Mario Party 7 Coverart

Mario Party 7 is the game Birdo and Dry Bones are unlockables.


  • Mario Party 7 is confirmed Pembroke, Ontario's favorite Nintendo GameCube and Mario Party series game at all time.
  • At the time the game released, the party has been over for team supercentenarians and team centenarians who were all born in 1897.
  • This is the only game Bowser Time appears.
  • This game was ranked #1 on Toadette's Top 10 Favorite Games at all time.
  • Mario Party 7 saw another Mario Party character increase from 11 to 12 characters.

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Playable CharactersEdit

Every character in Mario Party 6 expect Koopa Kid returned to the game as playable characters. Birdo and Dry Bones made their first appearances as a playable character, and must be purchased first before you use them.