This article is about the June 11-June 16 tournament at Le Mans. To see the repeat, see Kelly Clarkson vs. Amy Schumer and Bindi Irwin vs. Chrissy Metz (September 10).

Kelly Clarkson vs. Amy Schumer and Bindi Irwin vs. Chrissy Metz was the first episode of Celebrity Family Feud in the 2017 season. It aired on June 11, 2017 on ABC Television Network. The tournament is expected to take place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The episode concludes with the grand final on June 15, 2017, the day before when usual IndyCar race weekends begin (expect for the Indy 500). Instead of three sets, the event opted to have three laps around Le Mans race track and the racer with the two fastest laps wins. If either Pee Saderd, Simon Pagenaud, Scott Dixon, Mikhail Aleshin or Gilles Marini qualify for the final, the final was held Thursday night. The eventual tournament champion Mikhail Aleshin was left, since Saderd, Pagenaud, Dixon and Marini were first round losers. BATC scheduled the third and fourth rounds to be a best of three sets, and the quarterfinals, semifinals and final in a best of three laps. However, due to Sébastien Bourdais suffering injuries at the Indy 500, the final originally would be held Friday but instead will be held Thursday at Le Mans. After the second round, it will take place at the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans in Le Mans, France and tennis occurs in the third and fourth rounds, and will turn into motorsport racing at Le Mans after the fourth round.

Pee Saderd was the defending champion, having won Garrett Morris vs. Alfonso Ribeiro and Todd Chrisley vs. Sara Evans, but lost to Carlos Muñoz in the first round, Saderd's earliest exit since the 2016 Swiss Open and therefore Saderd's 2017 W-L was from 25-1 to 25-2. This was notably the only 2017 tournament Pee Saderd fell in the first round and Saderd himself failed to make the third round or better, and none of his fellow Thai singers were able to celebrate Phai Pongsatorn's birthday Monday. This was Saderd's last non-final appearance until Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. Rick Fox and Boy Band vs. Girl Group (August 13), when Saderd fell in the semifinals. Saderd was aiming for a first Celebrity Family Feud title in 2017, but if he doesn't win a tournament before the Mike Piromporn album was postponed until after Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and Pee Saderd's 24th seeding at the 2017 Swiss Open, which will be roughly 2018 and not before Saderd's return to the Feud in June of that year. This was mathematically the Saderd that was mathematically eliminated from the album (unlike Nong mai tai dao, where Saderd got eliminated after finishing last at the Barber).

The successes of Lumplern Wongsakorn and Sorn Sinchai meant that this was for the first time since 2016, Pee Saderd wasn't the Thai language singer making the farthest since Phai Pongsatorn won The Band Perry vs. Giuliana Rancic and Melissa Joan Hart vs. Paul Sorvino.

Mikhail Aleshin won his first Celebrity Family Feud title, defeating Maneesh Gupta in the final. The title remains to be Aleshin's only win ever at Grand Slam and IndyCar level.

24 Hours of Le Mans participants


Full list: [1]

1Saderd chose to participate in the event because he opted to defend his title from Garrett Morris vs. Alfonso Ribeiro and Todd Chrisley vs. Sara Evans instead of praying for Pumpuang. Saderd opted to not wear a bandana and instead wear sports glasses he usually uses when getting out on court because wearing a bandana for the whole race might affect him in the second episode. After the entry list for Le Mans was announced, originally Saderd will represent Russia for the remainder of his career until พี สะเดิด ชุดที่ 10 comes out in his birth country Thailand. It was revealed after Takuma Sato won the 2017 Indianapolis 500, Saderd will play for Russia until the end of his music career.
2Aleshin plays for Poland in the tournament and represents Russia in the event, and Dixon plays for Ukraine in the tournament and will represent New Zealand in the event.
3Since Charlie Kimball withdrew from the tournament due to his Texas car with mechanical issues, lucky loser Lumplern Wongsakorn will participate instead.

Additionally, Saderd and the two full-time IndyCar drivers (Sébastien Bourdais will miss Le Mans due to injuries from the Indy 500), will miss June 4 testing due to Detroit.


