Monique Coleman is an American actress born on November 13, 1980 in Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States, the voice/play actor for Taylor McKessie and Stephanie Florian. She was born on November 13, 1980 in South Carolina.

In "All Star Brawl (Beauties)", Monique loves Allen Ford/Kelsi Nielsen from Pembroke, Ontario and hates Mrs. Montez from the town of Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. She normally plays Taylor McKessie and Stephanie Florian, but she hates Abigail-Marge and Waluigi.

She was not registered for the Pembroke college in Wawa, Ontario and Pembroke, Ontario.

In the song "A Night To Remember", Nicky Sapera wrote her a message from Allen "Hitman" Ford from Pembroke along with Kelsi "Piano Player" Nielsen.