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Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country in the world and a country in the continent of Asia and it borders the big Russia. The country has an area of approx 2,725,000 square meters in area, and only 17,000,000 people live in the country. The country remains in the top 10 largest countries in area and one of the 65 most populous countries in the world.

The country's capital is Astana and the country's largest city is bigger than the capital. People in Kazakhstan mostly speak Kazakh, not lots of Russian.

In week 4, on the October 13, 2012 show of Ben and Toad's Contest, they went to Kazakhstan the last half of the show. Melissa Joan Hart and Jiroemon Kimura were both not there so they had to sit out for the country so both decided to fly over to Japan, but they needed to ask Empress Tasha.

Kazakhstan's national football team struggles in the men's FIFA World Cup and the FIFA Women's World Cup qualifying stages.

Ben and Toad's Contest

This relegation round took place after Lap 48 when Yoshi crashed in a turn, making contact. The BATC division was in Barranquilla, with the four lowest relegating to Division I. One of the most surprising stories of BATC is that of singer Joey Fatone; finishing ahead of IndyCar's Helio Castroneves. But therefore the race car driver is relegated to Division I. The relegation round was in Astana.

Trial 4 (Relegation round)
Rank Contestant Country
1 Adelina Sotnikova Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Contestant promoted to BATC Division Contestant relegated to Division II

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