Pablo is the only penguin in the Backyardigans and the game All-Star Brawl (Beauties) and he hates Kelsi Nielsen.

Pablo, a yellow-beaked blue and yellow penguin wearing a blue bow tie and a blue and yellow propeller beanie, is the one who most often has the ideas and tends to be the most excitable and the smallest of the group. He is best friends with Tyrone. Due to his energy and impetuousness, he takes the lead in many situations, but often goes into a "panic attack" when he faces an obstacle, running around in circles flapping his flippers and telling everyone not to panic until someone interrupts him to propose a solution by calling his name and then shouting it, at which point he stops, turns to the character and asks "Yeah?". The number of panic attacks decreased considerably after the first season, though in the Fourth Season episode The Flipper! his propensity for getting overexcited is actually a major point of the episode. Pablo has appeared in every episode of The Backyardigans in which he missed an episode only once, with the exception of Chichen-Itza Pizza from season three.

Speaking voice: Zach Tyler Eisen (Season 1), Jake Goldberg (Seasons 2-4)

Singing voice: Sean Curley (Seasons 1-4)

Dancer: Tasha Cooper (Seasons 1-3), Steven Konopelski (Season 4)