Koto Okubo


Christmas Eve 1897


January 12, 2013 (aged 115)

Cause of death



World's oldest woman
Japan's oldest woman

Koto Okubo (24 December 1897 - 12 January 2013) was a Japanese supercentenarian who died at the age of 115 years, 19 days ranked as the 27th oldest person ever. Misawo Okawa tied her and she wanted the show Ben and Toad's Contest to expand if she ties her. Even though not getting the world's oldest person title, she got the world's oldest woman title. She died as the second oldest person ever and Japan's oldest living woman. She was the second oldest living behind Jiroemon Kimura, also from the same country. They both live in Japan.

From week 1 until week 14 when is close to her birthday, and the clock in Kanagawa is about to hit 00:00, December 24, 2012, she hosted the show alongside Besse Cooper (week 1 to week 10), Kristi Yamaguchi (week 11 to week 14) and Jiroemon Kimura (week 12).

She died on January 12, 2013 (Kirstie Alley's 62nd birthday) at the age of 115 because the cause of death that she died was pneumonia, making her one of the world's oldest people in history at the age of 115 years, 19 days. She became the 29th person in history to reach age 115, and the third Japanese woman after Tane Ikai and Chiyono Hasegawa.



  • There are still no pictures of Koto Okubo and judges were mad with Brooke and the host Star Jones.
  • She lived in Kawasaki for most of her life.
  • She died on Kirstie Alley's 62nd birthday.
  • Judges of Ben and Toad's Contest 1 have outlived Okubo on Kirstie Alley's 62nd birthday.
  • She was voted out in the Rachael vs. Guy Cook Off Fictional Show on her 115th birthday, on December 24, 2012.
  • She hosted Ben and Toad's Contest from September 22, 2012 to December 23, 2012 (which she retired one day before her 115th birthday).