Oh, Fabulous is the smaller song (but almost the same as Boys Who Cry's It's All About You Girl) in the Wipeout Canada episode Chocolate Thunder that was sang by the Brockville native and female contestant Toadette before we ever see an arm wrestling rematch made by Kelsi's current and normal sidekick.

Before the song began, they had to take a break for a minute on the third week of Ben and Toad's Contest in season 1. As the week starts, the song starts, and then all of the remaining Unanimous men did not participate in the task for the first half (expect for Kimura, who's going shopping to buy food for all participating contestants). Backbone was participating in the first half, and then all remaining members of the team Unanimous participate in the task, and Jiroemon Kimura's team lost and Allen Ford was fired by Trump, so they had to go on a revision of "List of living supercentenarians" way back in 2007 and go find Kimura and all of Unanimous found him and Kimura says "I never found it in a f**kin' way. Now all of the members, get back to work, or you will have to sit out with both me and Maria Filippov.".

Katy Perry danced to the song in week 5, just three days after Hatsue Ono died. The score for Katy Perry dancing the Butoh was a 26 (9,7,9) from Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.

The song was recorded by Yoshino Tanaka ft. Jiroemon Kimura.


Yoshino Tanaka:


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