Wipeout Bowl I: Cheerleaders vs. Couch PotatoesEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Battle of the Sexes:
Football King Of The Mountain
Battle of the Sexes
Dizzy Dummy 2.0
Battle of the Sexes
Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Monica 'Baby Face' Kaufmann
(Age: 20)
1st (01:50.0) 1st 1st Winner (04:20.62)***
2 'Cursy' Ali Bundrant
(Age: 18)
03:26.2 6th 2nd 2nd Place (08:13:86)
3 Robert 'Putt Egg' Davis
(Age: 43)
Unknown* 5th 4th Out of Time
'Super Stu' Stuart Yasutake 04:46.4 4th 3rd Out of Time
5 'New Dad' Scott Klase 04:12.6 2nd Eliminated
'Fiancee' Shawnee Achord 03:24.6 3rd Quit****
7 'Blondie' Keelee Bledsoe 03:23.0 Eliminated
Chelsea Costa 02:56.5** Eliminated
Brian Gutknecht Unknown Eliminated
'Pro Gambler' Jesse Jones
(Age: 30)
Unknown Eliminated
Dustin Kieft 03:44.1 Eliminated
Shara O'Leary
(Age: 19)
Unknown Eliminated
  • Notes: * First person able to cross the Heavy Bag Run successfully. ** First person able to cross the Ten Yard Dash successfully. *** Monica Kaufmann became the first woman to win Wipeout and first contestant to be first to qualify in every round. First season to be presented in High Definition. **** Shawnee Achord became the seventh competitor to quit on Wipeout. NFL current and former players Michael Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson and Reggie Bush made a special appearance at Wipeout. Pink color = Cheerleader; Light Blue color = Couch Potato.

Episode 1: Back To The MadhouseEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Gyrosweeper Battle of the Sexes Slippery Course Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Cheap Date' Tim Spratt (Age: 21) 1st (03:38.5)* 2nd 4th Winner (04:40.64)
2 Fernando 'Suave' Garcia 2nd (03:49.3) $1000 1st 2nd Place (07:05.00) ($1,000)
3 'Role Model' Michelle Avedissian 5th (04:39.2) 5th 2nd Out Of Time
4 'Trash Talker' Devon Berry 3rd (03:57.8) 3rd 3rd Quit***
5 'Shiny Happy' Vicky Kim 10th (05:52.6) 6th Eliminated
'The Ditsy Princess' Crystal Wilhite 11th (05:56.9) 4th Eliminated
7 'Super Fan' Julio Chavez 6th (04:40.3) Eliminated
Hali Hudson 12th (06:01.8) Eliminated
Lenka Jamrichova 7th (04:56.4) Eliminated
'Bikini Bus Boy' Kyle Rhoads 4th (04:09.0)** Eliminated
Jasmine 'The Silver Fury' Sanchez 8th (05:29.2) Eliminated
'Queen of the Balls' Jodi Schulman 9th (05:44.1) Eliminated

Notes: * First person able to cross the Slippery Swing Set successfully. ** First person able to cross A Bridge Too Far successfully. *** Devon Berry became the eighth competitor to quit Wipeout.

