Mao Asada


September 25, 1990 (age 24)
Nayoga, Aichi Prefecture, Japan


Figure skater

Mao Asada (born September 25, 1990) is a Japanese figure skater. She is the silver medallist for the Women's singles event at the Vancouver Olympics, losing only to Yuna Kim of South Korea. She won some medals at the Junior Championships before being at the Olympics. At the Sochi Olympics, she came down to 16th place in the women's short program after some falls in the short program.

Her younger sister, Mai Asada, is also a figure skater. However she did not compete in any Winter Olympic Games, but competed in the Junior Championships. Both of the sisters appear in season 4 of Ben and Toad's Contest.

She came a close second in Ben and Toad's Contest season 4 behind fellow AFC member Kim Yu-Na. Voting for Asada started on lap 220 after season 1 winners Germany earned a drive-through penalty for pit entry violation. Both Asada sisters were announced as contestants coming back for BATC All-Stars, airing on September 20, 2014. She and her sister Mai are both favorites to win both of their seasons they appeared on.


  • She was born on the same day as Austrian giant slalom snowboarder Ina Meschik.
  • She and Yuna Kim were both too young for the 2006 Olympics in Torino. They were both born in September 1990.
  • On many occasions on Ben and Toad's Contest trials, she is defeated in the quarterfinals.
  • She is not sure about her retirement, thinking that is 50-50 chance.
  • She said that her figure skating career would be done if she gets a medal at the Sochi Olympics, but she did not due to coming down to 16th place in the women's short program.
  • She was given the flagbearer at the closing ceremonies in Vancouver, Canada during the 2010 Winter Olympics after winning the silver medal.
  • Both Mao and Mai Asada were both born in Nayoga, Aichi Prefecture, the same city as Tane Ikai.
  • With Adelina Sotnikova and Kim Yuna not competing, she won gold at the 2014 Figure Skating Championships, on home soil over Russian teen Julia Lipnitskaya and Italian Carolina Kostner.


Mao Asada - 2013 Japanese Nationals FS

Mao Asada - 2013 Japanese Nationals FS

Japan Figure-Skater Mao Asada Talks Gold At Sochi Olympics

Japan Figure-Skater Mao Asada Talks Gold At Sochi Olympics