Karen the Crystal Ball is a ancestor of Karen and is the ball instead of the computer wife of the wizard Planktonamor and in Get'cha Head in the Game from HSM movie, ball used.

She appeared in the episode Dunces and Dragons.

How to UnlockEdit

  • Using every contestant from Ottawa, Ontario and Pembroke, Ontario and complete the Sweeper round besides Allen Ford & Kelsi Nielsen (Rodger Bumpass and Olesya Rulin).
  • Karen the Krystal Ball is like a ball, but Allen Ford's basketball is more popular than Karen the crystal ball.
  • Using Pearl Krabs on the Qualifier, beat Yoshi at least seven times.
  • Use a Brazilian tennis player.
  • Use Allen Ford twenty times in the game.
  • Use a season 6 BATC contestant in the game expect Juan Pablo Montoya, Will Power, Tony Kanaan and the replaced Na Li.
  • Use a WTA player that finished in the year-end top 50 in 2015 (Hint: don't use Eugenie Bouchard due to her ranking downfall).
  • Use an ATP player that finished in the year-end top 20 in 2015; don't use Milos Raonic.
  • Use a BATC season 1 contestant that isn't Hélio Castroneves, a race car driver.

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