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Lori Alan was born on July 18, 1966 (sometimes nicknamed Lori Allen in Pembroke, Ontario only when there is Kelsi Nielsen's sidekick (like an arm wrestler but the hit man) and a contestant named Allen Ford was on Wipeout Canada Episode 7 called Chocolate Thunder) and was an actress from Potomac, Maryland, United States.

She had played the longest role for Pearl from SpongeBob SquarePants and SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which she is a whale and Eugene's daughter from the Krabs family. When we see Jessica Phillips do an arm wrestling rematch, the song I Want It All from High School Musical 3 appears.

In Wheel of Fortune during October 28, 2011 during the third toss-up, she changes the sothern Ontario beginning from Parry Sound to Muskoka and the southern Ontario ending from Pembroke to Petawawa along with Elizabeth Gillies as Jade West.

She also sings O Canada. She says "Finally you have been waiting for Kelsi The Piano Player Nielsen on Wipeout Canada" instead of "Finally you have been waiting for Allen The Hitman Ford". Because she says "Is Tom Green on the show"?