Because the tournament is in Le Mans, there is a BATC Cup open to top 16 drivers entering Road America, and Scott Dixon, Mikhail Aleshin and Tony Kanaan were replaced by Carlos Muñoz, Mario Lopez, and Charlie Kimball. The BATC Cup will take place Friday, shortly after the final.

The reigning BATC Cup champion from the 2017 Rolex 24 at Daytona was Pee Saderd. He knocked out 2016 IndyCar Series champion Simon Pagenaud, 2 laps to love, to put the Russian's win-loss record to 32-2. All 8 men in the quarterfinals (Rahal, Hinchcliffe, Pagenaud, Power, Ohno, Castroneves, Saderd and Mathison) were first round losers.

A Pee Saderd title would qualify Saderd for Mike Piromporn Choot Tee 19 and Paowalee Pornpimon Choot Tee 3. However, since he won, the Russian successfully qualified for both albums.

Seeding plots

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
Ukraine Aurorus
France Simon Pagenaud
France Gilles Marini
Japan Takuma Sato
Japan Apolo Anton Ohno
Honduras Hélio Castroneves
Honduras Nidoking
Australia Will Power
Australia Wario
Uruguay Graham Rahal
Uruguay Venusaur
Croatia Josef Newgarden
Croatia Dragonite
Brazil Larvesta
Belgium Alexander Rossi
Belgium Metagross
Canada James Hinchcliffe
Canada Cameron Mathison
Switzerland Max Chilton
Switzerland Chespin
England Ed Jones
England Jonathan Bald
Russia Marco Andretti
Russia Pee Saderd
Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay
Slovakia Beedrill
Poland Joey Fatone
Turkey JR Hildebrand
Turkey Pidgeot
Spain Carlos Muñoz
Spain Mario Lopez
Czech Republic Charlie Kimball

Bold determines a round of 16 qualifier.


Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
A1  Ukraine Aurorus 1  
B2  Uruguay Graham Rahal 2     B2  Uruguay Graham Rahal 1  
C1  Canada James Hinchcliffe 2   C1  Canada James Hinchcliffe 2  
D2  Uruguay Venusaur 0       C1  Canada James Hinchcliffe 1  
E1  France Simon Pagenaud 2       E1  France Simon Pagenaud 2  
F2  Japan Takuma Sato 1     E1  France Simon Pagenaud 2
G1  Australia Will Power 2   G1  Australia Will Power 1  
H2  Spain Carlos Muñoz 1       E1  France Simon Pagenaud 0
B1  Japan Apolo Anton Ohno 2       F1  Russia Pee Saderd 2
A2  Switzerland Chespin 0     B1  Japan Apolo Anton Ohno 1  
D1  France Gilles Marini 0   C2  Honduras Hélio Castroneves 2  
C2  Honduras Hélio Castroneves 2       C1  Honduras Hélio Castroneves 1
F1  Russia Pee Saderd 2       F1  Russia Pee Saderd 2  
E2  Croatia Josef Newgarden 0     F1  Russia Pee Saderd 2
H1  Canada Cameron Mathison 2   H1  Canada Cameron Mathison 0  
G2  Australia Wario 0  

Group A

Pos.TeamWinsLossesBest Time
1 Ukraine Aurorus 3 0 3.14.501
2 Switzerland Chespin 1 2 3.14.091
3 Croatia Dragonite 1 2 3.14.382
4 Slovakia Beedrill 1 2 3.14.968
Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
Ukraine Aurorus 3.17.494 Sports car Croatia Dragonite 3.17.959
Switzerland Chespin 3.17.210 Sports car Slovakia Beedrill 3.15.886
Ukraine Aurorus 3.16.402 Sports car Switzerland Chespin 3.16.708
Croatia Dragonite 3.15.607 Sports car Slovakia Beedrill 3.15.798
Slovakia Beedrill 3.14.968 Sports car Ukraine Aurorus 3.14.501
Croatia Dragonite 3.14.382 Sports car Switzerland Chespin 3.14.091