Episode 2: Old And ColdEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Raining Qualifier King Of The Mountain Dizzy Dummy 2.0 All-Female Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Deadbeat Daughter" Michelle Hart (Age: 29) 8th (03:44.7) 1st 3rd Winner (17:02:50)*
2 Didi Wong "from Hong Kong" (Age: 33) 6th (03:33.1) 3rd 1st Out of Time
3 "Desperate Housewife" Claudia Morel 4th (03:31.7) 5th 2nd Quit**
4 "Female Firefighter" Theresa Rivera 12th (04:19.0) 4th 4th Injured (Ankle)****
5 Peter '"Thanks for Mutton!"' Weiman 2nd (03:10.3) 2nd Eliminated
"Director" Sam "D.W." Griffth (Age: 23) 1st (02:58.8) 6th Quit*****
7 Debby "The Diesel" Chop (Age: 26) 7th (03:37.9) Eliminated
Shannon Eagle 9th (03:45.9) Eliminated
"Young New American" Rasheed Lathief 5th (03:32.0) Eliminated
"Maximus' Dad" Markus Lindlahr 3rd (03:18.7) Eliminated
Angel Reed 10th (04:00.9) Eliminated
"Tree Hugger" Torrey Streed (Age: 20) 11th (04:10.8) Eliminated
  • Notes: * Michelle Hart became the first woman to win a regulation episode of Wipeout. ** Claudia Morel became the first person to withstand the Raging Rapids. She later became the tenth competitor to quit Wipeout. *** This was the only episode where none of the four finalists ended the same way, since Michelle finished, Didi ran out of time, Claudia quit, and Theresa was injured. **** Theresa finished the Aqua Launch, but during the landing, she hurt her ankle, ending her run on Wipeout. ***** Sam Griffith became the ninth competitor to quit Wipeout.

This episode featured Wipeout's oldest contestant yet: 69-year old Jack Craney, who didn't pass the Qualifier (John Henson said that "Plank in the Face kills Grandpa!") (hence the episode title reference). This episode also saw the first ever all-female Wipeout Zone. This is the 2nd time it rained on Wipeout. In this episode, two-thirds of the qualified contestants were female.

Episode 3: Male DominationEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier The Classic Sweeper The All-Male Rocket* All-Male Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Toy Tester' Chuck Trout** 1st (03:10.5) $1000 1st (01:04.10) Winner (08:49.37) ($51,000)
2 'Rebellious Husband' Joe Dycus 2nd (03:17.8) 3rd 2nd (:59.82) Out Of Time
'Insane' Shane Hartgrave 4th (03:29.3) 2nd 4th (:46.94) Out Of Time
'Tiny Dancer' Andrew Nienu 6th (03:56.1) 4th 3rd (:54.04) Out Of Time
5 'Fat' Matt Ordway 3rd (03:26.2) 6th Eliminated (:37.35)
'Band Director' Donn Hallman 10th (04:32.9) 5th Quit***
7 'Pudding Princess' Kassy Diaz 11th (04:43.7) Eliminated
'Model' Nikki Hoard 8th (04:06.6) Eliminated
'Mullet Man' Rodney Hooten 7th (04:04.8) Eliminated
'Farm Girl' Christine Jones 5th (03:49.9) Eliminated
Carrie Lewis 12th (05:35.5) Eliminated
Ian Overson 9th (04:22.0) Eliminated
  • Notes: * First ever episode to have the 3rd Round with All-Males and no females (hence the episode title reference). ** Chuck Trout was the second to come in 1st in every round. Monica Kaufmann was the first. *** Donn Hallmann became the eleventh competitor to quit on Wipeout. The first All-Male Wipeout Zone in Season 2. Also the first-ever All-Male Round III.

Episode 4: The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Hot PantsEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Battle of the Sexes
King Of The Mountain
Battle of the Sexes
Dizzy Dummy 2.0
Battle of the Sexes
Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Scotty 'Songbird' Granger** 1st (01:47.4) 3rd 3rd Winner (05:55.47)
2 'Balloon Pirate' Adam Lohnes 3rd (02:10.6) 4th 1st 2nd Place (15:18.41)
3 Gillian 'Dark Horse' Gipe* 7th (02:50.4) 1st 2nd Out of Time
4 Gianna (Gigi) 'Middle' Gipe* 6th (02:41.3) 6th 4th Quit
5 Michael 'Father Time' Abrahams 11th (03:22.6) 5th Eliminated
'Bored' Brittney Lawless 2nd (01:50.5) 2nd Eliminated
7 Matthew Booher 12th (03:40.8) Eliminated
Alyssa DePompa 4th (02:37.5) Eliminated
Lauren 'Oldest' Gipe* 8th (02:54.2) Eliminated
'Family Man' Sean Leute 10th (03:20.6) Eliminated
Nicole Nicastro 9th (02:56.4) Eliminated
'Rapping Reverend' Dean Osuch 5th (02:40.9) Eliminated
  • Notes: * The first siblings on Wipeout, the three Gipe sisters were dubbed "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Hot Pants" by the two Johns (hence the episode title reference). ** Scotty Granger is the brother of Indiana Pacers' Danny Granger and great-nephew of the "Queen of Gospel", Mahalia Jackson. And also, the first person able to cross the Sweeper Run successfully. Patsy Chambers became the first contestant to quit the Qualifier without even trying a single obstacle.

