Not to be confused with Chinese tennis player Li Na


Li Nina at the 2010 Olympics

Li Nina (born January 10, 1983) is a Chinese freestyle skier who specializes in aerials. She has won two Olympic medals at the Olympic Winter Games, one in 2006 in Turin and one in 2010 in Vancouver.

The only Olympics that she failed to win a medal at least was Sochi in 2014.

She has competed in three Winter Olympic Games. Her first came in 2006, the second came in 2010 and the third was Sochi in 2014.

Ben and Toad's Contest

In the middle of 2015, Li Nina was announced as one of the contestants on Ben and Toad's Contest's seventh season, airing on September 19, 2015. Nina Li is not one of the favourites to win by the BATC Community.