Group B

Pos.TeamWinsLossesBest Time
1 Japan Apolo Anton Ohno 3 0 3.14.206
2 Uruguay Graham Rahal 2 1 3.14.011
3 Russia Marco Andretti 1 2 3.14.506
4 Turkey Pidgeot 0 3 3.15.688
Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
Japan AA. Ohno 3.17.666 Sports car Uruguay G. Rahal 3.17.669
Russia M. Andretti 3.16.820 Sports car Turkey Pidgeot 3.16.930
Japan AA. Ohno 3.15.607 Sports car Russia M. Andretti 3.16.391
Uruguay G. Rahal 3.15.612 Sports car Turkey Pidgeot 3.15.688
Turkey Pidgeot DNF Sports car Japan AA. Ohno 3.14.206
Uruguay G. Rahal 3.14.011 Sports car Russia M. Andretti 3.14.506

Group C

Pos.TeamWinsLossesBest Time
1 Canada James Hinchcliffe 2 1 3.14.221
2 Honduras Hélio Castroneves 2 1 3.14.441
3 Poland Joey Fatone 1 2 3.15.102
4 Belgium Metagross 1 2 3.15.401
Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
Honduras H. Castroneves 3.19.770 Sports car Belgium Metagross 3.17.212
Canada J. Hinchcliffe 3.16.102 Sports car Poland J. Fatone 3.19.912
Honduras H. Castroneves 3.14.650 Sports car Canada J. Hinchcliffe 3.14.670
Belgium Metagross 3.16.708 Sports car Poland J. Fatone 3.16.309
Poland J. Fatone 3.15.102 Sports car Honduras H. Castroneves 3.14.441
Belgium Metagross 3.15.401 Sports car Canada J. Hinchcliffe 3.14.221

Group D

Pos.TeamWinsLossesBest Time
1 France Gilles Marini 3 0 3.14.912
2 Uruguay Venusaur 2 1 3.14.210
3 Czech Republic Charlie Kimball 1 2 3.14.922
4 England Ed Jones 0 3 3.14.741
Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
France G. Marini 3.15.023 Sports car Uruguay Venusaur 3.15.403
England E. Jones 3.16.790 Sports car Czech Republic C. Kimball 3.16.390
France G. Marini 3.15.670 Sports car England E. Jones 3.15.780
Uruguay Venusaur 3.17.301 Sports car Czech Republic C. Kimball 3.18.903
Czech Republic C. Kimball 3.14.922 Sports car France G. Marini 3.14.912
Uruguay Venusaur 3.14.210 Sports car England E. Jones 3.14.741

Group E

Pos.TeamWinsLossesBest Time
1 France Simon Pagenaud 3 0 3.13.974
2 Croatia Josef Newgarden 2 1 3.14.043
3 Switzerland Max Chilton 1 2 3.14.697
4 Turkey JR Hildebrand 0 3 3.14.696
Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
France S. Pagenaud 3.13.999 Sports car Croatia J. Newgarden 3.14.043
Switzerland M. Chilton 3.14.697 Sports car Turkey JR. Hildebrand 3.17.129
France S. Pagenaud 3.13.974 Sports car Switzerland M. Chilton 3.15.603
Croatia J. Newgarden 3.14.120 Sports car Turkey JR. Hildebrand 3.17.701
Turkey JR. Hildebrand 3.14.696 Sports car France S. Pagenaud 3.14.392
Croatia J. Newgarden 3.14.201 Sports car Switzerland M. Chilton 3.15.292

Group F

Pos.TeamWinsLossesBest Time
1 Russia Pee Saderd 3 0 3.13.295
2 Japan Takuma Sato 2 1 3.13.609
3 Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay 1 2 3.14.087
4 Belgium Alexander Rossi 0 3 3.13.824
Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
Japan T. Sato 3.14.529 Sports car Belgium A. Rossi 3.18.302
Russia P. Saderd 3.13.506 Sports car Slovakia R. Hunter-Reay 3.23.592
Japan T. Sato 3.13.609 Sports car Russia P. Saderd 3.13.607
Belgium A. Rossi 3.14.097 Sports car Slovakia R. Hunter-Reay 3.14.087
Slovakia R. Hunter-Reay 3.14.867 Sports car Japan T. Sato 3.14.599
Belgium A. Rossi 3.13.824 Sports car Russia P. Saderd 3.13.295

