Ground, Poison


Ground, Psychic, Water, Ice

Strong against

Fire, Fairy, Electric

Nidoqueen is a ground-poison typed Pokemon introduced in Generation I. Nidoqueen is the final form of the female Nidoran. It can only evolve from Nidorina once you have the stone for it.

IndyCar, BATC, Family Feud

Nidoqueen has been seeded in every Celebrity Family Feud tournament in the 2016 season, with Nidoqueen's lowest seeding happened in Professional Boxers and Joely Fisher vs. Tony Hawk, where Nidoqueen was 5th entering the 2016 Honda Indy Toronto and entered the tournament as the no.10 seed. Nidoqueen will be seeded 6th at the 2016 Swiss Open women's singles tournament, just behind her countryman Laurie Hernandez despite being 3rd in the IndyCar standings after Sonoma.

In August 2015, the Ben and Toad's Contest community announced that Nidoqueen will be playing for the Honduras national IndyCar team in the 2016 IndyCar Series season, in a squad containing mostly Pokemon and veteran Penske driver Hélio Castroneves.