Kelsi's team Kelsi Piano Players.

This is the current article about the Ontario contestants on Wipeout Canada (Season 1) and season two. For example, Kelsi Nielsen is the empress in episode 2 of the show Wipeout Canada, and the three Pembroke contestants are the most linked page in Canada Wiki.

Chosen ListEdit

Toronto, OntarioEdit

Leeds and Grenville United CountiesEdit

Gananoque, OntarioEdit

Brockville, OntarioEdit

Prescott, OntarioEdit

Halton RegionEdit

Burlington, OntarioEdit

Oakville, OntarioEdit

Lenox and AddingtonEdit

Napanee, OntarioEdit

Hastings CountyEdit

Belleville, OntarioEdit

Trenton, OntarioEdit

Renfrew CountyEdit

Killialoe, OntarioEdit

Arnprior, OntarioEdit

Deep River, OntarioEdit

Renfrew, OntarioEdit

Laurentian HillsEdit

Laurentian ValleyEdit

Petawawa, OntarioEdit

Pembroke, OntarioEdit


Stormont, Dundas and GlengarryEdit

Cornwall, OntarioEdit


Prescott and RussellEdit

Embrun, OntarioEdit

Rockland, OntarioEdit

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