This article is about the July 9-July 13 tournament. To see the September 17-September 22 tournament, see MLB Legends vs. NBA Legends and NFL All-Stars vs. NFL Legends (September 17).

MLB Legends vs. NBA Legends and NFL All-Stars vs. NFL Legends is the fourth episode of Celebrity Family Feud in 2017, airing just shortly after the 2017 Iowa Corn 300.

With the draw coming out Wednesday due to Independence Day on Tuesday, this is the second consecutive episode that the draw came out on a day rather than the usual Friday, with Eva Longoria vs. George Lopez and Yvette Nicole Brown vs. Ashley Graham (July 2) draw postponed until Saturday due to Canada's 150th birthday celebrations for James Hinchcliffe and Cameron Mathison.

Pee Saderd is the three-time defending champion and successfully defended his title, defeating Scott Dixon who was the IndyCar points leader that time. However, this was the first time since the 2016 BATC Slovakia Open that Saderd played the full tournament in black and white, due to the death of Waen Thitima on Friday before the Saderd vs. Dixon final. Saderd had opted to play the Feud in black and white from this episode until the August 6 tournament.


MLB Legends vs. NBA Legends

MLB Legends - Playing for Major League Baseball (MLB) Charities

NBA Legends - Playing for MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

NFL All Stars vs. NFL Legends

NFLPA All Stars - Playing for Professional Athletes Foundation

NFLPA Legends - Playing for Active Minds

  • Marshall Faulk - Former NFL running back selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011
  • Andre Reed - Former NFL wide receiver selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014
  • Anthony Munoz - Former NFL offensive lineman inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1998
  • Derrick Brooks - Former NFL linebacker elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014
  • Rod Woodson - Former NFL cornerback and safety inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009


Seedings are standings after the 2017 Kohler GP of Road America ended entering the 2017 Iowa Corn 300.

The six biggest contributors (Pee Saderd, Hélio Castroneves, Apolo Anton Ohno, James Hinchcliffe, Cameron Mathison, Gilles Marini) to Joey Fatone, including unseeded Mario Lopez, cannot be eliminated before third round. However, since the second game was sudden death since nobody reached 300 points before the regular game finished, all big Seven members advanced. 

01.   Ukraine Scott Dixon (Final) 
02.   Ukraine Aurorus (Second round)
03.   France Simon Pagenaud (Fourth round)
04.   France Gilles Marini (Quarterfinals)
05.   Honduras Hélio Castroneves (Third round)
06.   Honduras Nidoking (Third round) 
07.   Japan Takuma Sato (Second round)
08.   Japan Apolo Anton Ohno (Quarterfinals)
09.   Croatia Josef Newgarden (Third round)
10.   Croatia Dragonite (First round)
11.   Australia Will Power (Fourth round)
12.   Australia Wario (First round)
13.   Uruguay Graham Rahal (First round)
14.   Uruguay Venusaur (Second round)
15.   Brazil Tony Kanaan (Second round)
16.   Brazil Larvesta (First round)
17.   Belgium Alexander Rossi (Second round)
18.   Belgium Metagross (First round)
19.   England Ed Jones (Second round)
20.   England Jonathan Bald (Second round)
21.   Switzerland Max Chilton (First round)
22.   Switzerland Chespin (Third round)
23.   Canada James Hinchcliffe (Semifinals) 
24.   Canada Cameron Mathison (Quarterfinals)
25.   Russia Marco Andretti (Second round)
26.   Russia Pee Saderd (Champion) 
27.   Poland Mikhail Aleshin (First round)
28.   Poland Joey Fatone (First round)
29.   Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay (Fourth round)
30.   Slovakia Beedrill (First round)
31.   Turkey JR Hildebrand (First round) 
32.   Turkey Pidgeot (Fourth round)



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  1  Ukraine Scott Dixon 7 6  
24  Canada Cameron Mathison 5 1  
  1  Ukraine Scott Dixon 6 6  
  23  Canada James Hinchcliffe 4 4  
4  France Gilles Marini 2 4
  23  Canada James Hinchcliffe 6 6  
    1  Ukraine Scott Dixon 6 2 5
  26  Russia Pee Saderd 4 6 7
  8  Japan Apolo Anton Ohno 6 1 2  
26  Russia Pee Saderd 3 6 6  
26  Russia Pee Saderd 6 6
   Serbia Volcarona 2 2  
 Serbia Volcarona 6 2 6
   Spain Mario Lopez 3 6 3  