Episode 5: Fender, BenderEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier King Of The Mountain Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 '"Run, Forrest, Run!"' Forrest Vanderbilt 1st (01:06.9)* 3rd 1st Winner (05:48.84)
2 'Party Girl' Caroline Erickson 3rd (02:39.3) 6th 4th 2nd Place (08:07.95)
3 'Sheriff' Robert Caslava (Age: 51) 2nd (01:59.5)* 2nd 3rd 3rd Place (12:29.54)
4 'Produce Man' Mat Devlahovich 4th (02:39.6) 5th 2nd Out of Time
5 'Obdient Husband' Scott Howell 7th (03:07.6) 1st Eliminated
6 Catherine 'C.J. Guns' Jansen 5th (02:58.6) Failed** Eliminated
7 'Jazz Professor' Jason Goldman 6th (02:59.8) 4th*** Withdrew**
8 Kristen 'Boot Camp' Babiracki 9th (03:20.7) Eliminated
Gayle Luker 12th (03:55.3) Eliminated
Karen Pietsch 11th (03:49.6) Eliminated
'Physical Therapist' Dennis Sanchez 10th (03:21.7) Eliminated
Dr. 'Gibberish' Nicolas Wieder 8th (03:19.0) Eliminated
  • Notes: * Forrest Vanderbilt set a new Qualifier record, with a time of 1:06.9, also becoming only the second person to clear the Breakaway Planks and the first person to clear both the Rolling Stones and the Fender Bender. ** Before the beginning of the Dizzy Dummy, Jason Goldman quit the competition. The 6 eliminated players from the King of the Mountain were then put into a random draw to take his place in which Catherine Jansen won. This is the first time a situation like this happened. *** Jason Goldman said "This is the most ridiculous thing I ever done!" just like it was heard on the Title.

Title reference: The Fender Bender part of the course.

Episode 6: Celebrity StyleEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Movie Qualifier Mace Sweeper The Rocket Toothy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Campus Cop' Jose Valdepeña 3rd (03:29.7) 3rd 1st (01:04.76) Winner (17:00.31)
2 'Sexy Dork' Janica Polmanteer 1st (3:26.1) 2nd 3rd (0:52.31) 2nd Place (17:26.16)*
3 'TV Junker' Jason Sandeman 2nd (03:27.0) $1000 2nd (:52.37) 3rd Place(17:26.23) ($1,000)
4 Steven 'Brow-licious' Lara 5th (03:55.0) 4th 4th (:52.06) Quit
5 Jeff 'G-Rated' Sands 4th (03:54.3) 6th Eliminated (:44.69)
'Britney Spears Look-a-like' Kiley Speakman 8th (04:37.6) 5th Eliminated (:36.87)
7 Kellie 'Miss Pigtails' Auld 9th (04:55.5) Eliminated
'The Accountant' Jessica Evers 7th (04:28.0) Eliminated
Paul "Woo Hoo" Woo Hoogenstyn 6th (04:02.7) Eliminated
Eli Houta 11th (05:41.9) Eliminated
Cory Wilderom 10th (05:32.8) Eliminated
'Chicago Native' Ravyn Williams 12th (05:48.9) Eliminated
  • Notes: Janica beat Jason by 0.07 seconds, and then lost to Jose by 26 seconds, a very close wipeout zone.
  • Title reference: The Movie qualifier round.

