Wipeout Canada with contestants!

This is the offically article artwork about the Wipeout Canadians on Wipeout Canada, which is aired on April 3, 2011.

Other CharactersEdit

Back to the PastEdit

Olesya's Group (Old Leaf and NDP)Edit

These characters as contestants do sell Krabby Patties and they are national champions at being a non playable character.

Wipeout CanadaEdit

Ryelsi (Ryan and Kelsi) were awesome.

  • Abigail Santos - Dundas (hula dancer)
  • Adrian Griffith - Brampton (brother of the Griffin family)
  • Alison Giesinger - Regina (being like Yoshi)
  • Allen Ford - Pembroke (national champion, partners with Kelsi)
  • Andrew "Glen" Morris - Glasgow (firefighter)
  • Anthony "Spandy Andy" Rimer - Vancouver (loves tight and bright)
  • Aron Hiaies - Cornwall
  • Kelsi Nielsen - Pembroke
  • Trina Vega

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