Last Chance
Song information
Singer (s)

Ryan Evans and Kelsi Nielsen (Ryelsi)


Pembroke, Ontario and Napanee, Ontario

Place sang

East High

Objects used



High School Musical 3: Senior Year


Last Chance is part of the Senior Year Spring Medley from High School Musical 3. This song is sang by Napanee, Ontario contestant (Ryan Evans) and Pembroke, Ontario contestant (Kelsi Nielsen) but it is counted by the pairing of Ryan Evans and Kelsi Nielsen (Ryelsi).

While Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine start playing, also Vera Lynn and Zsa Zsa Gabor, they play the entire song for three Japanese people, Nishino, Kimura and Kumi.

The minute that Cyd Charisse's death from Jiroemon Kimura and Kana Nishino play it, then Koda Kumi starts to act like Squidward Tentacles.

This song is cost under a minute but Ryan Evans sings it and Kelsi Nielsen plays piano.

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