Episode 7: The 500th ContestantEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Crushing Gyrosweeper Battle of the Sexes Slippery Course Battle of the Sexes Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Choir Boy' Donovan Eberling 1st (02:51.4) 2nd 1st Winner (07:32.32)
2 '500th Contestant' Valerie Barrera* 2nd (03:39.8) $1000 4th 2nd Place (12:50.16) ($1,000)
3 'Soulman' Mark Saldana 7th (04:38.7) 4th 3rd Out of Time
'The Winner' Shannon Stotz 6th (04:29.9) 3rd 2nd Out of Time
5 Robert 'Chili Bean' Martinez 9th (04:58.9) 6th Eliminated
'Military Mom' Teri Lathrop (Age: 42) 11th (05:26.9) 5th Injured (Shoulder)
7 Michael 'The Mooner' Chao 5th (04:15.7) Eliminated
'Vampire' Constantin Ciorgariu 4th (04:12.7) Eliminated
Craig Glover 10th (04:59.9) Eliminated
'501st Contestant' Mona Mahani* 12th (05:29.9) Eliminated
'Robo-Traffic Cop' Terry Smith 3rd (03:51.7)** Eliminated
Brittany Zubiate 8th (04:56.8) Eliminated
  • Notes: * Valerie Barrera is the 500th contestant to be on Wipeout. ** Terry Smith is the first contestant to survive getting hit by the Motivator, and actually was able to become the oldest contestant to successfully cross the Big Balls because of it and be the first person of Season 2 to clear them. Valerie Barrera is the second female to get one thousand dollars. Mona Mahani is the 501st contestant to be on Wipeout.

Episode 8: Wipeout CouplesEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier King Of The Mountain Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Mr. and Mrs. Moose'

Shane & Sally Harris

1st (03:23.9)* 2nd 2nd Winner (12:38.29)

(03:28.96)** - Shane; (09:09.33) - Sally

2 'Team Muscle'

Brian & Lori Beth Schwab

3rd (04:47.8)*** 3rd 1st Out of Time

(06:48.36) - Brian; (Out of Time) - Lori Beth

3 'The Tortoise and the Hare'

Tim & Jenni Johnson

2nd (04:30.0) 1st Eliminated
4 'Team Home Cooking'

Travis Petties & Kasey Burton

5th (05:13.3) Eliminated
'Team Money'

Aron Ali & Ashanna Wall

4th (05:13.0) Eliminated
'Tiny Team'

Paul Weinrich & Rachel Grim

6th (05:30.1) Eliminated
  • Notes: In this episode, married couples competed together as teams, with minor rule changes. In the qualifier, both members had to complete the course (although they performed each obstacle one-by-one). In "King of the Mountain" and the "Dizzy Dummy", a couple only advanced if both of their members completed the challenge (but the tasks were still done as in a normal episode). In the Wipeout Zone, both members of the remaining couples played the course separately, scored by their total time. * Shane Harris became the second person to successfully clear the Big Balls and the Fender Bender, and although it wasn't shown, he also cleared the Diving Board Trapeze. Later in the episode, Jenni Johnson became the first female and third overall to conquer the Fender Bender. ** Shane's individual run was the fastest time in the Wipeout Zone in Season 2. *** Brian Schwab became the second contestant to clear the Diving Board Trapeze.

