Steel, Bug



Strong against

Dark, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Rock

Scizor is a dual Bug/Steel type Pokemon. It can evolve from Scyther when a Metal Coat is used. It also holds a Mega Evolution, "Mega Scizor". Despite being a dual type of steel and bug, it holds fire type as the only weakness.


Scizor first participated in motorsports a couple years after Scizor was introduced in Generation II. Along with Honduras and Paraguay, Scizor was one of the ones that drivers needed to pass during the 2012 Petit Le Mans; all three were booted off in the third week's double elimination.

Scizor will play for Poland in the 2016 IndyCar Series season. Scizor will drive for Mikhail Aleshin, who is making his second race back at St Pete since his 2014 Fontana crash. Scizor's side (led by Radwanska) made impressive success at St. Petersburg, battling all the way from the back to finish 5th, behind Honduras, Slovakia, France, Denmark and Colombia. Scizor wasn't seeded in the first two Celebrity Family Feud episodes in both men and women's singles because Scizor's standing in the IndyCar series wasn't high enough for a seeding.

At Mid-Ohio, Scizor's team led the most laps before issues with the pits cost the Polish their first win under Aleshin. Scizor almost won at Pocono, despite leading the most laps; which was postponed to Monday due to rain.

Scizor needs 50 candy from Scyther and also A METAL COAT to evolve from Scyther in Pokemon Go. Scizor's first round opponent was originally going to be Hélio Castroneves in Harvey Family Men vs. Harvey Family Women and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. Ralph Sampson, but Castroneves withdrew due to dehydration from Road America, and now Scizor's opponent is now 33rd seeded Carlos Muñoz, with Arcanine moving to Munoz's original spot. Scizor, along with Snorlax were originally subs for Joey Fatone if Mikhail Aleshin makes top 16 on Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. Rick Fox and Boy Band vs. Girl Group of Celebrity Family Feud, which airs after Toronto, but they changed the seedings, so Scizor will replace Fatone on the July 23 episode and Fatone will come back to seedings on July 30 and August 6.


  • Scizor does neutral damage against a fairy type since steel is super effective but bug is not very effective.