Group G

Pos.TeamWinsLossesBest Time
1 Australia Will Power 2 1 3.13.759
2 Australia Wario 2 1 3.14.232
3 Spain Mario Lopez 2 1 3.14.692
4 England Jonathan Bald 0 3 3.13.902
Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
Australia W. Power 3.13.891 Sports car Australia Wario 3.14.232
England J. Bald 3.16.792 Sports car Spain M. Lopez 3.15.291
Australia W. Power 3.13.759 Sports car England J. Bald 3.13.902
Australia Wario 3.14.501 Sports car Spain M. Lopez 3.14.791
Spain M. Lopez 3.14.692 Sports car Australia W. Power 3.14.970
Australia Wario 3.14.294 Sports car England J. Bald 3.14.697

Group H

Pos.TeamWinsLossesBest Time
1 Canada Cameron Mathison 3 0 3.13.881
2 Spain Carlos Muñoz 1 2 3.13.993
3 Honduras Nidoking 1 2 3.14.291
4 Brazil Larvesta 1 2 3.14.697
Driver 1 Time 1 Car Driver 2 Time 2
Honduras Nidoking 3.15.504 Sports car Brazil Larvesta 3.15.607
Canada C. Mathison 3.16.702 Sports car Spain C. Muñoz 3.16.705
Honduras Nidoking 3.14.561 Sports car Canada C. Mathison 3.14.102
Brazil Larvesta 3.14.697 Sports car Spain C. Muñoz 3.14.709
Spain C. Muñoz 3.13.993 Sports car Honduras Nidoking 3.14.291
Brazil Larvesta 3.14.884 Sports car Canada C. Mathison 3.13.881


Kelly Clarkson vs. Amy Schumer
Kelly Clarkson - Singer/songwriter, author and a Grammy(R)-award winner with album sales exceeding over 25 million worldwide; playing for The Dollywood Foundation
Alyssa Watson - Kelly's sister
Shane Tarleton - Kelly's friend; vice president and creative director of Warner Music Nashville
Ashley Donovan - Kelly's childhood friend and singer on Kelly's albums
Tricia Farrow - Kelly's personal assistant


Amy Schumer - Award-winning comedian, writer, producer and actress, whose credits include "Trainwreck," the upcoming feature film "Snatched" and her TV series "Inside Amy Schumer"; playing for Everytown for Gun Safety
Kim Caramele - Amy's sister; writer and producer known for her work on "Trainwreck," "Inside Amy Schumer" and the "2015 MTV Movie Awards"
Kevin Kane - Amy's friend; actor known for his work on "Trainwreck" and "Inside Amy Schumer"
Jason Stein - Amy's brother; a bass clarinetist in the band Locksmith Isidore
Cayce Dumont - Amy's sister-in-law who helped write Amy's memoir "The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo"
Bindi Irwin vs. Chrissy Metz
Bindi Irwin - Australian conservationist and "Dancing with the Stars" Season 21 Mirrorball winner; playing for Wildlife Warriors USA Inc.
Terri Irwin - Bindi's mother
Robert Irwin - Bindi's brother
Daniel Marineau - Bindi's cousin
Sara Marineau - Bindi's cousin


Chrissy Metz - Actress best known for her roles in "This Is Us," "My Name Is Earl" and "American Horror Story: Freak Show"; playing for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Denise Hodge - Chrissy's mother
Monica Watson - Chrissy's sister
Morgana Witt - Chrissy's sister
Abigail Hodge - Chrissy's sister


Seedings are by standings after the completion of the Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit race 2 entering the 2017 Rainguard Water Sealer 600. Pee Saderd can be unseeded in the episode, since he is the reigning champion, having won Garrett Morris vs. Alfonso Ribeiro and Todd Chrisley vs. Sara Evans and also due to Bourdais' injury.

Due to Sébastien Bourdais' injuries that shortened his season at the Indy 500, the seedings will remain top 16 plus defending champion from the last episode entering a certain race (expect July 2 and July 30) for Thai Festivals where it will be seedings from the Math Open. In this case, Sébastien Bourdais won't be replaced by Bowser and Beartic keeps their seeding; instead Bourdais and Beartic will remain seeded. Also, due to Bourdais' injury, the defending champion will not qualify automatically for seedings and the rule will be restored in the 2018 season. 

