Pembroke April2006
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Singer (s)

Kelsi Nielsen in Pembroke, Ontario and Pearl Krabs in Renfrew



Place sang

Various locations


High School Musical 3


"Just Getting Started" is a song performed over the closing credits of High School Musical 3: Senior Year by Stan Carrizosa, the winner of the ABC-TV reality show "High School Musical: Get in the Picture." It was only released commercially as a digital download.


As soon as Stan Carrizosa's video begins to play during the closing credits, a yearbook autograph-style message appears under the title identifying him as the winner of "High School Musical: Get in the Picture". It read: "Stan-Congratulations and welcome to the High School Musical family! --The Wildcats."

Before they did it in Ben and Toad's Island Contest during the first season's first part, Koda Kumi and Olivia de Havilland (who was fired) started to play it for the death of Amy Winehouse in which she won over Etta James and Jiroemon Kimura (Leah Remini would have been there, but eliminated week 9).


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