Maria Kanellis
Maria Kanellis 2011-1-


February 25, 1982 (age 30s)

Fired in

task 10 (along with Curtis Stone and Sharon Osbourne because all contestants but the winner did not return for the sixth edition)


Ottawa, Illinois



Maria Kanellis (born February 25, 1982-date of death unknown) is an American female wrestler, singer-songwriter, actress and diva. She was fired in task 10 on The Celebrity Apprentice 3. Everytime when they miss the #100 answer on the top 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada, and that is Pembroke, ON (where the three and Sabrina Bryan live). Maria Kanellis has on baseball: Pitch: 2/10
Bat: 9/10
Field: 3/10
Run: 3/10.

On December 8, 2012 at Arm Melter 16, during Allen vs. Antoine, the Palin family watched and they saw all season 1 contestants on Ben and Toad's Contest. Maria Kanellis and Evan Lysacek had to fill in for Sabrina Bryan and Evan Cundal because Bryan is a professional dancer for Alec Mazo because Toni Braxton is in the hopsital and Evan missed the event. Kanellis is currently a contestant on season 2 of Ben and Toad's Contest and she was announced on December 1, 2012 that she will be on and her partner is Tony Dovolani for the season.

Ben and Toad's Contest

It was announced on November 21, 2012 that Maria Kanellis will appear on the next season of Ben and Toad's Contest because she is not on the sixth edition of The Celebrity Apprentice but Bret Michaels is.


  • "How much did you raise up, Ben and Toad's Contest season 2's team Power? Well not enough money to f**k up."
  • "It looked like it was a da*n thing to die or stay sh*t."
  • "Unanimous is losing!"
  • "Nope. Canada is not landlocked, Mrs. Sabrina Bryan."


  • While Princess Daisy ran Wipeout Canada, she and Chad said "back up has arrived!".
  • When Princess Peach arrived in Ottawa, Illinois, Maria Kanellis says "Help me!".
  • Even though Kanellis did not have Cyndi Lauper of the Backyardigans and (of season 9) brang back on Wipeout because Birdo beated Chad.
  • An unknown Kimura called her a bad word.
  • She dislikes Jiroemon Kimura.
  • On Wipeout, EMILP says Focus here!
  • Toadette had a crush on her when Wipeout Canada aired.
  • When Brandy Kuentzel appeared on Apprentice, Kanellis is like "Pembroke rules!".
  • Kanellis ranked #76 on Wipeout Island's Top 100 Contestants on the list.
  • Allen Ford had a crush on her when he said "Maria Kanellis, help!".
  • Selita Ebanks, from the Cayman Islands is a Wipeout contestant who is fired along with her in the tenth week.

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