Episode 9: Stop, Listen & WipeoutEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Gyrosweeper Bucking Bull Battle of the Sexes Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Motoring' Melia Quiray (Age: 25) 2nd (03:06.1) 2nd 2nd (01:09.00) Winner (08:40.81)*
2 'Executive Assistant' Kim Dockery 7th (04:12.6) 3rd 4th (:44.17) 2nd Place (09:31.09)
3 'Mad Cow' Craig Goettsche 4th (03:13.8) $1000 3rd (:47.80) Out of Time but Left with $1,000
'Dr. Skinny' Blake Snedeker (Age: 20) 3rd (03:06.6)**** 5th 1st (01:16.60) Late Finish (09:33:44) **
5 'Mr. Wig' Dominick Santos (Age: 30) 9th (04:33.0) 4th Eliminated (:29.65)
Kevin 'The Comedian' Lavis 12th (05:18.9) 6th Eliminated (:20.91)
7 Daniel Berilla 'aka Scrappy' 6th (03:47.5) Eliminated
'Grilled Cheeze' Anthony Caldera 11th (05:12.7) Eliminated
'Spicy' Caleb Guevara 1st (02:59.6)*** Eliminated
'Tall Teacher' Conrad Maag 8th (04:29.6) Eliminated
'Canadian' Tanya Perrin***** 5th (03:41.4) Eliminated
Katy 'The Contortionist' Walters 10th (05:07.3) Eliminated
  • Notes: * Melia Quiray became the first female to become second place of 3 out of four events on Wipeout. She also became the first female Wipeout champion in Season 2 in regulation episodes where there were men in the Wipeout Zone. ** Although he lost, Dr. Skinny still finished the Wipeout Zone. *** Caleb Guevara became the third person to easily clear the Big Balls. **** Blake Snedeker became the first person to cross the Sucker Punch in Season 2. ***** Tanya Perrin became the only Canadian contestant to be allowed in the series.

Title reference: A spoof on the traffic safety instructions: "Stop, Look and Listen".==Episode 10: Wipeout, Like A Brother==

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier King Of The Mountain Battle of the Sexes Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Battle of the Sexes Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'M. Night Shyamalan Lookalike' Kerin Alfaro******* 3rd (02:45.9) **** 1st 2nd Winner (17:22.38)*****
2 'Bride to Be' Kristen Egizi******** 1st (02:16.4)** 4th 1st 2nd Place (17:46.25)******
3 'Track Star' Susie Packard 2nd (02:24.9)*** 2nd 3rd Out of Time
4 James 'Iron' Haden********* 10th (03:57.8) 6th 4th Quit
5 'Clumsy Chef' Tonee Lam********** 6th (03:23.3) 5th Eliminated
'Bootylicious' Erika Reinert*********** 7th (03:24.8) 3rd Eliminated
7 'Twin' Cara Berline* 11th (04:17.7) Eliminated
'Twin' Stephanie Berline* 8th (03:30.9) Eliminated
'Carnie' Howard Jones 4th (03:15.7) Eliminated
'Yoga Fan' Alex Koromzay 12th (04:56.9) Eliminated
Cameron Pinckney 5th (03:16.8) Eliminated
'Female Football Player' Jody VanZanten 9th (03:38.8) Eliminated

Notes: * Cara & Stephanie Berline became the first set of twins to compete on Wipeout. John Henson can't tell which is which, so when John Anderson said that Stephanie was starting the course, John Henson said that Cara's at the start again. Cara and Stephanie are twins. ** First person to cross the Log Roll successfully. *** Susie Packard became the 4th person, and 2nd female to cross the Fender Bender. **** 3rd to cross the Breakaway Planks. Mindi Masamoto was the second contestant to quit the Qualifier without trying a single obstacle. ***** Kerin Alfaro posted the slowest time for a winner in a regular episode. ****** Kristen Egizi said "You've got to be kidding me!" just like it was heard in the Title. ******* John H. mistook Kerin Alfaro for M. Night Shyamalan. ******** Kristen Egizi was the first bride-to-be to participate on Wipeout. ********* James Haden was interested in metal rock, so they do call him "Iron Haden". ********** Tonee Lam was the first Teppan Chef to participate on Wipeout. *********** Erika Reinert brought with her an "abnormally large behind".

