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Kangaskhan is a normal typed Pokemon. It's name is a pun on Kazakhstan, a country in Europe and Asia.

As a normal typed Pokemon, Kangaskhan has a weakness on only one type, fighting.

Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Kangaskhan is region-exclusive, meaning that the player can't catch her in her IndyCar country France nor the BATC headquarters, but only in Australia and New Zealand.

Ben and Toad's Contest

Kangaskhan made a Ben and Toad's Contest debut at the 2015 ABC Supply Wisconsin 250. It didn't appear until Will Power's crash on lap 131.

IndyCar and BATC

Kangaskhan has been playing for France since their successful Euro 2012 campaign in qualifying; starting with the 2012 IndyCar Series season. Kangaskhan has produced a BATC record 5 poles in 2016 with France.

Kangaskhan was part of the French winning team in 2016. Template:France squad 2016 IndyCar Series season

Pokemon Shuffle

Kangaskhan has a mega stone. You can have it once you catch the Pokemon in stage 19 of Pokemon Shuffle. The stage would be the next one after the normal.