For the July 16-July 21 tournament of the episode, see Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. Rick Fox and Boy Band vs. Girl Group.

A repeat of Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. Rick Fox and Boy Band vs. Girl Group will air August 13, 2017.

Joey Fatone was the defending champion, but he eventually played with his other Boy Band members in the episode, and thus couldn't defend his title. A Pee Saderd withdrawal was suggested as Saderd was limping in the Bachelors vs. Bachelorettes and Sandra Lee vs. Lea Thompson final against Fatone, but Saderd eventually participated in the tournament.

All eight of the quarterfinalists were European, up until Faith Evans vs. Ross Mathews and USA Gymnastics vs. USA Swimming where no IndyCar driver made the quarterfinal round. This is the first time in the tournament history that neither an IndyCar driver nor Pee Saderd qualified for the final. With the final between Volcarona and Vaporeon, this represents the first all-Pokemon final in Celebrity Family Feud history. Volcarona defeated Vaporeon in the final, 6-1, 6-1, to become Serbia's first Grand Slam winner since the 2016 Wimbledon Championships. With Vaporeon making the final, it was the first time since the 1980 French Open that a Romanian not named Simona Halep qualified for the grand final.



Because Joey Fatone is playing, seedings are the Big 8 expect Fatone plus the top 16 entering Pocono. The choices of the no.1 seed were either Josef Newgarden who won three IndyCar 2017 races at Barber, Mid-Ohio and Toronto or Pee Saderd who won eight of the last nine Celebrity Family Feud tournaments. All 32 seeds eventually qualified for the 2017 Swiss Open - Men's Singles, and all seeds were the Insect Mask in The Mask Singer หน้ากากนักร้อง 3.

Voting for the no.1 seed was like the Eurovision Song Contest voting for 12, 10, 8-1 points for their 10 favorite entries. The televoting went for Newgarden, but the juries went for Saderd. The televotes won the vote over the juries. It was mainly because of the televoting. Hélio Castroneves, James Hinchcliffe, Mario Lopez, Cameron Mathison, Gilles Marini and Apolo Anton Ohno qualified for seeds 3-8, while 9-32 are top 16 entering Pocono.

Aleshin was dismissed by his team for the rest of the 2017 season, and a new driver takes over Aleshin for the last four races, so therefore 17th in the standings entering Pocono, Carlos Muñoz, took over. Aleshin was therefore relegated to unseeded for the final episodes of the season and returns to the Russian flag from Polish flag after he was dismissed by his IndyCar team, suggesting that Aleshin eventually moved to sports cars in 2018. Hélio Castroneves did the same thing as Aleshin, move to sports cars full-time.

01.   Croatia Josef Newgarden (Semifinals)
02.   Russia Pee Saderd (Semifinals)
03.   Honduras Hélio Castroneves (Third round)
04.   Canada James Hinchcliffe (Fourth round)
05.   France Gilles Marini (Quarterfinals) 
06.   Canada Cameron Mathison (Fourth round)
07.   Spain Mario Lopez (Fourth round)
08.   Japan Apolo Anton Ohno (Fourth round)
09.   Croatia Dragonite (Second round)
10.   Honduras Nidoking (Third round)
11.   Ukraine Scott Dixon (Quarterfinals) 
12.   Ukraine Aurorus (Quarterfinals) 
13.   France Simon Pagenaud (Third round)
14.   Australia Will Power (Fourth round) 
15.   Australia Wario (Second round)
16.   Uruguay Graham Rahal (Fourth round) 
17.   Uruguay Venusaur (Second round)
18.   Japan Takuma Sato (First round)
19.   Belgium Alexander Rossi (First round)
20.   Belgium Metagross (First round)
21.   Brazil Tony Kanaan (First round)
22.   Brazil Larvesta (First round)
23.   Switzerland Max Chilton (Second round)
24.   Switzerland Chespin (First round)
25.   Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay (First round)
26.   Slovakia Beedrill (First round)
27.   Russia Marco Andretti (Third round)
28.   England Ed Jones (Second round)
29.   England Jonathan Bald (Second round)
30.   Turkey JR Hildebrand (First round)
31.   Turkey Pidgeot (Second round)
32.   Spain Carlos Muñoz (First round)



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  1  Croatia Josef Newgarden 6 6  
5  France Gilles Marini 3 3  
  1  Croatia Josef Newgarden 0 6 5  
   Romania Vaporeon 6 2 7  
 Romania Vaporeon 6 5 7
  11  Ukraine Scott Dixon 4 7 5  
     Romania Vaporeon 1 1
   Serbia Volcarona 6 6
   Serbia Volcarona 6 4 6  
12  Ukraine Aurorus 3 6 1  
 Serbia Volcarona 6 6
  2  Russia Pee Saderd 4 4  
 Sweden Hippowdon 0 0
  2  Russia Pee Saderd 6 6  