Episode 11: Wipeout All-StarsEdit

24 losers return to Wipeout for redemption and a second chance to win. Here are the results of "Wipeout All-Stars":

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Sack Gyrosweeper Bucking Bull Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Break Dancer' Chris Kinyon (now Age 28) 3rd (02:51.7)**** 2nd ***** 2nd (:47.24)******* Winner (08:02.87)
2 Ariel 'Kiss-a-holic' Tweto* (now Age 21) 2nd (02:50.7)****** 4th 1st (:58.46) Late Finish***
'The Terminator' Rado Pagac 1st (2:47:7) 3rd******** 3rd (:46.11) Out of Time***
Robert 'Putt Egg' Davis (now Age 44) 8th (03:58.9) $1000 4th (:41.94) Out of Time***
5 Keith 'Muddy Beard' Biondi 11th (04:02.5) 6th Eliminated (:40.08)
'The Jedi' William Hill 7th (03:53.5) 5th Eliminated (:11.17)********
7 'Animal Lover' Jessica Bertoni 9th (03:59.5) Eliminated
'One-word Model' Dana Jamison 10th (04:01.8) Eliminated
'The Human Siren' Shane Johnson 5th (03:42.1) Eliminated
'Ball-Loving Weirdo' Ben Kronberg 4th (02:57.7)** Eliminated
'Spaz' Bryan Sayas 12th (04:45.7) Eliminated
'Super Stu' Stuart Yasutake 6th (03:47.2) Eliminated
  • Notes: * Formerly "Never Been Kissed" but admitted to having kissed a lot since her appearance in Season 1 Episode 3. ** During the episode, Ben Kronberg became the only person to complete multiple crossings of the Big Balls, having previously crossed them in Season One, Episode 5. *** Although Ariel lost, she was half way on the finish line before she timed out making it the closest Wipeout Zone ever. Also, Robert Davis had left with $1,000, which puts him in second, Ariel in third, and Rado Pagac in fourth. **** Not shown in the episode, But Chris Kinyon is the 1st to cross the Spiked Fenders. ***** Chris Kinyon is the only person to have the same place as he did in the original episode on the Sweeper. ****** Ariel Tweto became the only person to cross the Trapeze Swingset. ******* Chris Kinyon was eliminated on the Wrecking Ball Dreadmill when he first appeared on Wipeout, but he did better this time, and he just won Wipeout. ******** Rado Pagac was eliminated on the Sweeper when he first appeared, but he did better this time, but he was eliminated in the Wipeout Zone this time. ******** William Hill posted the worst time on the Bucking Bull. Among the All-stars are: 'Mr. Excitement' Isaac Alverez (now Age 28), Jessi 'Go Go Dancer' Duran (now Age 21), 'Pastor' Jerry Huson (now Age 57), Margie Stubbs, 'Cougar' Maria Castro (now 52), Gayla 'Don't Call Me A Cougar' Johnson, 'Indiana Jones Fan' Andrew Pagana, Chris Lekawa (now Age 24), 'Soccer Mom' Gwenisha Robinson, 'Pretty Hot and Thick (PHAT)' Sandy Bowles, 'Foot-Phobic' April Rhobles (now Age 25), and ("Waitress") Karla Guy (now Age 29), who also became the first contestant to be disqualified by avoiding every single obstacle in the Qualifier. She also appeared on Dance Your A** Off.