Top half

Section 1

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
1  Ukraine S Dixon MLB  
 Bulgaria Luigi NBA     1  Ukraine S Dixon Legends  
 Thailand S Sinchai NBA    Denmark Avalugg AllStars  
 Denmark Avalugg MLB       1  Ukraine S Dixon 6  
 Czech Republic C Kimball NBA       22  Switzerland Chespin 2  
 Kazakhstan E Plushenko MLB      Kazakhstan E Plushenko AllStars
 Spain C Muñoz NBA   22  Switzerland Chespin Legends  
22  Switzerland Chespin MLB       1  Ukraine S Dixon 6 4 7
30  Slovakia Beedrill NBA       11  Australia W Power 3 6 5
 Thailand M Piromporn MLB      Thailand M Piromporn AllStars  
 Poland D Taylor NBA    Italy A Sabato Jr. Legends  
 Italy A Sabato Jr. MLB        Italy A Sabato Jr. 2
 Mexico E Gutiérrez MLB       11  Australia W Power 6  
 Belgium L Bass NBA      Mexico E Gutiérrez AllStars
 Italy M Manieri MLBr   11  Australia W Power Legends  
11  Australia W Power NBA  

Section 2

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
10  Croatia Dragonite NBA  
 Switzerland D Osmond MLB      Switzerland D Osmond AllStars  
 Trinidad and Tobago A Ribeiro MLB    Trinidad and Tobago A Ribeiro Legends  
 Sweden Hippowdon NBA        Trinidad and Tobago A Ribeiro 3  
 Hungary C Marshall MLB        Hungary C Marshall 4  
 Yemen F Mohamed NBA      Hungary C Marshall Legends
 Kazakhstan Litten NBA   25  Russia M Andretti AllStars  
25  Russia M Andretti MLB        Hungary C Marshall 3 6 1
24  Canada C Mathison MLB       24  Canada C Mathison 6 3 6
 Finland Noivern NBA     24  Canada C Mathison Legends  
 Thailand T Pooslip NBA    Greece Snorunt AllStars  
 Greece Snorunt MLB       24  Canada C Mathison 6 7
 Croatia H Ward MLB        Croatia H Ward 3 5  
 Belarus Tyranitar NBA      Croatia H Ward Legends
 Germany Yoshi NBA   7  Japan T Sato AllStars  
7  Japan T Sato MLB  

Section 3

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
4  France G Marini MLB  
 Hungary Charizard NBA     4  France G Marini Legends  
 Serbia Lugia NBA   PR  United Kingdom B Monger AllStars  
PR  United Kingdom B Monger MLB       4  France G Marini 5  
 Greece L Birkhead MLB        Greece L Birkhead 3  
 Thailand N Naurepol NBA      Greece L Birkhead Legends
 Czech Republic Heatran NBA   17  Belgium A Rossi AllStars  
17  Belgium A Rossi MLB       4  France G Marini 1 6 6
28  Poland J Fatone NBA        Slovakia JR Celski 6 2 2
 Japan K Sugimori MLB      Japan K Sugimori AllStars  
 United States E Carpenter MLB    United States E Carpenter Legends  
 Azerbaijan Decidueye NBA        United States E Carpenter 2
 Japan Lapras NBA        Slovakia JR Celski 3  
 Slovakia JR Celski MLB      Slovakia JR Celski Legends
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic NBA   15  Brazil T Kanaan AllStars  
15  Brazil T Kanaan MLB  

Section 4

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
13  Uruguay G Rahal NBA  
 Armenia C Nicholson MLB      Armenia C Nicholson AllStars  
 Estonia P Demers MLB    Estonia P Demers Legends  
 Greece S Mohr NBA        Estonia P Demers 1  
 Italy R Michelli NBA       32  Turkey Pidgeot 3  
 India M Gupta MLB      India M Gupta AllStars
 Bulgaria Mario NBA   32  Turkey Pidgeot Legends  
32  Turkey Pidgeot MLB       32  Turkey Pidgeot 2 2
23  Canada J Hinchcliffe MLB       23  Canada J Hinchcliffe 6 6
 Czech Republic U Kestenholz NBA     23  Canada J Hinchcliffe Legends  
 Spain J Ruiz NBA    Iceland Scolipede AllStars  
 Iceland Scolipede MLB       23  Canada J Hinchcliffe 6
 Serbia Salamence NBA       6  Honduras Nidoking 1  
 Austria Thundurus MLB      Austria Thundurus AllStars
 Iran C Daly NBA   6  Honduras Nidoking Legends  
6  Honduras Nidoking MLB  

