Nicky Sapera




Pembroke, Ontario

Nicky Sapera (nicknamed Foxy Fencer) was a contestant on Wipeout Canada. She is currently from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.

She beated Birdo in the whole episode but in the Wipeout Zone; Devon Mezei beated her time.

In 2012, she was on Ben and Toad's Contest but she was the first contestant to leave the show; because Koto Okubo (1897-2013) says "Order of operation must say you must eliminate the Wipeout Canadians first".


  • She is one of the four Pembroke contestants on the show, behind Sabrina Bryan, Allen Ford and Evan Cundal.
  • Taylor's cell phone was heard.
  • She has a silver medal in fencing.
  • She had only appeared in one episode of iCarly, iFence.
  • At Lava Springs, Sharpay talked to her about "Pearl Krabs".
  • In the song A Night To Remember, Nicky's face appeared as Pembroke.
  • Sapera was expected by many to not return to BATC in season 5.
  • Sapera was dismissed from her BATC meeting at the 2015 Race of the Stars with Froslass and Sylveon for not being repsectful.