With Power seeded 15th, this is Will Power's lowest seeding since Kellie Pickler vs. Lance Bass and Ernie Hudson vs. NeNe Leakes. Pee Saderd will be seeded 28th, his lowest since the 2016 Swiss Open. Castroneves originally withdrew from the tournament but decided to participate in the tournament, and Kimball withdrew. Only six seeds (Aurorus, Dragonite, Larvesta, Ed Jones, Mikhail Aleshin and JR Hildebrand) advanced to the third round, a record low.

01.   Ukraine Scott Dixon (First round)
02.   Ukraine Aurorus (Semifinals) 
03.   Honduras Hélio Castroneves (First round) 
04.   Honduras Nidoking (Second round) 
05.   Japan Takuma Sato (First round) 
06.   Japan Apolo Anton Ohno (First round)
07.   France Simon Pagenaud (First round)
08.   France Gilles Marini (First round)
09.   Croatia Josef Newgarden (First round) 
10.   Croatia Dragonite (Third round)
11.   Uruguay Graham Rahal (First round)
12.   Uruguay Venusaur (First round)
13.   Belgium Alexander Rossi (Second round)
14.   Belgium Metagross (First round)
15.   Australia Will Power (First round) 
16.   Australia Wario (Second round)
17.   Brazil Tony Kanaan (Second round)
18.   Brazil Larvesta (Third round) 
19.   Canada James Hinchcliffe (First round)
20.   Canada Cameron Mathison (First round)
21.   England Ed Jones (Third round)
22.   England Jonathan Bald (Second round)
23.   Switzerland Max Chilton (First round)
24.   Switzerland Chespin (First round)
25.   Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay (First round)
26.   Slovakia Beedrill (First round)
27.   Russia Marco Andretti (Second round)
28.   Russia Pee Saderd (First round)
29.   Poland Mikhail Aleshin (Champion)
30.   Poland Joey Fatone (First round)
31.   Turkey JR Hildebrand (Fourth round)
32.   Turkey Pidgeot (Second round) 



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
   Bulgaria Mario +0.04  
LL  Thailand Lumplern Wongsakorn W  
  LL  Thailand Lumplern Wongsakorn w/o  
   India Maneesh Gupta  
 India Maneesh Gupta W
  PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina Sébastien Bourdais DNF  
     India Maneesh Gupta +10.49
  29  Poland Mikhail Aleshin W
   Spain Carlos Muñoz +1.32  
29  Poland Mikhail Aleshin W  
29  Poland Mikhail Aleshin W
  2  Ukraine Aurorus +3.42  
 Japan Lapras +0.06
  2  Ukraine Aurorus W  

Top half

Section 1

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
1  Ukraine S Dixon Clarkson  
 Bulgaria Mario Schumer      Bulgaria Mario Irwin  
 Cyprus B Guy Schumer    Cyprus B Guy Metz  
 Wales E Cundal Clarkson        Bulgaria Mario 7 6  
 Thailand N Naruepol Schumer       21  England E Jones 5 1  
 Denmark Avalugg Clarkson      Thailand N Naurepol Metz
 Sweden Hippowdon Clarkson   21  England E Jones Irwin  
21  England E Jones Schumer        Bulgaria Mario 6 6
31  Turkey JR Hildebrand Schumer       31  Turkey JR Hildebrand 0 3
 Colombia JP Montoya Clarkson     31  Turkey JR Hildebrand Irwin  
 Belgium L Bass Clarkson   PR  United Kingdom B Monger Metz  
PR  United Kingdom B Monger Schumer       31  Turkey JR Hildebrand 6 6
 United States Magearna Schumer        United States Magearna 3 3  
 Hungary Charizard Clarkson      United States Magearna Irwin
 Poland D Taylor Schumer    Poland D Taylor Metz  
12  Uruguay Venusaur Clarkson  