Bottom half

Section 5

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
8  Japan AA Ohno MLB  
 Canada Fennekin NBA     8  Japan AA Ohno Legends  
 Wales E Cundal NBA    Ecuador D Lachey AllStars  
 Ecuador D Lachey MLB       8  Japan AA Ohno W  
 Netherlands Froakie NBA        Colombia JP Montoya DNF  
 Sweden Heracross MLB      Sweden Heracross AllStars
 Colombia JP Montoya MLB    Colombia JP Montoya Legends  
21  Switzerland M Chilton NBA       8  Japan AA Ohno 6 6
27  Poland M Aleshin NBA        Argentina Sceptile 3 3
 Iran A Ford MLB      Iran A Ford AllStars  
PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais NBA    Hungary Lairon Legends  
 Hungary Lairon MLB        Hungary Lairon 2
 Argentina Sceptile MLB        Argentina Sceptile 4  
 Australia Arcanine NBA      Argentina Sceptile Legends
 Germany V Ahn NBA   14  Uruguay Venusaur AllStars  
14  Uruguay Venusaur MLB  

Section 6

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
9  Croatia J Newgarden MLB  
 Algeria Altaria NBA     9  Croatia J Newgarden Legends  
 Romania Eevee NBA    Romania Vaporeon AllStars  
 Romania Vaporeon MLB       9  Croatia J Newgarden 4 2  
 Thailand P Pongsatorn MLB       26  Russia P Saderd 6 6  
 Chile Rowlet NBA      Thailand P Pongsatorn AllStars
 Croatia Hypno NBA   26  Russia P Saderd Legends  
26  Russia P Saderd MLB       26  Russia P Saderd 6 6
19  England E Jones MLB       3  France S Pagenaud 2 0
 Argentina Aggron NBA     19  England E Jones AllStars  
 Thailand L Wongsakorn MLB    Thailand L Wongsakorn Legends  
 Lithuania R Duchak NBA        Thailand L Wongsakorn 1
 United States Z Veach NBA       3  France S Pagenaud 6  
 Lithuania Leavanny MLB      Lithuania Leavanny AllStars
 Slovenia Landorus NBA   3  France S Pagenaud Legends  
3  France S Pagenaud MLB  

Section 7

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
5  Honduras H Castroneves MLB  
 Thailand J Jaturong NBA     5  Honduras H Castroneves Legends  
 Malta Palossand NBA    Japan N Kasai AllStars  
 Japan N Kasai MLB       5  Honduras H Castroneves DNF  
 Serbia Volcarona MLB        Serbia Volcarona W  
 Russia Galvantula NBA      Serbia Volcarona Legends
 Paraguay MR Alvaro NBA   20  England J Bald AllStars  
20  England J Bald MLB        Serbia Volcarona 6 4 6
31  Turkey JR Hildebrand NBA        Russia Hydreigon 3 6 4
 Thailand T Chainarong MLB      Thailand T Chainarong AllStars  
 Paraguay Haxorus MLB    Paraguay Haxorus Legends  
 Italy Popplio NBA        Paraguay Haxorus 2
 Slovenia J Jakes MLB        Russia Hydreigon 4  
 United States Z Efron NBA      Slovenia J Jakes AllStars
 Russia Hydreigon MLB    Russia Hydreigon Legends  
16  Brazil Larvesta NBA  

Section 8

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
12  Australia Wario NBA  
 Republic of Macedonia Skorupi MLB      Republic of Macedonia Skorupi AllStars  
 Cyprus B Guy NBA    China R Liu Legends  
 China R Liu MLB        China R Liu 4  
 China Entei MLB       29  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay 5  
 Netherlands Gallade NBA      China Entei AllStars
 United States R Jennings NBA   29  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Legends  
29  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay MLB       29  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay 3 7 1
18  Belgium Metagross NBA        Spain M Lopez 6 5 6
 Serbia Volcanion MLB      Serbia Volcanion AllStars  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bowser MLB    Bosnia and Herzegovina Bowser Legends  
 Brazil E Bindilatti NBA        Bosnia and Herzegovina Bowser 1
 Thailand S Khunwuth NBA        Spain M Lopez 4  
 Spain M Lopez MLB      Spain M Lopez Legends
 Latvia Machamp NBA   2  Ukraine Aurorus AllStars  
2  Ukraine Aurorus MLB