Top half

Section 1

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
1  Croatia J Newgarden Tyson  
 Bulgaria Mario Fox     1  Croatia J Newgarden Boy  
 Poland M Aleshin Fox    Poland D Taylor Girl  
 Poland D Taylor Tyson       1  Croatia J Newgarden 6 6  
 Portugal Diggersby Tyson        Portugal Diggersby 1 2  
 Czech Republic A Tancos Fox      Portugal Diggersby Boy
 Kazakhstan Litten Tyson    Kazakhstan Litten Girl  
19  Belgium A Rossi Fox       1  Croatia J Newgarden 77 4 6
31  Turkey Pidgeot Tyson       16  Uruguay G Rahal 65 6 3
 Italy M Manieri Fox     31  Turkey Pidgeot Girl  
 Canada D Bennie Fox   PR  United Kingdom B Monger Boy  
PR  United Kingdom B Monger Tyson       PR  United Kingdom B Monger 6 2 3
 Austria Thundurus Tyson       16  Uruguay G Rahal 4 6 6  
 United States E Carpenter Fox      Austria Thundurus Girl
 Belgium L Bass Fox   16  Uruguay G Rahal Boy  
16  Uruguay G Rahal Tyson  

Section 2

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
9  Croatia Dragonite Tyson  
LL  Thailand S Sinchai Fox     9  Croatia Dragonite Girl  
 Azerbaijan Decidueye Tyson    Azerbaijan Decidueye Boy  
 United States S Pigot Fox        Azerbaijan Decidueye 6 6  
 Turkey Donkey Kong Fox        Russia Hydreigon 4 4  
 Russia Hydreigon Tyson      Russia Hydreigon Boy
 Thailand T Chainarong Fox   28  England E Jones Girl  
28  England E Jones Tyson        Azerbaijan Decidueye 2 3
24  Switzerland Chespin Fox       5  France G Marini 6 6
 India M Gupta Tyson      India M Gupta Boy  
 Bulgaria Luigi Tyson    Bulgaria Luigi Girl  
 Italy R Michelli Fox        India M Gupta 4 6 4
 Denmark Avalugg Fox       5  France G Marini 6 3 6  
 Czech Republic C Kimball Tyson      Czech Republic C Kimball Girl
 Russia Galvantula Fox   5  France G Marini Boy  
5  France G Marini Tyson  

Section 3

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
3  Honduras H Castroneves Tyson  
 Estonia P Demers Fox     3  Honduras H Castroneves Boy  
 Spain J Ruiz Fox    Trinidad and Tobago A Ribeiro Girl  
 Trinidad and Tobago A Ribeiro Tyson       3  Honduras H Castroneves 6 3 4  
 United States R Jennings Tyson        United States R Jennings 4 6 6  
 Croatia Hypno Fox      United States R Jennings Boy
 Paraguay MR Alvaro Tyson    Paraguay MR Alvaro Girl  
21  Brazil T Kanaan Fox        United States R Jennings 3 6 1
32  Spain C Muñoz Fox        Romania Vaporeon 6 4 6
 Romania Vaporeon Tyson      Romania Vaporeon Boy  
 Latvia Machamp Tyson    Latvia Machamp Girl  
 Slovakia JR Celski Fox        Romania Vaporeon 6 6
 Japan Lapras Tyson       13  France S Pagenaud 4 1  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic Fox      Japan Lapras Girl
 France Gardevoir Fox   13  France S Pagenaud Boy  
13  France S Pagenaud Tyson  

Section 4

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
11  Ukraine S Dixon Tyson  
 Thailand M Piromporn Fox     11  Ukraine S Dixon Boy  
 Slovenia J Jakes Tyson    Slovenia J Jakes Girl  
 Romania Eevee Fox       11  Ukraine S Dixon 6 6  
 Lithuania R Duchak Fox       PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais 3 2  
PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Tyson     PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Boy
 Croatia H Ward Tyson    Croatia H Ward Girl  
25  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Fox       11  Ukraine S Dixon 7 7
17  Uruguay Venusaur Tyson       7  Spain M Lopez 5 5
 Thailand J Jaturong Fox     17  Uruguay Venusaur Girl  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bowser Fox    Greece Diddy Kong Boy  
 Greece Diddy Kong Tyson        Greece Diddy Kong 2 1
 Belarus Tyranitar Tyson       7  Spain M Lopez 6 6  
 Germany Yoshi Fox      Belarus Tyranitar Girl
 Greece Snorunt Fox   7  Spain M Lopez Boy  
7  Spain M Lopez Tyson  

