Mr. Nesmith
Planet Sheen
Portrayed by Bob Joles
Duration 2010-present
First appearance Pilot (Planet Sheen)
Last appearance Wipeout Canada: The Game 2
Cause/reason Abigail Santos died
Spin-off appearances Squidward vs. SpongeBob
Nickname(s) "The Chimpazee"
Aliases Ron Langton
Species Monkey
Gender Male

Nesmith is a character from Planet Sheen. He has been featured in Wipeout Canada: The Game 2 and did appear in All-Star Brawl (Beauties) as an assist trophy and he appears on The Best Day Ever character marathon and a male character from Planet Sheen not Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, ranking 67th place and is in bottom place than Kelsi Nielsen and Allen Ford in most Wipeout Canada.


Mr. Nesmith (voiced by Bob Joles) is a chimpanzee from Earth who has been living on Zeenu for 23 years. He came to Zeenu as a normal chimpanzee, but after his rocket crashed in 1962, he developed advanced intelligence and the ability to speak, due to the higher gravity. On Earth, he was a circus performer, along with his wife, Beverly. Mr. Nesmith is often fed-up with Sheen's antics, but tolerates him in hopes that they may be able to fix Sheen's rocket and return to Earth. He lives with Sheen in their apartment on Zeenu. His wool cap and name is in reference to Michael Nesmith of the 1960s pop rock group The Monkees. He is Jimmy Neutron's counterpart of the show. He was 2 minutes late for Wipeout Canada. He is Allen Ford's hired chimpanzee. He also has relatives with Steel/Bug type Pokemon Scizor and IndyCar drivers Scott Dixon and Hélio Castroneves.


Mr. Nesmith had only appeared in Planet Sheen episodes. He did not appear in every episode of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.