Episode 12: Ballistic EpisodeEdit

Competition: Finals
Week: Ballistic Qualifier Battle of the Sexes King Of The Mountain Dodgeball Battle of the Sexes Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Murse" Brett Salazar 4th (02:05.3)* 4th 1st Winner (04:56.81)
2 "Irish Lad" Billy Mannering 1st (01:14.3)* 1st 2nd 2nd Place (07:01.39)
3 "Yam's Man" Dave Klec 3rd (01:56.0)* 2nd 4th Out of Time
"Snake-phobic" Shannan Reeve 2nd (01:39.0) 3rd 3rd Out of Time
5 "Deputy Hot Stuff" Janna Kovensky 7th (02:27.7) 6th Eliminated
"Dodgeballer" Eva Sadok 6th (02:09.8)* 5th Eliminated
7 "Waitress" Monica Beltran 9th (03:19.8) Eliminated
"Fargo's Own" Jeff Ellingson 5th (02:06.9)* Eliminated
Sarai Koo 11th (03:35.0) Eliminated
"Hip-Hopping Headband" Sebastian Vermeul-Taback 8th (02:47.9) Eliminated
"Beach Bum" Julie Webb 10th (03:24.7) Eliminated
"Air Guitarist" Chad Wilson 12th (04:04.2) Eliminated
  • Notes: * Eva Sadok, Dave Klec and Brett Salazar became the second, third and forth competitors to cross the Sweeper Run (Scotty Granger was the first). Jeff Ellingson and Billy Mannering became the first and second contestant to cross the Log Ball successfully.
  • Title reference: The Ballistic qualifier round.

Episode 13: Once Wiped Out, Twice ScarredEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Battle of the Sexes Crusher Slippery Course Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Milk Man' Tyler Rowley **1st (01:46.8) 6th 2nd Winner (07:50.25)
2 'Don't Mess with Texas' Danielle Bagby 4th (03:54.9)*** 4th 4th 2nd Place (08:24.13)
3 'Mr. Mom' Shane Butler 3rd (03:00.3) $1000 3rd Out of Time but left with $1,000*
4 'Fry Guy' Mark Jones 2nd (02:50.0) 2nd 1st Out of Time*
5 'Pastor' Craig Hamilton 6th (04:33.0) 3rd Eliminated
'Kindergarten' Cate Ilfeld
(Age: 21)
7th (04:38.3) 5th Eliminated
7 'Singer/Songwriter' Katelyn Benton 9th (04:52.8) Eliminated
'The Girl Who Fell' Heather Brown 10th (05:23.8) Eliminated
'Anatomy Teacher' Brittany Coffin 5th (04:11.9) Eliminated
Nick Bongiovanni 8th (04:41.1) Eliminated
'Clumsy' Natalie Masciale 12th (06:17.6) Eliminated
'Special Forces Offline' Lonnie Stuart 11th (05:39.9) Eliminated
  • Notes: * Although Mark Jones and Shane Butler both timed out, Shane was able to get further into the Wipeout Zone than Mark, and Shane had earned $1,000 for winning The Crusher, putting Shane in 3rd and Mark in 4th. ** Tyler Rowly and Denorvelle Collier were the 1st and 2nd to complete the Swinging Serial Killer. *** Danielle Bagby is the only person to complete the Bally-Go-round.
  • Title reference: This spoofs the saying "Once Bitten, Twice Shy".

Episode 14: Wipeout Like It's 2009Edit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier King Of The Mountain Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Super Shorts' Travis Cluff 1st (01:45.2)* 1st 2nd Winner (07:13.63)
2 Krystal Howard 'Ninjetta' 4th (02:09.9) 4th 4th 2nd Place (13:04.91)
3 'Volleyball Coach' Christine Johnston 6th (02:19.8) 6th 1st Out of Time
'Totally Eighties' Chelsea Price 2nd (01:55.6)* 3rd 3rd Out of Time
5 'Croatian Crush' Anya Loncaric 3rd (02:02.2) 5th Eliminated
'Bacon Boy' Jeff Wall 8th (02:54.8) 2nd Eliminated
7 Danielle Ellerd 9th (03:11.1) Eliminated
'The Bionic Knee' Greg Hearn 10th (03:18.0) Eliminated
'Aspiring Screenwriter' Jeff Nemon 7th (02:34.3) Eliminated
'Master Big Baller' Giles Rees 5th (02:10.4) Eliminated
'Chips Officer' Sara Sheperd (Age: 26) 12th (03:41.9) Eliminated
Tyra Torian 11th (03:23.5) Eliminated
  • Notes: * Travis Cluff became the first person to cross the Tipsy Towers successfully. Later on, Chelsea Price became the second person to cross the Tipsy Towers. This episode was the first to have a Wipeout Zone with only one male.
  • Title reference: Spoofs the lyrics of a popular song "1999" by Prince.