Section 2

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
15  Australia W Power Clarkson  
 Latvia Machamp Schumer      Latvia Machamp Irwin  
 Paraguay MR Alvaro Schumer    Paraguay MR Alvaro Metz  
 Portugal Diggersby Clarkson        Latvia Machamp 4 6 5  
 Bulgaria Luigi Clarkson       LL  Thailand L Wongsakorn 6 1 7  
 Iran C Daly Schumer      Iran C Daly Metz
LL  Thailand L Wongsakorn Schumer   LL  Thailand L Wongsakorn Irwin  
26  Slovakia Beedrill Clarkson       LL  Thailand L Wongsakorn 7 7
17  Brazil T Kanaan Schumer        Austria Thundurus 5 5
 Croatia Hypno Clarkson     17  Brazil T Kanaan Metz  
 Slovenia Landorus Clarkson    Austria Thundurus Irwin  
 Austria Thundurus Schumer        Austria Thundurus 4 3
 Thailand J Jaturong Schumer        Lithuania R Duchak 6 2r  
 Serbia Salamence Clarkson      Thailand J Jaturong Metz
 Lithuania R Duchak Schumer    Lithuania R Duchak Irwin  
5  Japan T Sato Clarkson  

Section 3

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
4  Honduras Nidoking Schumer  
 Japan K Sugimori Clarkson     4  Honduras Nidoking Metz  
 Greece L Birkhead Clarkson    Thailand S Sinchai Irwin  
 Thailand S Sinchai Schumer        Thailand S Sinchai 6 3 3  
 Hungary C Marshall Clarkson        India M Gupta 2 6 6  
 India M Gupta Schumer      India M Gupta Irwin
 Germany Yoshi Schumer    Germany Yoshi Metz  
24  Switzerland Chespin Clarkson        India M Gupta 6 6
27  Russia M Andretti Schumer        Italy M Manieri 4 4
 Netherlands Froakie Clarkson     27  Russia M Andretti Metz  
 Canada Fennekin Clarkson    Finland Noivern Irwin  
 Finland Noivern Schumer        Finland Noivern 6 2 3
 Italy M Manieri Schumer        Italy M Manieri 4 6 6  
 Estonia P Demers Clarkson      Italy M Manieri Irwin
 Czech Republic Heatran Schumer    Czech Republic Heatran Metz  
9  Croatia J Newgarden Clarkson  

Section 4

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
13  Belgium A Rossi Schumer  
 Slovakia JR Celski Clarkson     13  Belgium A Rossi Metz  
 Czech Republic U Kestenholz Clarkson    Russia Galvantula Irwin  
 Russia Galvantula Schumer        Russia Galvantula 7 4 7  
 Thailand M Kankoon Schumer        Romania Vaporeon 5 6 5  
 Iran A Ford Clarkson      Thailand M Kankoon Metz
 Romania Vaporeon Schumer    Romania Vaporeon Irwin  
30  Poland J Fatone Clarkson        Russia Galvantula 6 0r
19  Canada J Hinchcliffe Clarkson       PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais 4 0
 Romania Eevee Schumer      Romania Eevee Irwin  
 Argentina Sceptile Schumer    Argentina Sceptile Metz  
 Ecuador D Lachey Clarkson        Romania Eevee 2 3
 Australia Arcanine Clarkson       PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais 6 6  
 Norway Armaldo Schumer      Norway Armaldo Metz
PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Schumer   PR  Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Irwin  
6  Japan AA Ohno Clarkson  

Bottom half

Section 5

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
8  France G Marini Clarkson  
 Canada D Bennie Schumer      Canada D Bennie Metz  
 United Kingdom J Hawksworth Schumer    United Kingdom J Hawksworth Irwin  
 Hungary Lairon Clarkson        United Kingdom J Hawksworth 4 2  
 Argentina Aggron Clarkson        Spain M Lopez 6 6  
 Algeria Altaria Schumer      Algeria Altaria Metz
 Spain M Lopez Schumer    Spain M Lopez Irwin  
20  Canada C Mathison Clarkson        Spain M Lopez 7 3 3
28  Russia P Saderd Clarkson        Spain C Muñoz 5 6 6
 Spain C Muñoz Schumer      Spain C Muñoz Irwin  
 Serbia Volcarona Clarkson    Thailand P Pongsatorn Metz  
 Thailand P Pongsatorn Schumer        Spain C Muñoz 6 6
 Spain Gyarados Schumer        Belarus Tyranitar 1 2  
 Ukraine Xerneas Clarkson      Spain Gyarados Metz
 Belarus Tyranitar Schumer    Belarus Tyranitar Irwin  
11  Uruguay G Rahal Clarkson  

