Krystal is a playable Star Fox character in the Super Smash Bros. Bowl game: Super Smash Bros. Cheerleaders vs Coach Potatoes. She can be chosen on the roster and a unlockable cheerleader after clearing Event 1: The Kings in Trouble and unlock Luigi in Super Smash Bros. Cheerleaders v Coach Potatoes. She appears in some events like Event 24: The Toad Edition where you play as Krystal in the event and it takes place to Mario Kart: Double Dash's Baby Park where Toadette of Super Mario makes her first appearence, Event 46: All Females when you get her 1 life with the main character and the first Super Mario character named Mario and it takes place to Planet Zebes, Event 64: The Wipeout Party when you play as Krystal in the event taking place to Peach's Castle and the final one is Event 80: All Cheerleaders when you play as Sharpay's sisters called the Sharpettes from the High School Musical series and the movie High School Musical 2 taking place in High School Musical 2's Lava Springs. Krystal Howard of Wipeout USA Season 2, Episode 14 steals the 'Bridezilla' Jacalyn Fenske from Wipeout Canada's food in the High School Musical 2 song You are the Music in Me by Krystal, Kelsi Nielsen and Abigail Santos. Toadette of Super Mario and the Peach series was not chosen to be on the canadian version of Wipeout: Wipeout Canada due to a wrestler as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Bowl: Cheerleaders vs Coach Potatoes.
Krystal Howard as Ninjetta of Wipeout USA cries like all the Wipeout Canada contestants expect for the Cocktail Lover 'Cocktail Cutie' Jennifer Peter (who makes a debut in the game Wipeout: Birdo vs Fenske). In Super Smash Bros. Bowl 8, she flies like Wipeout Canada and Calgary's Amber Pauls.


Krystal was stealing Mr. Fulton's stuff from Jacalyn Fenske. Krystal called Wipeout Canada's Kristi Rudmik an octopus.

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