Episode 15: Wipeout AustraliaEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Ball Crusher Sweeper Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Buffman' Shannon Fowler 1st (01.34.07) 3rd 2nd Winner (06.17.11) ($A20,000)
2 Angus 'Fish Fingers' Ingram 2nd (01:40.4) 2nd 3rd 2nd Place (07.19.11)
3 Anabella 'Sister' Leone 6th (02:07.9) Failed 4th 3rd Place (08.42.03)
4 'Tango' Tony Leoni 3rd (01:47.0) $A1,000 1st Out of Time but left with $A1,000
5 'Nurse' Irene Frangoulis 10th (03:00.0) 4th Eliminated
'Rare Breed' Dan Ryan 4th (01:58.0)* 5th Eliminated
7 Luke 'Brother' Leone 5th (02:00.6) 6th Retired
8 'Parking Cop' Merridy Cairn-Duff 8th (02:45.9) Eliminated
Nick 'Rock Star' Cushen 9th (02.47.11) Eliminated
Gail 'Very Tinkerbell' Da Costa 7th (02.34.03) Eliminated
'Astrologer' Renee Gadd 12th (03:24.8) Eliminated
Will MacKinnon 11th (03:13.9) Eliminated
  • Notes: For more details, go to the Australian version of Wipeout. The episode was a re-edited version of the second episode of the Australian version of Wipeout, featuring commentary by John and John, said to be participating in the "Wipeout International Presenter Exchange" (W.I.P.E.). Due to copyright issues with the Australian footage, this episode only aired on television in America, Canada and Australia. For Tango Tony, it says "Antonio Leoni" instead of "Tony Leoni".

Episode 16: Food FinaleEdit

Competition: Finals
Week Qualifier Cheese Sweeper Slippery Course Toothy All-Male Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Eric 'The Stache' Agrelius
(Age: 54)
8th (04:33.5) 4th 3rd Winner (14.31.44)*
2 'Robert Redford Look-A-Like' Jay Hook
(Age: 31)
1st (03:05.1) $1000 2nd 2nd Place (15.16.28) ($1,000)
3 'Prison Guard' Alex Pimentel
(Age: 40)
3rd (03:29.9) 3rd 4th 3rd Place (15.50.76)
4 William 'Billy Goat' Mahoney
(Age: 44)
11th (05:08.4) 2nd 1st Out of Time
5 Melissa 'Not John's Prom Date' Silguero
(Age: 23)
7th (04:32.3) 5th Eliminated
Micah 'Mouse' Hardt 6th (04:17.7) 6th Eliminated
7 Nicole 'The Motivator Tiebreaker' Chietan
(Age: 31)
12th (05:10.7)** Eliminated
'Firefighter' Jason Graffia 2nd (03:20.5) Eliminated
Mara 'Lip Gloss Lover' Marini
(Age: 28)
9th (04:44.8) Eliminated
Billie 'Roswell' Rose 10th (04:59.6) Eliminated
'Germaphobe' Chelsea Switzer 5th (03:57.9) Eliminated
Matt 'Mother of Pearl' Wodzynski 4th (03:55.4)*** Eliminated
  • Notes: * Eric Agrelius became the oldest contestant to win Wipeout. ** This set a new record for Motivations in a single episode (Reg-meister "1st", Natae Chavez "2nd", Delonda Holder "3rd", Nicole Chietan "4th" and Diane Curtis "5th"), plus 3 almost Motivations (Eric Agrelius, Jason Graffia, and The Germaphobe). *** Matt "Mother Of Pearl" was wearing a part of "Fashion Deisigner" Timothy Ton's clothing line from S1E7. *This is the second episode in Season 2 where the Final Four consisted of 4 male competitors (The first was Episode 3). * On an interview from Ellen, Eathen Salem was the 1st to complete the Orion Ring Swing.

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