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Lava Springs Country Club
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two hours north of Kyotango, Kyoto


Mrs. Puff


Allen Ford and Kelsi Nielsen
Jiroemon Kimura & Maria Filippov


Chad Danforth, Allen Ford, Kelsi Nielsen, Sandy Cheeks, Birdo, Yoshi


High School Musical 2


The Lava Springs Country Club is an expensive country club and resort owned and operated by the Evans family, all four Pembroke, Ontario contestants (as of Feburary 21, 2012) in one family but Kelsi Nielsen Pianos owes it in Renfrew County. Troy Bolton gets a job waiting tables and caddying there. After he does, Gabriella Montez and other Wildcats get jobs there, as Troy only agreed to take the job if the other Wildcats would, too. The club has an annual talent show which employees are allowed to participate in, until Sharpay breaks the tradition and tells Mr. Fulton to forbid all junior staff members from competing. Troy is exempt because of his promotion to honorary member, but asks for his kitchen job back. By now Ryan has also refused to sing with Sharpay, and Troy offers to sing with Sharpay on the condition that the other Wildcats also do the show. Sharpay reluctantly agrees, but ultimately does not sing, due to the plan orchestrated by Allen and Kelsi. Sharpay awards Ryan with the Star Dazzle Award, an award she herself has won five times, due to her elite status as the daughter of the board members. The current counselor at Lava Springs Country Club in here is Allen Ford from Pembroke.

On Ben and Toad's Contest for all of season 1 only. The place belongs to Maria Filippov, and her partner. The only season that contestants, professionals and others went was in season 1. In season 2, all contestants can't go there because Kimura and Filippov said "It's off limits. We have to move to another place." (they said it in season 1's finale).


Quotes from Lava SpringsEdit

  • "Hmm... Is this place home to Lucas Grabeel?" (Katy Perry in week 6)
  • "This place is ruined!" (Bowser ruining it to make it bad)
  • "NO!!!!!" (Kimura & Filippov)
  • "Nope. This is where two of our members are from. Yoshi is also from the city, and also Jiroemon Kimura." (Birdo revealing it is home to two of Unanimous' members)
  • "It's now Ekaterina Makarova's home!" (Season 2 Week 7).

Ben and Toad's ContestEdit

This was visited in Ben and Toad's Contest, only in season 1, just five years after the movie release of High School Musical 2. It was visited only three times, in weeks 6, 13, and 17. This place can't be visited in week 12 because of Arm Melter 16 and the 2012 Stock Car Corrida do Milhao.

Unanimous (Week 6)Edit

This list shows the highest to lowest places, only by contestants, and the next chart are professionals. Ages on October 27, 2012. Five contestants, Cundal, Alley, Matlin, Sapera and Ford were eliminated at the time they went there.

Unanimous (week 6):

Backbone (week 6):

Notable peopleEdit

This is a list of characters who have notably attended Lava Springs in one of the shows: