminated
7 'Tricker' Peter Ton 7th (03:53.9)** Eliminated
'Motivated' Joy Grey 3rd (03:30.6) Eliminated
'Totally Inappropriate!' Viviana Landeros 2nd (03:19.2) Eliminated
'Some Gal We Never Mentioned' Alex Peterson 5th (03:50.1) Eliminated
'The Gymnast' Tamatha Deucher 8th (04:07:2) Eliminated
Liz Case 1st (02:51.0) Eliminated

* 'Coach' Michael Ewing grabbed the brass ring in the Wipeout Car Wash and won $10000.

** Peter Ton was the 4th to cross the Shakealater.

  • The Wrecking Ball has the same softer voice from S3E8.
  • This is the fourth all-male Wipeout Zone in Season 3.

Title reference: Contestant Viviana Landeros had a censor bar over her rear that reads "Totally Inappropriate!" It was assumed that she wasn't wearing anything underneath her miniskirt.

Episode 14: Mustard, Ketchup, & Wipeout WeeniesEdit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Battle of the Sexes Overdrive All-Male Bruiseball After Dark All-Male Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Birthday Boy" David Brummel**** 9th (04:22.0) 2nd 3rd Winner (08:14.08)
2 "Fashion Daredevil" Carl Winefordner 8th (04:20.9) 1st 4th* 2nd Place (12:43.02)
3 "Movie Buff" Darrel Rivenbark 12th (04:46.8) 4th 2nd Out of time**
4 "The Best Athlete In The World" Raymond Ohrel 3rd (4:08.6) 3rd 1st Quit
5 "Smelly's Boyfriend*****" Clint Gage 7th (04:19.5) 6th Eliminated
"Big Rig" Keith Phillips 4th (04:08.9)*** 5th Eliminated
7 Amanda Chavez 5th (04:09.2) Eliminated
Jen Colacchio 6th (04:12.2) Eliminated
Ashlee "Bingo" Goedtel 10th (04:25.4) Eliminated
"Scared Little Girl" Brittany Lyons 2nd (04:00.0) Eliminated
'Running Coach' Shelli Main 11th (04:33.3) Eliminated
"Homecoming Queen" Torey Schlaufman 1st (03:59.5) Eliminated

*Carl Winefordner is the third and final contestant to miss home plate. (Marie Ramirez and Jamie Cardiff were the first and second.)
**Darrel Rivenbark is the first to cross both Spiked Whackers on his first attempt.
*** Keith Phillips is the 1st to pass the Beaten Path.
**** David Brummel was the first contestant to appear on his birthday.
***** Clint Gage's girlfriend, Eleanor, was nicknamed "Smelly".

  • This is the fifth all-male Wipeout Zone in Season 3.
  • This was also the first episode since Season 2 Episode 3 to be all-male from the third round onwards.

Title reference: Ingredients that were flinged at the 6 remaining contestants during Bruise-ball.

  • This is the 2nd time that all the girls are eliminated to the 3rd round. Season 2, Episode 3 was the first.

Episode 15: Ladies' NightEdit

"Ladies' Night" Competitions: Finals
Week "Ladies' Night" Qualifier "Ladies' Night" Overdrive "Ladies' Night" Wipeout Farm "Ladies' Night" Wipeout Zone On Fire
Place Contestant Result
1 'Naughty Baker'**** Andrea Corkhill
12th (04:46:0) 1st 3rd (05:22.54)**** Winner (09:25.06)**
2 'Fly Girl' Lauren Taksa 1st (03:21.7)*** 2nd 1st (02:40.58) 2nd Place (09:32.71)
3 'Heavenly' Heavenly Swendsen
(Age: 30)
3rd (03:46.2) 4th 4th (05:37.40) 3rd Place (09:38.40)**
4 Holly 'Whistle Blower' George 7th (04:20:6) 3rd 2nd (05:05.18) 4th Place (10:33.96)
5 'The Real Real Estate Agent of Orange County' Danyell Alders 8th (04:26.0) 5th Out of Time
6 'Horse Jumper' Ashley Aandahl 11th (04:44.1) 6th Quit
7 'The Flying Trapeze Artist' Ami Haruna
(Age: 23)
2nd (03:21.9) Eliminated
'Creepy Twin' Kylie Long* T4th (03:50.1) Eliminated
'Creepy Twin' Kendall Long* T4th (03:50.1) Eliminated
Jeanine Dacierno 6th (03:56.2) Eliminated
Karen Fraggi 9th (04:29.4) Eliminated
Jessica Yuan 10th (04:40.9) Eliminated

* Kylie & Kendall Long are the second set of twins to appear on Wipeout. Cara & Stephanie Berline were the first.(S2E10) In S2E10, John H. can't figure out which twin is which, but in this episode, neither one of the hosts can find out which one is which.
** Andrea Corkhill and Heavenly Swendsen currently hold the record for most ribs, eight, crossed on the Rib Rage.

*** Lauren Taksa was the only contestant on Ladies` Night to successfully cross the Big Balls.

**** Because Andrea Corkhill is a "naughty baker", the cake that she brought to Jill has been censored. Also, the answer from John Henson's question has been bleeped out, even though se didn't cuss.

  • This is the second time since S2E02, that 4 females competed in the Wipeout Zone.
  • This is the 2nd Time Jill gets to be in the booth. The 1st time was in S1E07, when she accepted her Wipey. This time, she was replacing John Henson as a temporary commentator in the booth, while he became a sideline reporter.
  • This is the first time the last four contestants all completed the Wipeout Zone.
  • On its original air date, this episode did not air until 9:15 on ABC because of Barack Obama's speech. It did air regularly on the Canadian channel, Global Television, though.
  • This is the third time it rains on the Wipeout course.
  • Holly George was the only contestant on Ladies` Night to complete the Spin Cycle on her first try.
  • Heavenly Swendsen was the only contestant on Ladies` Night to cross Triple Threat on her first try.