Bottom half

Section 5

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
8  Japan AA Ohno Tyson  
 United States Z Veach Fox     8  Japan AA Ohno Boy  
 Mexico E Gutierrez Fox    Colombia JP Montoya Girl  
 Colombia JP Montoya Tyson       8  Japan AA Ohno 6 7  
 Colombia G Chaves Fox        Netherlands Froakie 2 5  
 Canada Fennekin Tyson      Canada Fennekin Girl
 Netherlands Froakie Tyson    Netherlands Froakie Boy  
18  Japan T Sato Fox       8  Japan AA Ohno 3 6 5
30  Turkey JR Hildebrand Fox        Serbia Volcarona 6 2 7
 Serbia Volcarona Tyson      Serbia Volcarona Boy  
 Greece L Birkhead Tyson    Greece L Birkhead Girl  
 Hungary Charizard Fox        Serbia Volcarona 6 6
 Czech Republic U Kestenholz Tyson       10  Honduras Nidoking 3 2  
 Yemen F Mohamed Fox      Czech Republic U Kestenholz Girl
 United States Z Efron Fox   10  Honduras Nidoking Boy  
10  Honduras Nidoking Tyson  

Section 6

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
12  Ukraine Aurorus Tyson  
 Australia Arcanine Fox     12  Ukraine Aurorus Boy  
 Iran A Ford Fox    Wales E Cundal Girl  
 Wales E Cundal Tyson       12  Ukraine Aurorus 6 5 6  
 Netherlands E Smith Tyson       27  Russia M Andretti 4 7 2  
 Ecuador D Lachey Fox      Netherlands E Smith Girl
 Thailand M Kankoon Fox   27  Russia M Andretti Boy  
27  Russia M Andretti Tyson       12  Ukraine Aurorus 6 6
22  Brazil Larvesta Fox       4  Canada J Hinchcliffe 2 4
 Hungary C Marshall Tyson      Hungary C Marshall Girl  
 Kazakhstan E Plushenko Tyson    Kazakhstan E Plushenko Boy  
 Netherlands Gallade Fox        Kazakhstan E Plushenko 2 3
 Iran C Daly Fox       4  Canada J Hinchcliffe 6 6  
 Finland Noivern Tyson      Finland Noivern Girl
 Slovenia Landorus Fox   4  Canada J Hinchcliffe Boy  
4  Canada J Hinchcliffe Tyson  

Section 7

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
6  Canada C Mathison Tyson  
 Chile Rowlet Fox     6  Canada C Mathison Boy  
 Republic of Macedonia Skorupi Fox    Cyprus B Guy Girl  
 Cyprus B Guy Tyson       6  Canada C Mathison 4 6 6  
 China R Liu Tyson        Sweden Heracross 6 2 2  
 Japan K Sugimori Fox      China R Liu Girl
 Sweden Heracross Tyson    Sweden Heracross Boy  
20  Belgium Metagross Fox       6  Canada C Mathison 5 5
26  Slovakia Beedrill Fox        Sweden Hippowdon 7 7
 Sweden Hippowdon Tyson      Sweden Hippowdon Girl  
 Thailand T Pooslip Tyson    Thailand T Pooslip w/o  
 Lithuania Leavanny Fox        Sweden Hippowdon 6 6
 Armenia C Nicholson Fox        Algeria Altaria 4 4  
 Algeria Altaria Tyson      Algeria Altaria Boy
 Latvia T Westaway Fox   15  Australia Wario Girl  
15  Australia Wario Tyson  

Section 8

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
14  Australia W Power Tyson  
 Thailand N Naurepol Fox     14  Australia W Power Boy  
 Japan P Birch Fox    Thailand L Wongsakorn Girl  
 Thailand L Wongsakorn Tyson       14  Australia W Power 6 6  
 Luxembourg D Carey Fox        Iceland Scolipede 2 4  
 Iceland Scolipede Tyson      Iceland Scolipede Boy
 Italy A Sabato Jr. Fox   29  England J Bald Girl  
29  England J Bald Tyson       14  Australia W Power 1 0
23  Switzerland M Chilton Tyson       2  Russia P Saderd 6 6
 Thailand P Pongsatorn Fox     23  Switzerland M Chilton Girl  
 Bolivia Incineroar Fox    Italy Popplio Boy  
 Italy Popplio Tyson        Italy Popplio 6 3 1
 United States Magearna Tyson       2  Russia P Saderd 3 6 6  
 Brazil E Bindilatti Fox      United States Magearna Girl
 Colombia S Saavedra Fox   2  Russia P Saderd Boy  
2  Russia P Saderd Tyson