Mark Aln is the professional dancer who is partnering season 2 contestant Lisa Rinna for Ben and Toad's Contest's first season expect Louis Van Amstel is a contestant on the show and is not a professional dancer for the first season and he is a professional for the next season of Ben and Toad's Contest. He is partnering Mel B. It was announced on December 30, 2012 that he will not be returning due to arm wrestling but he is expected to return for seasons 3 and 4 of Ben and Toad's Contest. He will be in season 1 with Lisa Rinna and is not expecting to return to the next season where he is partnering a female celebrity. He is coming back to the show for the third season. They were eliminated in week 8 of the competition and came back for Arm Melter 16 week. They danced a Two-Step way back from season 9 of Dancing with the Stars and earned a perfect 30 on the couple's dance.

He is a teacher for the Empower Learning Strategies during the American Ninja Warrior qualifying in Indianapolis for those under 21.