Title reference: All female contestants in the episode. This is the 1st episode with no males.

Episode 16: Food FightEdit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Battle of the Sexes Wipeout Cafeteria Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Rock Star" Eli Gurian 1st (03:27.9) 3rd 3rd Winner (07:52.77)
2 "Lightning" Rebecca Curtis 3rd (04:28.1) 4th 2nd 2nd (10:11.84)
3 Rob "The Math Whiz" Dickey 2nd (03:56.6) 1st 1st Out of time
"Big Baby" David Damiani 8th (04:41.5) 2nd 4th* Out of time
5 Catherine "Single Lady" Thoma 5th (04:30:7) 6th Eliminated
"Lifeguard" Tiffany Garcia 6th (04:35.2) 5th Eliminated
7 "Vegan" Kimberly Dreher 7th (04:36.6) Eliminated
"Human Pretzel" Amber Bronder 4th (04:29.8) Eliminated
Jahed "abc."Khan 9th (04:46.2) Eliminated
Rico "Rolling Thunder" Curtis 12th (05:39.7)** Eliminated
Kelly Pagan 10th (05:30.4) Eliminated
Angel Jenkins 11th (05:37.3) Eliminated

* David Damiani is the fifth to conquer the Shake-a-lator, although it wasn't shown. Later, he also grabbed the brass ring in the Wipeout Cafeteria.
** Rico Curtis is the third to cross the Shape Shifter. (Burton Hendrickson and Frank Beasly were the first and second.) He was also the first to cross without riding in a shape.

  • David Damiani's nickname and first name combined sounds like "Big Baby Davis" which is a player in the NBA.
  • Rico and Rebecca Curtis were the second married couple to appear on a non-Couples episode. (The Simptons (Willa and James, S1E5 were the other two.)

Title reference: Food being flung at contestants by "servers" on a cafeteria-themed "spinner" round.

Episode 17: Ahoy, Ye Land LubbersEdit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Overdrive Pirate's Revenge The Final Battle of the Sexes Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Nanny' Brie Carter 1st (03:10.9) 2nd 3rd (06:08.72) Winner (12:06.38)**
2 Rimal 'The Brit' Patel 9th (4:39:6) 3rd 1st (04:39.74) Out of time
3 'Flashdancer' Tesara Liggins 8th (04:36.9) 6th 4th (09:40.86) Out of time**
4 'Bad Breath' Ryan Gahagan 2nd (03:16.9)* 4th 2nd (05:17.58) Quit
5 'Sleepy-time Nurse' Jeffrey Gott 10th (04:44.7) 1st Out of Time
6 'Hulkamaniac' Michael Weaver 11th (05:40.7) 5th Quit
7 'Food Baby Mama' Karen Lopez 7th (04:28.8) Eliminated
'Jazzercise Instructor' Molly Gazin 4th (03:17.7) Eliminated
Alyssa 'Cheeky' Deakins 3rd (03:17.0) Eliminated
'Rock 'n Roller' Megan Young 5th (03:24.4) Eliminated
Liz Butler 6th (03:51.2) Eliminated
Dean Sitton 12th (06:00.9) Eliminated

* Ryan Gahagan is the third to cross the Trampoline Sweepers. (Jackie Evans & David Hutchison were the first and second.)
** Brie Carter and Tesara Liggins both matched the record of crossing eight ribs on the Rib Rage.brie carter was the only that crossed the peg legs on her first try ( this episode )
Title quotation from: John Henson, acting as a pirate while introducing a Pirate-themed "Circular challenge" round.

Episode 18: America's FinestEdit

Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Battle of the Sexes Double Cross American Revolution All-Male Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Hometown Hero' Corey Kilroy 6th (03:58.2) 5th 2nd Winner (10.36.92)
2 'Hot Fireman' Dean Viana 1st (03:25.3)*** 4th 1st 2nd Place (14:10.97)
3 'Donut Shop Cop' Kenneth Ly 8th (4:36.4) 1st 3rd Out of time
'Mail Man' Michael Omohundro 10th (05:11.9) 2nd 4th Out of time
5 'Spastic Aircraft Controller' Janet Pedersen 9th (04:45.1) 3rd Eliminated
'Pitbull Avenger' Geoffrey Lee 11th (05:16.3) 6th Eliminated ($1000)**
7 'Inter-city Teacher' Andre Hall 12th (05:30.7) Eliminated
'Navy Swimmer' Whitney Warren 2nd (03:28.0) Eliminated
'Pediatric Monkey Nurse' Kelsey Jepsen 3rd (03:31.2) Eliminated
'Airforce Soldier' Lacey Youngblood 7th (04:20.6) Eliminated
'Special Rescue Teacher' Melody Rohde 4th (03:39.2) Eliminated
Holly Lucille 5th (03:54.7) Eliminated

* Corey Kilroy is the only one to cross the Sweeper Trees.
** Geoffrey Lee grabbed the brass ring in the American Revolution, earning him $1000. He was also the first person to fail to make the Wipeout Zone after grabbing the brass ring.
*** Dean Viana was the final contestant to clear the Shake-a-lator

  • This Season has the most episodes so far, with 18. (Season 1 had 11, and Season 2 had 16.)

Title reference: Volunteers of the police force, fire depts. military, and other civil services take on the course.

  • This is the sixth all-male Wipeout Zone in Season 3.

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