Here we go! The Psychic Kid!

Changes from Brawl Edit

  • Now a default character
  • When PK Thunder is used in midair, Ness remains stalled until the projectile disappears. This increases its effectiveness as a recovery move

Special Moves Edit

Snake Codec Message Edit

Colonel:"That kid... Isn't that Ness?"


Colonel:"He may look like a mere boy, but don't let that fool you. He has PSI abilities that defy all explanation."

Snake:"Just like Psycho Mantis..."

Colonel:"Exactly. he can use teleportation, levitation, pyrokinesis, and psychokinesis."

Snake:"Yeah, but the question is, can he read minds?"

Colonel:"Not to my knowledge, no."

Snake:"Good. Then I won't have to worry about him predicting my every move."

Colonel:"Even if he had telepathic powers, I don't think he'd use them like that. I hear he's a good kid."

Fighting against Ness Edit

The key to winning against Ness is preventing him from using his projectile attacks. If you're a projectile user yourself, don't use any projectiles unless you're at close range, you don't want to feed his PSI Magnet. At close range, beware of Ness's throwing ability and his powerful smash attacks. Keep the pressure on with standard attacks and throws.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his child-like appearance, Ness, just like Lucas, is 13.
  • In the Earthbound (Mother) games, Ness couldn't use PK Starstorm. Allegedly Poo taught both Ness and Lucas this move for Smash Bros..
  • Even though short he is heavy and slow.

See Also Edit

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