The Mario Party game where Toadette is new.


  • At the time this game is released, two Wipeout Canadians are born in the year 1976 and they were 28 at the time the game was released. Their last game in their twenties is the next game, Mario Party 7, released in 2005.
  • This game Mario Party 6 is announced that this is the last game that Koopa Kid is playable and he is not playable for the game Mario Party 7, Mario Party 8 and then Mario Party 9, Toadette's first appearance on the series Mario Party and then Birdo and Dry Bones' last Mario Party game to not be new playable characters.
  • Toadette is the only unlockable character in the game.
  • Additionally, both of Germany's IndyCar Pokemon in 2014, 2015, and 2016, Froslass and Sylveon, didn't exist when Mario Party 6 was released.
  • Mario Party 6 was part of Generation III.
  • Every Pokemon that has Block Smash+ in Shuffle all didn't exist by the time the game was released.


The boards are in daytime and nightime. It changes every three turns.

Playable CharactersEdit


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