Section 6

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
10  Croatia Dragonite Schumer  
 Serbia Lugia Clarkson     10  Croatia Dragonite Irwin  
 Republic of Macedonia Skorupi Clarkson    United States Z Efron Metz  
 United States Z Efron Schumer       10  Croatia Dragonite 7 3 3  
 Netherlands Gallade Schumer       29  Poland M Aleshin 5 6 6  
 Croatia H Ward Clarkson      Netherlands Gallade Metz
 United States R Jennings Clarkson   29  Poland M Aleshin Irwin  
29  Poland M Aleshin Schumer       29  Poland M Aleshin 7 3 6
22  England J Bald Schumer        Greece Snorunt 5 6 1
 United States Z Veach Clarkson     22  England J Bald Metz  
 Greece Snorunt Schumer    Greece Snorunt Irwin  
 Russia Hydreigon Clarkson        Greece Snorunt 6 4 6
 Italy N DiMarco Clarkson        Azerbaijan Decidueye 3 6 2  
 Honduras Genesect Schumer      Honduras Genesect Metz
 Azerbaijan Decidueye Schumer    Azerbaijan Decidueye Irwin  
3  Honduras H Castroneves Clarkson  

Section 7

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
7  France S Pagenaud Clarkson  
 United States S Pigot Schumer      United States S Pigot Irwin  
 Italy A Sabàto Jr. Clarkson    Romania Garchomp Metz  
 Romania Garchomp Schumer        United States S Pigot 2r  
 Yemen F Mohamed Schumer        Yemen F Mohamed 1  
 China Entei Clarkson      Yemen F Mohamed Irwin
 Thailand M Piromporn Schumer    Thailand M Piromporn Metz  
23  Switzerland M Chilton Clarkson        Yemen F Mohamed w/o
32  Turkey Pidgeot Schumer        Japan Lapras
 Thailand T Pooslip Clarkson     32  Turkey Pidgeot Metz  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic Clarkson    Japan Lapras Irwin  
 Japan Lapras Schumer        Japan Lapras 7 2 6
 Japan P Birch Schumer        Ecuador Palkia 5 6 1  
 Turkey Donkey Kong Clarkson      Japan P Birch Metz
 Ecuador Palkia Schumer    Ecuador Palkia Irwin  
14  Belgium Metagross Clarkson  

Section 8

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
16  Australia Wario Schumer  
 Paraguay Haxorus Clarkson     16  Australia Wario Metz  
 Romania D Ross Clarkson    Ukraine Amaura Irwin  
 Ukraine Amaura Schumer        Ukraine Amaura 4 6 6  
 Greece Diddy Kong Schumer        Lithuania Leavanny 6 4 4  
 United States E Carpenter Clarkson      Greece Diddy Kong Metz
 Lithuania Leavanny Schumer    Lithuania Leavanny Irwin  
25  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Clarkson        Ukraine Amaura 3 2
18  Brazil Larvesta Schumer       2  Ukraine Aurorus 6 6
 China R Liu Clarkson     18  Brazil Larvesta Irwin  
 Luxembourg D Carey Clarkson    Turkey S Dufour Metz  
 Turkey S Dufour Schumer       18  Brazil Larvesta 1 6 3
 Kazakhstan Litten Schumer       2  Ukraine Aurorus 6 2 6  
 Chile Rowlet Clarkson      Kazakhstan Litten Metz
 Italy Popplio Clarkson   2  Ukraine Aurorus Irwin  
2  Ukraine Aurorus Schumer  


Volume 1

Main article: Kelly Clarkson vs. Amy Schumer and Bindi Irwin vs. Chrissy Metz Special Album Volume 1

Volume 2

Main article: Kelly Clarkson vs. Amy Schumer and Bindi Irwin vs. Chrissy Metz Special Album Volume 2


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